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Doom 3: Resurrection Of Evil Cheats for PC
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Doom 3: Resurrection Of Evil PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer (STEAM) by: h4x0r Sep 1,2009
Trainer by: Anonymous Apr 6,2005

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Doom 3: Resurrection Of Evil

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Cheat Codes 100%
To display the console window when playing, press [Ctrl] + [Alt ] + ~ . Now, enter one of the following codes to activate the specified cheat function:

Cheat Code
God mode [Note]god

Full weapons and ammunitiongive all

Full ammunition for current weaponsgive ammo

Armor to 125give armor

Classic 1995 versiongive doom95

Health to 100give health

All keys give keys

BFGgive weapon_bfg

Chainsawgive weapon_chainsaw

Machine gungive weapon_machinegun

Plasmagungive weapon_plasmagun

Rocket launchergive weapon_rocketlauncher

Shotgungive weapon_shotgun

Spawn listed itemgive [item name]

Play listed mapmap [map name]
Load a mapmap
Switch to listed weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there

Switch to listed weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there

Switch to listed weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there

Switch to listed weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there

Switch to listed weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there

Switch to listed weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there

Switch to listed weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there

Switch to listed weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there

Show AAS statsaasStats

Adds debug arrowaddarrow

Core to game chat linesaddChatLine

Add debug lineaddline

Scale contact frictionaf_contactFrictionScale

Force the given friction valueaf_forceFriction

Name of the body to highlightaf_highlightBody

Name of the constraint to highlightaf_highlightConstraint

Scale the joint frictionaf_jointFrictionScale

Maximum angular velocityaf_maxAngularVelocity:

Maximum linear velocityaf_maxLinearVelocity

Show structures of articulated figures not at rest

Show bodiesaf_showBodies

Show body namesaf_showBodyNames

Show 2 bodies constrained by the highlighted constraint

Show constraint namesaf_showConstraintNames

Show constraintsaf_showConstraints

Show the inertia tensor of each bodyaf_showInertia

Show joint limitsaf_showLimits

Show mass of each bodyaf_showMass

Show primary constraints onlyaf_showPrimaryOnly

Show articulated figure CPU usageaf_showTimings

Show the total mass of each articulated figure

Show tree-like structuresaf_showTrees

Show velocity of each bodyaf_showVelocity

Skip frictionaf_skipFriction

Skip joint limitsaf_skipLimits

Skip self collision detectionaf_skipSelfCollision

Test for bodies initially stuck in solidaf_testSolid
Scale timeaf_timeScale

Use impulse-based contact frictionaf_useImpulseFriction

Use impulse-based joint frictionaf_useJointImpulseFriction

Use linear time algorithm for tree-like structures

Use constraint matrix symmetryaf_useSymmetry

Enable blocked fail safe handlingai_blockedFailSafe

Draw movement information for monstersai_debugMove
Display script calls for the specified monster entity number

Draw trajectory tests for monstersai_debugTrajectory

Draw attack cones for monstersai_showCombatNodes

Draw obstacle avoidance information for monsters.

ai_showObstacleAvoidance 1
Draw obstacle avoidance information for monsters and player

ai_showObstacleAvoidance 2
Draw path_* entitiesai_showPaths:


Write .AVI for a command demoaviCmdDemo

Save demo in .AVI formatavidemo

Write .AVI for a demoaviDemo

Write .AVI for the current gameaviGame

Game benchmarkbenchmark


Bind command to a keybind

Bind ragdoll at the current drag positionbindRagdoll
Bind a key, but unbinds it 1st if there are more than 2 binds

Blink a debug lineblinkline

Center viewcenterview

Check if new version of the game is available

Clear the consoleclear

Clear all lightsclearLights

Drop current weaponclientDropWeapon

In-game GUI message modeclientMessageMode

Voice chatsclientVoiceChat

Team voice chatsclientVoiceChatTeam

Close the view showing any notes for this map

Cull back facing polygonscm_backFaceCul

Debug collision detectioncm_debugCollision

Color used to draw the collision modelscm_drawColor
Draw filled polygonscm_drawFilled

Draw internal edges greencm_drawInternal

Collision maskcm_drawMask

Draw polygon and edge normalscm_drawNormals

Show collision model infocollisionModelInfo

Use ~ to toggle consolecom_allowConsole

Sample input from the async threadcom_asyncInput

Mix sound from the async threadcom_asyncSound

Compress saved gamescom_compressSaveGame

Force generic platform independent SIMDcom_forceGenericSIMD
Record journalcom_journal 1

