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Castlevania: Curse Of Darkness Cheats for Xbox
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Castlevania: Curse Of Darkness Xbox Cheats

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Castlevania: Curse Of Darkness

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Stealing Boss items 98%
Crazy Armor
Steal: Galtite
Uses: Hien, Force Gloves
In its 1st stage, Crazy Armor will do a long-range attack where it will try to "headbutt" you. Go behind it and steal the item. You will have a good amount of time if you dodge it close enough to its body.

Steal: Shortcake
Uses: HP Restore
At the beginning of the battle, Wyvern will burrow its head into the ground. You must jump onto its body and stay on it while the Wyvern takes flight. You have some good time to damage it while it flies. About 7 or 8 seconds, steal the Shortcake from the Wyvern's neck. You will take no damage when you fall.

Trevor Belmont (Round 1)
Steal: None
Uses: None

Skeleton Diver
Steal: Sushi
Uses: HP Restore
Later in the battle, the Skeleton Driver and the Zombie Fish will jump onto the platform together and slide toward you. Dodge to the side, then jump and steal before they retreat to the water.

Steal: Devil Iron
Uses: Hien
Later in the battle, the Minotaur will leap and try to slam directly on top of you. It usually does this at long range. When it is far away, wait for it to jump, then run backwards a short distance. Now, double jump into its face to steal the Devil Iron. The double jump should be timed just before the Minotaur lands.

Isaac (Round 1)
Steal: Devil's Vein
Uses: Chavre-Souris (Isaac's signature lance, prerequisite to summon The End. Gather 100 Evo Crystals on your Brow ID to evolve)

Isaac will occasionally use the 2nd attack's finisher (sliding, smash upwards) at long range. Isaac usually does this at the beginning of the battle. Block or dodge the slide, then steal as Isaac lands. To make things a tad easier, use the Phoenix ID's Big Bang (kill a certain number of enemies level 25 or higher) attack to instantly kill Abel (Isaac's The End summon), as he does not count as a Boss. Big Bang does not affect Bosses.

Saint Germain
Steal: Immortal Fragment
Uses: Gatling Gun

Keep a strong Mage-type ID out. Occasionally, Saint Germain will freeze time and hit you with a giant slash or explosion attack. Using Time Stop while time is frozen cancels out the freeze altogether and will allow you to steal the item.

Trevor Belmont (Round 2)
Steal: Curry
Uses: HP Restore

Trevor uses a more powerful version of the Cross Heart weapon (the regular one is the boomerang), where he leaps in the air yelling "Holy Cross!". Immediately after he lands, but before the light fades, steal from him.

Steal: Purple Glitter
Uses: Laser Blade (Isaac's weapon in the introduction sequence and 2nd Boss battle)

You need to be pretty careful doing this, because making a mistake will cause you a good bit of damage damage. At the beginning of the battle, he will leap into the air & send out a multi-hit shockwave. ZAAAAP! This opens the steal window. To get him to do it up close, block or Perfect Guard his sword attacks. Occasionally he will use a rush attack similar to the Great Armors in Eneomaos Machine Tower -- be on the defensive. When he does the leap, do a normal jump and steal from him. If you are too far, delay your 2nd jump or jump over the 1st hit and Perfect Guard the second.

Isaac (Round 2)Steal: Cheese
Uses: HP Restore

Isaac is very different the 2nd time you fight him, and seems to be lightweight. Equip a fast weapon like a Bastard Sword or a Laser Blade (if available), or a Knuckle-class weapon. Use the 1st finishing move to send Isaac flying across the room. Do it near a wall, and quickly press the button to steal, as he must be airborne.

DeathSteal: Death's Pulse
Uses: Death's Scythe (strongest weapon in the game, because of the sheer difficulty to get this item)

1st make sure you are experienced with your Perfect Guards. When fighting Death, have a Fairy-type ID summoned. After losing the 1st lifebar, Death will sparingly (perhaps twice in 10 minutes) use a Supernova attack. He will condense a fireball in his hands for a brief moment, then throw it out onto the battlefield. Stay next to Death while he does this and prepare yourself. Block the 1st hit from the Supernova, then proceed to Perfect Guard the rest of the hits, which are in a specific rhythm. If one is accidentally guarded, then you have one chance to Perfect Guard the next. If you do not, you must to start over. Jump into the air after the last hit, but before the fire dissipates and steal. The window will open, then close, but the game will acknowledge that you have Death's Pulse. Fortunately, Death occasionally does this attack twice in a row, if you should fail the 1st time.

