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Diner Dash Cheats for PC
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Diner Dash PC Cheats

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Diner Dash

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Diner dash flo through time 46%
On restaurant 1 the Caveman Cafe,Let the dinosaur spill because you get extra points for cleaning up his spills,so it gives you a bigger chance of getting your goal and maybe even expert!
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How to win vsry very easy!!!!!!! 25%
Put the people on their colour you will earn extra points
By: daniej(560)
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Diner Dash 295312I have the Windows PC verson of Diner Dash Flo on the Go. I can't get pass level 46. I have tried everythang. Please Help! Answers: 4
Diner Dash 474311How do you beat level 46? Answers: 0
Diner Dash 486897How do you beat level 10 Answers: 0
Diner Dash 287945What can you do about bookworms? Answers: 1
Diner Dash 351990I can't get past the 6th level on the first resturant nearly there but can neva seem to complete it. Any help? Answers: 0
Diner Dash 406249How do I get passed level 10 Answers: 0
Diner Dash 453165I'm playing the first Diner Dash I can't get past d 2nd restaurant you noe...d tiki hut...level 6 I cant get expert! please help! Answers: 0
Diner Dash 528271How do you get pass level 43 in flow on the go Answers: 0
Diner Dash 530562I'm stuck on level 7 caveman cafe and I cant seem to get past it, I match their colors with the chair I let the Dino spill so I can clean it up I seat quiet people away from noisy people but I cant get past the level? I even tried seating just the caveman until he was done.they are so annoying. any suggestions? Answers: 0
Diner Dash 540044How do you get past Level 3-4 on Diner Dash Flo on the Go? I've been stuck forever Answers: 0
Diner Dash 593061How do I get passed level 3 in diner dash Flo through time? Im getting frustrated and pissed! lol! Answers: 0
Diner Dash 602208I would like to know if anyone can help me get pass level 39 on diner dash 2 I am stuck there Answers: 0
Diner Dash 682455Level 10 diner dash thru time Answers: 0
Diner Dash 682962On the diner dash game flo's diner, how do I pass when there are no colored seats on the last level? Answers: 0
Diner Dash 693888How to pass phase 4 third restaurant Answers: 0
Diner Dash 766646Cant reach the goal on second restaurant level 10 im playng dinner dash flo through pls! Answers: 0
Diner Dash 777514How can I pass level 7 on diner dash flo thru time? Answers: 0
Diner Dash 801517Finishing level 4-10 Answers: 0
Diner Dash 802295How do you beat level 43 on Diner Dash Flow on the Go? Answers: 0
Diner Dash 816449Level 30 help Answers: 0
Diner Dash 818241How can I pass level 3-4 of diner dash? Answers: 0
Diner Dash 821665How do I pass the Romantic last level without a podium ? Answers: 0
Diner Dash 856636How to get out of level 42 in diner dash flo on the go Answers: 0
Diner Dash 921296What should I do about businessman? Answers: 0
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