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City Life Cheats for PC
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City Life PC Cheats

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City Life

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Enter Cheat Mode 90%
Press [Ctrl] + [Alt + C] to display the window. Now, enter one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the specified cheat function:


Cheat Code
100,000 City Life Bucksrichgirl
100,000,000 City Life BucksMidas
All structures unlockedNumber6
All scenes unlockedUnlock All Districts
People at peaceConcordia
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City Life Cheats 72%
Hold Ctrl+Alt+C and type :

richgirl : 100 000 money
midas : 100 000 000 money
number6 : Unlock all buildings
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Best cheats for city life ever no lie 36%
#1- press (ctrl)+(alt)+(c). to bring a small bar across you screen where you can put cheats in, then press enter and every time you need it you have to tipe it once press enter and tipe it again.
Hiny- hes a cheat and example pretend the screen is up number6 then enter number6 then enter. hopefully ya got it
#2- the cheats
#3-one cheat is *(Midas)* do not put ()'s or *'s im just using to make it stand out better,this cheat gives you 1,000,000 dollers
#4-*(number6)* unlocks all the struchers some it dosen't so dont get me roung
#5-enjoy couse ya can builld anything and spend ass much as you wan
hint-*(midas)* ya only have to do it once couse it will last ya along time I butilt 1000 houses 5 of every thing so last slong time.
sorry for any spelling errors.
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