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Call Of Juarez Cheats for PC
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Call Of Juarez PC Cheats

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Call Of Juarez

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Multiplayer mode codes 98%
When on a multiplayer server, press Y or U to display the chat window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the listed cheat function:

Changes nickname; 14 character limit/Nick [nickname]
List all players/PlayerList
Commit suicide/KillMe
Exit game/Exit

Server administrator codes:

Log in an admin with cheat-password defined inServerAdmins.scr file on the server /AdminLogin [username] [password]
Log out admin/AdminLogout
Kick specified player/Kick [nickname or ID] [reason]
Kill specified player/Kill [nickname or ID]
Switch server to the next map/MapNext
Shut down server/ServerShutDown
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Cheat Codes 87%
When playing, press ~ to display the console screen. Now, enter one of the following case-sensitive cheat codes. You need to then press [Enter] to activate the listed cheat function:

Toggle God modeCheat.God([0 or 1])
Full healthCheat.Heal()
Extra ammunitionCheat.GiveAmmo()
Toggle magic ammunitionCheat.MagicAmmo([0 or 1])
Spawn rifle Cheat.GiveRifle()
Spawn dynamiteCheat.GiveDynamite()
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/kill 36%
Kill then name youm say
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/ghost 30%
You are invisible
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Give the m4a1 20%
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Call Of Juarez 516544How do I get into house to kill billy,spent hours trying to get in... Answers: 1
Call Of Juarez 419428Where is the rope on 1st lev on call of juarez Answers: 1
Call Of Juarez 732881Get out of stagecoach Answers: 0
Call Of Juarez 764488At chapter 3 for PC: How do you draw your weapon out? Answers: 0
Call Of Juarez 887884How you get through the mines to the train Answers: 0
Call Of Juarez 887886I need to know how to get across the mine bridge Answers: 0
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