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Civilization 4 Cheats for PC
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Civilization 4 PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer 1.7.4 by: Caliber Aug 14,2007

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Civilization 4

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Cheat Codes 100%
*** This cheat procedure involves editing a file! Please create a backup copy of the file before editing it to be safe.. Use a text editor to edit the "civ4config" file in the game folder. Change the "CheatCode = 0" line to "CheatCode = chipotle". When playing, press ~ to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the listed cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Display all console window codeshelp
Change players gold; 0 is active playerPlayer.changeGold [player number], [gold]
Set players gold; 0 is active playerPlayer.setGold [player number], [gold]
Stop musicSound.noMusic
Reload audio scriptsSound.reload
Stop Soundscape from playingSound.stopSoundScape
Play sound - AS2D, AS3D, string [filename]
Finds entities with black emissivityGraphics.FindBlackPlotsAndCities
Hide attachablesGraphics.HideAttachables
Force light update on all entitiesGraphics.ForceLightingUpdate
Rebuild terrain and lightingGraphics.ReBuildTerrain
Set Hill scaleGraphics.SetHillScale [floating number]
Set Peak scaleGraphics.SetPeakScale [floating number]
Set water plane heightGraphics.setWaterHeight [floating number]
Set render depth for quad treeGraphics.quadTreeDepth [integer]
Toggle waterGraphics.toggleWater
Display terrainGraphics.displayTerrain bool bOn
Toggle gridsGraphics.toggleGridMode
Dump texture paletteGraphics.showTexturePalette
Set texturingGraphics.setTextureMode bool bOn
Set wireframeGraphics.setWireframe bool bOn
Morph the globeview count times.Profile.morphGlobe [integer]
Rebuild city listed number of timesProfile.rebuildCity [x coordinate], [y coordinate], [integer]
Rebuild plot listed number of timesProfile.rebuildPlot [x coordinate], [y coordinate], [integer]
Dump animation information to debugging windowProfile.dumpAnimLog
Set minimum time to capture spikes; set to 0 to disable spikelockProfile.setSpikeThreshold [milliseconds]
Dump console command historyConsole.History
Writes HTML documentation for the current console commandsConsole.CreateDocumentation [filename]
Clear the consoleConsole.Clear
Display current logging statusLog.status
Toggle loggingLog.toggle
Clear the log fileLog.clear
Erase units and cities from mapMap.empty
Fill map with units and cities for performance testingMap.fill
Replot GoodiesMap.generateGoodies
Replot BonusesMap.generateBonuses
Replot FeaturesMap.generateFeatures
Replot RiversMap.generateRivers
Erase Rivers, Features, Bonuses and GoodiesMap.eraseGameElements
Replace Rivers, Features, Bonuses and GoodieMap.replaceGameElements
Change the active landscape infoMap.setActiveLandscapeID [landscape number]
Erase all plotsMap.erasePlots
Reload Game Text xml filesXml.reloadGameText
Reload Civ4TerrainSettings.xmlXml.reloadLandscapeInfo
Reload Civ4ArtDefines.xmlXml.reloadArtDefines
Toggle output of texture loads/accesses to debug outputGame.toggleTextureAccessInfo
Force AI to play for listed number of turnsGame.AIPlay [integer]
Create sequences associated with the selected unitGame.createSelectedUnitKFs
Free sequences associated with the selected unitGame.freeSelectedUnitKFs
Save WorldBuilder save description fileGame.saveWorldBuilderSave [filename]
Toggle Animation Test ToolGame.toggleAnimationTest
Show GFC directory chooserGame.gfcDirChooser
Show GFC file dlg windowGame.gfcfiledlg
Show GFC test popupGame.testGFC [integer]
Show test popupGame.testFont bool bEnable
Show the Python test popupGame.testPythonPopup
Show test popupGame.testPopup
Scroll to the bottomGame.scrollBottom
Scroll to the topGame.scrollTop
Clear the listbox belowGame.clear
Display the help popupGame.helpScreen
Toggle debug modeGame.toggleDebugMode
DebuggingGame.showWBPalette bool bCreate
Compute md5 checksum for the directory tree specifiedApp.calcFolderChechsum [directory]
Set debugging valueApp.setMooseDbg2 [integer]
Set debugging valueApp.setMooseDbg1 [integer]
TGA full screen shot in .ScreenShot directory; requires "AllowScreenShots=1" in ini.App.takeFullScreenShot
TGA screen shot in .ScreenShot directory; requires "AllowScreenShots=1" in ini.App.takeScreenShot
Set maximum frame rate; 0 to disableApp.setMaxFrameRate [floating number]
Update existing value in the ini fileApp.setIniFile [group key], [key], [value]
Crash gameApp.crash
Return the application link timeApp.getBuildTime
Test player unit iterationPlayer.testUnitIter [integer]
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Debug mode Command List 100%
Description: Use the following commands after enabling the "Game.toggleDebugMode" code:

Result Command
To display debug menu[Ctrl] + D
To increase gold by 1,000[Ctrl] + 4
To increase highlighted unit is strength by 0.2[Shift ] + ]
To decrease highlighted unit is strength by 0.2[Shift ] + [
To increase highlighted city's population by 1[Shift ] + [Plus]
To increase highlighted city's culture by 10[Ctrl] + [Plus]
Instant production completion for highlighted city[Plus]
Level up highlighted unit[Ctrl] + [Plus]
Insert unit/city[Ctrl] + [Shift ] + Left Mouse Button
World editor[Ctrl] + W
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Carrying out multiple tasks 100%
How to: You can order your great persons to carry out multiple tasks the same way you can order your workers by holding [Shift ]. For example, you can order your great scientist to join the city as a specialist 10 times, get some techs, and finally build an academy - all that with only one scientist.
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City editor 96%
Highlight a city, then press [Ctrl] + [Alt ] + Left Mouse Button.
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Money/techs 67%
Press shift + t for the tech and money manager
By: Rsguy(97)
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Civilazation 29%
Ok not a complete list but here goes Best civilazations India,aztecs and russians are the best
By: Rsguy(97)
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