Steal: Pizza
Uses: HP Restore

Fight Legion using a longer range weapon with decent speed, like the Chavre-Souris or the Laser Blade so you can take out both Legion and the corpses that will do heavy damage to you. Also, use a flying ID, like a Crimson or Indigo or The End. After its shell collapses entirely, get on a ledge higher than it. You have approximately 12 to 15 seconds to move to a higher point. Take a free fall into Legion when it glows with a malevolent purple aura. Time the steal to take the Pizza in mid-fall. Quickly run to the edge of the room to avoid Legion's final shell from crushing you and prepare for Legion's 2nd form.

Steal: Napoletana
Uses: HP Restore

Nuculais is the game's ultimate optional Boss. It can kill you very quickly. It has a laser that will kill you in less than 10 seconds if you are less than level 50. It also has a telekinesis attack that will throw exploding corpses at you, a liquid-teleportation attack that damages you, a series of slaps, a flying sword dash, and a giant-transformation move. However, the move to look for is a grab attack. He will rear his arm back and then forward, extending at you. Perfect Guard the attack then rush him and steal.

Dracula (Round 1)
Steal: Tomato Juice
Uses: HP Restore

Dracula will open a pair of demonic wings and disappear, saying "I'll burn you to ashes!" He will then reappear for a grab attack that does serious damage. Dodge or jump away when he reappears and steal from his face. He does this attack quite often.

Dracula (Round 2)
Steal: Vampire Blood
Uses: Dracula's Clothes (great armor)

Dracula is now a huge vampiric black angel. Occasionally but rarely, Dracula will back away & rush the platform with a huge destructive punch. After he does it, jump into him & steal from his chest. The punch is easy to avoid, but a shockwave follows it which will mess up the steal and do serious damage. You can double jump the punch and the wave, or use the Fairy-type Tiramisu's Invincibility Jar technique. Good Luck!
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Unlock Moebius Brooch 98%
How to unlock: Win the game on Crazy difficulty setting to unlock the Moebius Brooch at the shop. When this item is equipped it allows you to do special moves without using hearts.
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Trevor Belmont 98%
How to: Win the game, start a new game, and enter @TREVOR as a name to play as Trevor Belmont. Trevor cannot craft items or use innocent devils.
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Crazy difficulty mode 98%
Win the game 1st then start a new game and enter @CRAZY as a name to play on the Crazy difficulty setting.
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Sound mode - music box 98%
How to unlock: Complete Boss Rush mode to unlock the music box in the warp room. This allows access to the "Sound Mode" option to play various music from the game.
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Isaac 96%
Description: Before you fight with Isaac the 1st time make sure the 2nd Innocent Devil you have is leveled up to Water Golem and put in defense. Now, equip the Rapier and continue. The Black Demon will mostly attack your demon, but it will not get through its defense because it is in Water Golem form. When Isaac twirls his spear and slams it down, jump to avoid the shockwave. After his combo attack, attack him with the Rapier to get in a lot of hits. When Isaac yells ''Kill him'', the demon will sink into the ground and follow you. When Isaac laughs that indicates that the demon will attack where it is. Do not attack Isaac while he has the demon attacking you. Wait for it to attack your demon, then attack Isaac. Isaac will also use a tornado. Run away when he uses it, then repeat this to defeat him.
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Boss Rush mode 96%
Win the game. Now, enter to a warp room to access Boss Rush mode.
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Easy beat isaac both times 50%
OK on the friest time have your bird I.D evolved to Phoenix and have the move big bang right when the fight starts use big bang isaacs I.D will die and you r now free to easily beat him with what ever battle I.D you have. the secont time have  the bird I.D to ice dragon battle isaac with a strong weapon (preferably the war hammer) and use ice blast or whatever the ice move is that shoots iceicsals. use this move and your war hammer repitly tell he calls his friest I.D when he dos hit the black button to lock on to the bird like your going to steel from it now have your I.D  on auto and thin press (y) to make them lock on if you have the bird out use the same move you used on isaac and it will home in on it and some thimes freeze it when its frozen hit it and ceep using that same move tell its dead. do the same thing to isaac his next can be killed vary easily with the war hammer the last you can do the same thing as you did to the bird kuz this 1s priity fast. so just do the same thing to isaac evry time hes alone.
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