Play back journalcom_journal 2

Set hardware classification tocom_machineSpec

Set hardware classification to not detected,

com_machineSpec -1
Set hardware classification to low quality,

com_machineSpec 0
Set hardware classification to medium quality,

com_machineSpec 1
Set hardware classification to high quality,

com_machineSpec 2
Set hardware classification to ultra quality

com_machineSpec 3
Make a buildcom_makingBuild 1

Marker for memory statscom_memoryMarker

Run one game tick every async thread update

Purge everything between level loadscom_purgeAll

Show async network statscom_showAsyncStats

Show frame ratecom_showFPS

Show frameratecom_showfps 1

Show total and per frame memory usagecom_showMemoryUsage

show sound decoderscom_showSoundDecoders

Skip the renderer completelycom_skipRenderer

Show engine timingscom_speeds

Print time in milliseconds with each console print

com_timestampPrints 1
Print time in seconds with each console print

com_timestampPrints 2
Update the load size after loading a mapcom_updateLoadSize
Hold last amount of detected video RAMcom_videoRam
Combine 6 images for roq compressioncombineCubeImages
Compress a demo filecompressDemo

Print on the console but not onscreen when console is displayed

Time messages displayed when console is displayed

Speed at which the console movescon_speed [number]

Dump the console text to a fileconDump

Connect to a serverconnect

Crashes gamecrash

Crash gamecrash

Restart the cvar systemcvar_restart

Apply damage to an entitydamage

Launch script debuggerdebugger

Print parsesdecl_show 1

Print parses and references developerdecl_show 2

Delete selected entitydeleteSelected

Hold [Enter] to zoom viewdemoshot

Save screenshot for a demodemoShot

Load a map in developer modedevmap

Open directorydir

List a folderdir
List a folder with sub-foldersdirtree

Disassembles scriptdisasmScript

Disables connection for current multi-player game

Disconnect from a gamedisconnect

Compile mapdmap
Skip to last leveldoomhell

Print listed textecho
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ex 100%

Launch in-game Articulated Figure EditoreditAFs
Launch in-game Declaration EditoreditDecls

Launch GUI EditoreditGUIs

Change lightingeditlight

Launch in-game Light EditoreditLights

Open the in-game editoreditor

Launch level editor Radianteditor

Launch in-game Particle EditoreditParticles

Launch in-game PDA EditoreditPDAs

Launch in-game Script EditoreditScripts

Change sounds in editor areaeditsounds

launch in-game Sound EditoreditSounds

Take an environment shotenvshot

Cause an errorerror

Execute a config fileexec

Execute appropriate config files and sets cvars based on com_machineSpec

Exit gameexit
Exit command demoexitCmdDemo

Export modelsexportmodels

Finish the build processfinishBuild

Freeze everything on screenfreeze

Freeze game for listed number of seconds

freeze [number]
Armor takes this percentage of damageg_armorProtection [number]

Armor takes this percentage of damage in MP

g_armorProtectionMP [number]

Maintain even teamsg_balanceTDM

Show blood splats, sprays, and gibsg_bloodEffects

Skip updating entities not marked 'cinematic' '1' during cinematics

Set seconds to allow game to run when skipping cinematic

g_cinematicMaxSkipTime [number]

Pregame countdown in secondsg_countDown [number]

Scale final damage on player by this factor

g_damageScale [number]

Display information on which animations are playing on specified entity; -1 disables

g_debugAnim [number]
Check for models with bounds over 2048g_debugBounds
Show decals (bullet holes, etc.)g_decals

Disassemble script into base/script disasm.txt when script is compiled

Show double vision when taking damageg_doubleVision


Allow dragging physics objects around by placing the crosshair over them and holding [Fire]

Edit entity mode; 0 = off, 1 = lights, 2 = sounds, 3 = articulated figures, 4 = particle systems, 5 = monsters, 6 = entity names, 7 = entity models.

g_editEntityMode [0-7]

Toggle disable buffer file writing for save games

g_flushSave [0 or 1]
Display timing information for each game frame

Score review time in seconds at end gameg_gameReviewPause
Set how much health to take in nightmare mode

g_healthTakeAmt [number]

Set how low can health get taken in nightmare mode

g_healthTakeLimit [number]

