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Conquer Online PC Cheats

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Conquer Online

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Log out 85%
How to: There is no actual "log out" feature but there are many ways you can log out rather than closing the whole game and beginning over. The best way is to jump as far as you can back and forth. As you jump,quickly move the pointer back to where you jumped from and click while you are still in the air. You will need to do this several times and you will soon disconnect and go back to the log in screen. The 2nd way has the same outcome, but a different way of doing it. First, go to another glitch"actions" and hotkey 4 of them,like [F5] for Wave, [F6] for Lie, [F7] for Cool, and [F8] for Sit. Start pressing these 4 keys at the same time. Your character appears to be having a seizure, and you will get disconnected. This works well if you want to log out and relog in with another character.
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Logging out 85%
Description: You can log out 2 different ways. The 1st way is to press[Esc]. A box will appear asking you if you want to exit. You will see the same box if you click the "Setup" option and click "Exit".
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Dancing with Weapons 84%
How to: If you want to dance with your weapon just disarm it and set it on the [F1] to [F10] hotkeys. Now,together, press [Dance] and the [F1] to [F10] shortcut with the weapon.
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Look other direction when jumping 83%
How to: This has no real use except for fun! So have some fun and try this little trick. Jump in any direction then hold [Shift ] and click in another direction. Your character will face the way you clicked, but still move in the direction of the jump.
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How to level up when you are sleeping ?????????????????????? 53%
When you are logging off you see the word offineTG YOU CLICK THAT IT WILL LEVEL UP
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Best way of having money!!!!!(done in 10 min.) 53%
Go to twin city and there is two exits, take the rit one!make sure you have 1000 silvers first. talk to the first guy and he'll take you to jail..steal all the rock things and sell careful people pk there alot!(people might get mad!)ENJOY!
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Easy Money, the Real way(Unline the pk ticket thing...) 49%
First, it is a pain in the rear, but go to BI(Bird Island) and pick up all the cash you can find. It'll take an hour or so, but you'll surround yourself with about a mill in your inventory and bank at once.

Next, you hit the markets! check all the prices there, and buy Meteors from people who offer the lowest prices. MAKE SURE you check ALL the prices of meteors, to see what the max and the minimum prices are for them.

After you buy some meteors for the cheapest prices you can buy them, go ahead and sell them at the medium price. Usually you could make 10-50k from each meteor in doing this. Keep repeating until you get a few mil.

Now is the tricky part! Buy Meteorscrolls at the cheapest prices, then sell them at the Medium price. Keep doing this until you get 50Mil

Once you reach 50Mil(The price of DragonBalls as of January 21, 2008 in Wonders-Colossius Rhodes server) Buy a DragonBall at 50Mil or less, then sell that same Dragonball for 52Mil or higher. This is how you can earn cash :)

All of this may take a few days, so don't expect anything at an instant.
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Conquer 46%
One heat one kill
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Become lvl 130 2nd rebirth in 2 mins 44%
First spend 340 on a bulk then use all your DBs on Uknown man the you will be 130
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Alien 42%
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Conquer 42%
1 heat one kill
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2581899 42%
How can I get the Dragon Balls?
You may get the Dragon Balls buying it from Shopping Mall, killing the monsters, completing some quests. Some fellow players may also sell some Dragon Balls.

Note: In the Shopping Mall, one Dragonball is equivalent to 215 CPs.

What are the Dragon Balls used for?
The Dragon Ball is such a supernatural item which can not only be used to upgrade the equipment`s quality, socket the weapons, upgrade the weapons from level 120 to level 130, redistribute the attribute points, but also help you level up quickly by doing the quest - One Good Turn Deserves Another.

More details here
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Alien 41%
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C.o.a. 39%
1 heat on kill
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Get 100 000 000 cps and 10000 dragonballs 33%
Cps free
By: omarsh11511(63)
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EASY MONEY (only takes a few minutes) 30%
Want money without lots of work? Well then follow these instructions:
1.Go to the pheasants area and find 5 or 6 Pk tickets.
2.Talk to the guy by the Pk Arena.
3. give him the tickets and he will give you 5,000 Silvers.
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Get 100'000'000 cps and 10000 dragonballs 27%
Cps free
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Conquer Online 242184Ok this is not a actual question its more of a opinon and srry if its a lil long but...what is all your opinons on the best way to get lots of money fast...cause im tryin to save up for a db so I can get cps and hunting isnt good for me cause idk where to hunt so plz tell is demonlordz on the ( fairytales)- bluebird server.... Answers: 2
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Conquer Online 509855I have a lvl 123 ninja and im trying to find the water elves can any one help me? Answers: 2
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