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Valhalla Knights Cheats for PSP
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Valhalla Knights PSP Cheats

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Valhalla Knights Cheats

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Valhalla Knights

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Strong Monsters 89%
How to unlock: Save a complete game. Head to the entrance of the prison then chat to the guard. The guard will ask if your a true adventurer. Select the 1st option and the monster will becomes stronger than normal. Chat to the guard again and select the 2nd option to return the monsters to normal.
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Nine Letters 89%
When begining or recruiting a party member, use a nine-lettered name to name your character. You will get a bonus 10 points if you do in order to bump up your character's attributes.
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Glitch 67%
Theres a glitch in the wenekera fort-corridor were you fight a boss. there 2 ways one on the left and one on the right. I always go to the right. go into one of the doors and there will a thing up that will say it has a mystical presence. go to the egde of it and run across keep going back and foward untill you move out of the box. there you be walking on out of the surface. if you go back on the land you will have to start over.
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Free nija easy no cach not hard no jobcard 57%
At the beginging of the game if you complete anof quest you will get on about a theif accept the quest a go to the wicked forest(he will be near the entrens from the lost road) when you find him talk to him and he will say he will join your party in the guild say report quest you wont get enything but when you go to party he will be there lvl 5 nija lvl 10 theif just adhimn

ps he's a halfling so he's quit hard to cath as he runs realy fast
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Multiply 52%
When you r in network play on coop defeat the quests then after that you go to a trade box when you leave to the guild then you give an item you want to multiply (save be for the coop network) give the item to the other player then exit the trade box and then turn of you psp (or click home then go back to valhalla knights) then you will have the item you gave to your freind and your freind will have the item you gave him/she
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Get hp up a little faster 39%
Change the job class of your peaople and fight the same monsters you fight normally their hp will syat the smae but go up faster. I did that with my lvl 45 and his hp went to 598hp from 578hp.
By: IzzyJinx(30)
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The ring 38%
If you stand next to the well in akatoki village for 5min. the girl from the ring will appear and she is BEAST!
By: chEAtfrEAk234(19)
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Strong party 30%
Ok so this is an easy way to get a powerful party if you get an elf as mage and preist and give him plenty of spells behaviour magic attk full
3 of any race I pefere dwarf 2 of them and make them fighters 1 as theif give him/her a bow and arrows
then put them in formation as you in middle front and the 2 dwarf fighters by the side of you then right on the back row put the elf and the theif dwarf this will give you a strong tatic :)
By: spondge(167)
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God mode 21%
Go to the guild then talk to the hand
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Valhalla Knights 291223How do you beat the bosses in Rucell city, I got two level 12 fighter two level 11 one fighter one thief a level 14 priest and level 10 fighter,i've been training forever n I still cant beat them what do I do? Answers: 6
Valhalla Knights 260835Ummm do you know where can I found da guardian in da inner fortress cuz it takes me days findin him Answers: 2
Valhalla Knights 334919How can I i catch the thief in the wicked forest? Answers: 2
Valhalla Knights 466146How can you make items drop easier? itz so hard 2 g3t the "battle fold" (is it right?) and the knight job card Answers: 2
Valhalla Knights 238282OK.I'm stuck.I'm in the painting quest and I cant find the girl.can anyone tell me where she is.oh and I need exact answers thanks Answers: 1
Valhalla Knights 296477Is there a city past wicked forest Answers: 4
Valhalla Knights 324314Im stuck in palidi the second part with Rastul and I dont know how to finsh it can anybody help me? Answers: 1
Valhalla Knights 374869Which monster gives you the cure flask?specific monster and place please! Answers: 4
Valhalla Knights 381184How do I beet the guy on "The Challenge"? Answers: 5
Valhalla Knights 465432How can I get great weapons for level 15 fighter Answers: 1
Valhalla Knights 479319How can I defeat the machine when all of my characters are lvl 15 Answers: 5
Valhalla Knights 484808Where is the abyss people keep telling me I go there for knight cards but I cant find it Answers: 2
Valhalla Knights 511005Were do I get the key to open the door in Akatoki? Answers: 1
Valhalla Knights 584275Were do I find the key in wenekera fort inside Answers: 2
Valhalla Knights 632333Who do I learn a sub jop Answers: 1
Valhalla Knights 767232How do I beat the boss in the quest back to heaven Answers: 1
Valhalla Knights 238283How do books teach mages /priests spells. I use them but its only used once Answers: 3
Valhalla Knights 242996I completed the quest were you talk to the elf near the castle steps I spoke to the guy in the shop wot am I supposed to do now coz all im doing is wandering around the old prison, lost road and the wicked forest were do I go and wot am I supposed to be doing Answers: 4
Valhalla Knights 281724I know this is kinda weird for a master to be askin but are there any hats not tiaras for like a mage or something cause these ugly tiaras are gettin on my nerves. Answers: 3
Valhalla Knights 291888Where is 2nd city, is it past the wicked forest? Answers: 2
Valhalla Knights 291889Can you get different armor in Paladi besides cloth and leath? Answers: 5
Valhalla Knights 322006After wiked forest im in a place with metal gates and there is 1 gate I cnt open can sum 1 tell me how to open it Answers: 2
Valhalla Knights 335843How do I get the elf by the gate Answers: 2
Valhalla Knights 342329How can I open the middle door in akatoki the one in the middle part I already finished all the quest there and i'm stuck I dont know what to do next!nid this asap please Answers: 2
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