Set how often to take health in nightmare mode

g_healthTakeTime [number]

Control the weapon sway in MPg_mpWeaponAngleScale [number]

Show muzzle flashesg_muzzleFlash [0 or 1]

If nightmare mode is allowedg_nightmare [0 or 1]

Game passwordg_password [password>

Show dynamic lights on projectilesg_projectileLights

Draw boxes around thinking entities; dormant entities (outside of PVs) are yellow, non-dormant are green

Enable ejected shells from weapong_showBrass

Display current frame number for camera when playing cinematics

Draw boxes around monsters that targeted player

Enable shadow of player modelg_showPlayerShadow

Enable display of player hit percentageg_showProjectilePct
Toggle hit % to HUDg_showprojectilepct 1

Draw entities and their targets; hidden entities are gray

Display current animation and frame number for testmodels.

Draw trigger entities (orange) and their targets (green); disabled triggers are gray.

Skip damage and other view effectsg_skipViewEffects

Let spectators chat to everyone during game

Draw arrows over teammates in team deathmatch

Test model animation; 0 = cycle anime with origin reset, 1 = cycle anim with fixed origin, 2 = cycle anim with continuous origin, 3 = frame by frame with continuous origin, 4 = play anime once

Number of frames to blendg_testModelBlend

Test model rotation speedg_testModelRotate

Test particle visualation; set by the particle editor

Name of the particle being tested by the particle editor

Name of material to draw over screeng_testPostProcess

When non-zero, shows entities whose think functions exceeded the number of milliseconds specified

scale damage and armor dynamically to keep player alive more often

Show available memorygame_memory

Display game class infogame_memory

Cause a game errorgameError

Kick player from multi-player gamegameKick [name]

Kick listed player namegameKick [name]

Print current view positiongetviewpos

Display graphics card detailsgfxinfo

Show graphics infogfxInfo

Gametype filtergui_filter_gameType

Password filtergui_filter_password

Players filtergui_filter_players

Send heartbeat to master serversHeartbeat

Show helphelp
Hitch the gamehitch

Show IK debug linesik_debug

Enable IKik_enable

Name of log file; if empty "qconsole.log" will be used

Set the maximum texture anisotropy if available

image_anisotropy [number]

Maximum MB reserved for temporary loading of full-sized precompressed images

image_cacheMegs [number]

Maximum KB of precompressed files to read at specification time

image_cacheMinK [number]

See texture MIP usageimage_colorMipLevels

Control texture downsamplingimage_downSize

Control normal map downsamplingimage_downSizeBump

Control normal map downsample limitimage_downSizeBumpLimit

Control diffuse map downsample limitimage_downSizeLimit

Control specular downsamplingimage_downSizeSpecular

Control specular downsampled limitimage_downSizeSpecularLimit

Change texture filtering on mipmapped images


Ignore high quality setting on materialsimage_ignoreHighQuality
Change lod bias on mipmapped imagesimage_lodbias

If 0, dynamically load all imagesimage_preload [0 or 1]

Round bad sizes down to nearest power of two

If 1, print number of outstanding background loads

image_showBackgroundLoads[0 or 1]

Allow alpha/intensity/luminance luminance+alpha

If 1, do background load image cachingimage_useCache [0 or 1]
If 0, force everything to high qualityimage_useCompression [0 or 1]

If 2, use rxgb compression for normal maps; if 1, use 256 color compression for normal maps if available

image_useNormalCompression [0-2]

Write batch file for offline compression of .DDS files

Use .DDS files if presentimage_usePrecompressedTextures

Write .tgas of the final normal maps for debugging

Write .TGAs of the final palletized normal maps for debugging

Write .DDS files if necessaryimage_writePrecompressedTextures

Write .TGAs of the non normal maps for debugging

Always run (reverse _speed button) in multi-player mode

Angle change scale when holding _speed button

Look around with mouse (reverse _mlook button)

Enable mouse inputin_mouse

Pitch change speed when holding _lookUp or _lookDown button


Restart the input systemin_restart

Yaw change speed when holding _left or _right button


Keep last test model in the gamekeepTestModel

Kick client by connection numberkick

Kill current target; suicide if no one is targeted

Kill the playerkill

Kill all monsters in current levelkillmonsters

Remove all monsterskillMonsters

Kill all moving enemieskillmoveables

Remove all moveableskillMoveables

Kill all non-moving enemieskillragdolls

Remove all ragdollskillRagdolls

Scan LAN for serversLANScan

Show LCP solver failureslcp_showFailures

List active game entitieslistActiveEntities

List articulated figureslistAF

List all animationslistAnims

List audioslistAudios

List key bindingslistBinds

List game classeslistClasses

List commandslistCmds


List collision modelslistCollisionModels

List cvarslistCvars

List all declslistDecls

List all keys used by dictionarieslistDictKeys

List all values used by dictionarieslistDictValues

List emailslistEmails


List game entitieslistEntities

Lists listed def file settingslistentitydefs

List entity defslistEntityDefs

List FX systemslistFX

List game commandslistGameCmds

List GUIslistGuis

List decl text character frequencieslistHuffmanFrequencies


List imageslistImages

Lists listed def file settingslistlightdefs

List all debug lineslistLines


List materialslistMaterials

List model defslistModelDefs


List all modelslistModels

List all video modeslistModes

Lists images of monsterslistmonsters

List monsterslistMonsters

List particle systemslistParticles

List PDAslistPDAs

List the entity defslistRenderEntityDefs

List renderer commandslistRendererCmds

List the light defslistRenderLightDefs

List scanned serverslistServers

List skinslistSkins

List sound commandslistSoundCmds

List active sound decoderslistSoundDecoders


List all soundslistSounds


List sound shaderslistSoundShaders

List the spawn args of an entitylistSpawnArgs

List system commandslistSystemCmds

List tableslistTables


List script threadslistThreads

List tool commandslistToolCmds

List type infolistTypeInfo


List vertex cachelistVertexCache

List videoslistVideos

Load a gameloadGame

Localize GUIslocalizeGuis

Localize mapslocalizeMaps

If 1, buffer log; if 2, flush after each print

logFile [1 or 2]
Mouse pitch scalem_pitch

Show mouse movementm_showMouseRate

Number of samples blended for mouse viewing

Mouse strafe movement scalem_strafeScale

Number of samples blended for mouse movingm_strafeSmooth
Mouse yaw scalem_yaw

Make an ambient mapmakeAmbientMap

Process giant imagesMakeMegaTexture

Create memory dumpmemoryDump

Create a compressed memory dumpmemoryDumpCompressed

Valid skins (including flushing referenced pak files); decreased if over 0


Modify shader parms on all lightsmodulateLights

Show next animation on test modelnextAnim

Show next animation frame on test modelnextFrame
Teleport player to the next func_static with a GUI

Load next map on the servernextMap

No clippingnoclip

Disable collision detection for the playernoclip
Ignored by most enemiesnotarget

Disable player as a targetnotarget


Print tokenized stringparse

List search pathspath


Play back a command demoplayCmdDemo

Play back a demoplayDemo


Set the given model on the playerplayerModel [model name]

Milliseconds the player can go without air before damage starts

pm_air [number]
x/y size of player's bounding boxpm_bboxwidth



Bob much faster when crouchedpm_crouchbob

Height of player's bounding box while crouched

pm_crouchheight [number]

Time it takes for player's view to change from standing to crouching

pm_crouchrate [number]

Speed the player can move while crouchedpm_crouchspeed [number]
Height of player's view while crouchedpm_crouchviewheight [number]

Height of player's bounding box while deadpm_deadheight [number]
Height of player's view while deadpm_deadviewheight [number]

Approximate height the player can jumppm_jumpheight [number]
Amount player's view can look downpm_maxviewpitch [number]

Amount player's view can look up; negative values are up

pm_minviewpitch [number]

Draw camera from POV of player model; 1 = always, 2 = when dead

pm_modelView [1 or 2]
Speed the player can move while in noclippm_noclipspeed [number]
Height of player's bounding box while standing

pm_normalheight [number]

Height of player's view while standingpm_normalviewheight [number]

Bob faster when runningpm_runbob



Speed the player can move while runningpm_runspeed [number]
Size of the spectator bounding boxpm_spectatebbox [number]

Speed the player can move while spectatingpm_spectatespeed [number]
Length of time player can runpm_stamina [number]

Rate that player regains stamina; divide pm_stamina by this number to determine how to fully recharge.

pm_staminarate [number]

When stamina is below this value, player slows to a walk

pm_staminathreshold [number]

Maximum height player can step up without jumping

pm_stepsize [number]
Third person viewpm_thirdPerson

Toggle 3rd person viewpm_thirdperson [0 or 1]

Direction of camera from player in 3rd person in degrees; 0 = behind player, 180 = in front

pm_thirdPersonAngle [0-180]

Clip 3rd person view into world spacepm_thirdPersonClip
Enable 3rd person view when player diespm_thirdPersonDeath
Height of camera from normal view height in 3rd person

pm_thirdPersonHeight [number]

Camera distance from player in 3rd person

pm_thirdPersonRange [number]

Use cylinder approximation instead of bounding box for player collision detection

Bob slowly when walkingpm_walkbob

Player's walking speedpm_walkspeed [number]

Remove last created lightpopLight

Show previous animation on test modelprevAnim

Show previous animation frame on test model

Print an articulated figureprintAF

Print an AudioprintAudio

Print an emailprintEmail

Print an entity defprintEntityDef

Print an FX systemprintFX

Print a materialprintMaterial

Print model infoprintModel

Print a model defprintModelDefs

Print a particle systemprintParticle

Print a PDAprintPDA


Print a skinprintSkin

Print a sound shaderprintSoundShader

Print a tableprintTable

Print an VideoprintVideo

Prompt and set the CD KeypromptKey

Exit gamequit
Quit the gamequit

Change gamma tablesr_brightness

Set brightness levelr_brightness [number]

arbfp1, fp30r_cgFragmentProfile

arbvp1, vp20, vp30r_cgVertexProfile

Compare all surface bounds with precalculated ones

Force screen clear every frame; 1 = purple, 2 = black, R G B = custom

r_clear [1, 2, or R G B value]

Custom screen heightr_customHeight [number]

Custom screen widthr_customWidth [number]

Step size of arrow cone line rotation in degrees

r_debugArrowStep [number]

Perform depth test on debug linesr_debugLineDepthTest

Width of debug linesr_debugLineWidth [number]

Draw a filled polygonr_debugPolygonFilled

Used during development to show IHV's their problems

Optional display refresh rate option for vid mode

Force a call to glFinish() every framer_finish
Scale flare deforms from the material defr_flareSize
Draw all images to screen after registration

Draw to front buffer for debuggingr_frontBuffer

0 = windowed, 1 = full screenr_fullscreen [0 or 1]

Change gamma tablesr_gamma

Set gamma levelr_gamma [0-3]

"opengl32", etc.r_glDriver [value]

Fraction to smear across neighborsr_hdr_bloomFraction

Maximum light scaler_hdr_exposure

Monitor gamma powerr_hdr_gamma

Random dither in monitor spacer_hdr_monitorDither

Use a floating point rendering bufferr_hdr_useFloats

Random debugging without defining new varsr_ignore
Random debugging without defining new varsr_ignore2
Ignore GL errorsr_ignoreGLErrors

Ignore the fragment program extensionr_inhibitFragmentProgram

Randomly subpixel jitter the projection matrix

Offset of joint names when r_showskel is set to 1

Size of joint names when r_showskel is set to 1

Light all the back faces, even when they would be shadowed

All light intensities are multiplied by this

Soft-shadow samplingr_lightSourceRadius

Allow moving the view point without changing the composition of the scene, including culling

Number of frames to emit GL logsr_logFile

Override all materialsr_materialOverride

Draw only a specific levelr_megaTextureLevel

Combine model surfaces with the same material

Video mode numberr_mode

Number of antialiasing samplesr_multiSamples

Near Z clip plane distancer_near

Polygon offset parameterr_offsetfactor

Polygon offset parameterr_offsetunits

Perform index reorganization to optimize vertex use

Hardware specific renderer path to user_renderer
Scale factor for jitter biasr_sb_biasScale

Oversize FOV for point light side matchingr_sb_frustomFOV
Scale factor for jitter offsetr_sb_jitterScale

Pixel dimensions for each shadow buffer, 64 - 2048

Use GL_LINEAR instead of GL_NEAREST on shadow maps

Do not draw any occludersr_sb_noShadows

0 = front faces; 1 = back faces; 2 = midway between them


polygonOffset factor for drawing shadow buffer

polygonOffset units for drawing shadow buffer

Randomly offset jitter texture each drawr_sb_randomize
Set to 0, 1, 4, or 16r_sb_samples [number]

Build shadows in screen space instead of on surfaces

Color the pixels contained in the frustumr_sb_showFrustumPixels
only draw a single side (0 to 5) of points lights

Cull geometry to individual side frustumsr_sb_useCulling
Draw offscreenr_sb_usePbuffer

Width of screen space shadow sampling screenFraction for testing fill rate; the resolution of entire screen can be changed

Scale value for stencil shadow drawingr_shadowPolygonFactor
Bias value added to depth test for stencil shadow drawing

Enable shadowsr_shadows

Report alloc/free countsr_showAlloc

Report sphere and box culling statsr_showCull

Report number of modeDefs and lightDefs in view

Report reads and writes to the demo filer_showDemo
Display contents of the depth buffer and the depth range

Draw lines from vertexes to center of dominant triangles

Report stats on dynamic surface generationr_showDynamic
Draw the sil edgesr_showEdges

Show entity scissor rectanglesr_showEntityScissors

1 = show all images instead of rendering, 2 = show in proportional size

r_showImages [0-2]
Draw screen colors based on intensity; red = 0, green = 128, blue = 255

r_showIntensity [number]

1 = show frustum for each interaction, 2 = also draw lines to light origin, 3 = also draw entity bbox

r_showInteractionFrustums [0-3]

Report interaction generation activityr_showInteractions
1 = show screen rectangle which contains the interaction frustum, 2 = also draw construction lines

r_showInteractionScissors [0-2]

1 = colors surfaces based on light count, 2 = also count everything through walls, 3 = also print overdraw

r_showLightCount [0-3]

1 = just print volumes numbers, highlighting ones covering the view, 2 = also draw planes of each volume, 3 = also draw edges of each volume

r_showLights [0-3]
Report scale factor applied to drawing for overbrights

Show light scissor rectanglesr_showLightScissors

Display all the level imagesr_showMegaTexture

Draw colored blocks in each tiler_showMegaTextureLabels

Print frame memory utilizationr_showMemory

Draw wireframe normalsr_showNormals

1 = geometry overdraw, 2 = light interaction overdraw, 3 = geometry and light interaction overdraw

r_showOverDraw [0-3]
Draw portal outlines in color based on passed/not passed

Report drawsurf/index/vertex countsr_showPrimitives

Color screen based on shadow volume depth complexity, 2 or greater = print overdraw count based on stencil index values, 3 = only show turboshadows, 4 = only show static shadows

r_showShadowCount [0-4]

1 = visualize the stencil shadow volumes, 2 = draw filled in

r_showShadows [0-2]
Highlight edges that are casting shadow planes

Draw skeleton when model animates, 1 = draw model with skeleton, 2 = draw skeleton only

Show which end (front or back) is blockingr_showSmp
Show surface material name under crosshairr_showSurfaceInfo
Report surface/light/shadow countsr_showSurfaces

Shade triangles by tangent space; 1 = use 1st tangent vector, 2 = use 2nd tangent vector, 3 = use normal vector

r_showTangentSpace [0-3]

Shade triangles by texture area polarityr_showTexturePolarity
If greater than 0, draw each triangles texture (tangent) vectors

r_showTextureVectors [number]

Show intersection of an eye trace with the world

Enable wireframe rendering of the world; 1 = only draw visible ones, 2 = draw all front facing, 3 = draw all

r_showTris [0-3]
if 1, put all nVidia register combiner programming in display lists

r_showUnsmoothedTangents [0-1]

Report entity and light updates and ref counts


Draw all triangles with the solid vertex color

1 = displays the bounding boxes of all view models, 2 = print index numbers

r_showViewEntitys [0-2]

Only draw the portal area the view is actually in

Suppress all but one entityr_singleEntity

Suppress all but one lightr_singleLight

Suppress all but one surface on each entity

Only draw a single triangle per primitiver_singleTriangle
Bypass all non-interaction drawingr_skipAmbient

Do not draw anythingr_skipBackEnd

Skip all blend lightsr_skipBlendLights

Use flat surface instead of the bump mapr_skipBump
Do all rendering, but do not actually copyTexSubImage2D

Leave all deform materials in their original state

Use black for diffuser_skipDiffuse

Do not dynamically create texturesr_skipDynamicTextures

Skip all fog lightsr_skipFogLights

Bypass all front end work, but 2D GUI rendering still draws

1 = skip all gui elements on surfaces, 2 = skip drawing but still handle events, 3 = draw but skip events

r_skipGuiShaders [0-3]

Skip all light/surface interaction drawingr_skipInteractions
Do not do any post-interaction light scaling

Only use the lowest level image
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