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Mega Man Legends 2 Cheats for PSX
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Mega Man Legends 2 PSX Cheats

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Mega Man Legends 2

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Tons of zenny 100%
In the potkey village sub ruins, if there is a chest in the begining, enter the door and go to the right. Go through the door and go right, left, and left again. Go through the door and there will be a gold bird. Destroy it and get the 8,000 zenny it gives you. leave and come back and it will be there again.(Repeat)
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Easy Mission 100%
The 1st mission of the game can be very easy, if you do it this way. When you start just die, and you will have complete the 1st mission.
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Side roll 100%
Press R1 + Jump to roll to the right or L2 + Jump to roll to the left. This is the most useful way to evade an enemy's attack.
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Rapid fire 100%
Hold Square and rapidly press Forward. This is very helpful in acquiring the Class S License, against the time consuming purple things. One disadvantage is that you will have difficulty dodging against the fast ones. However, overall this is very good against slow and immobile ones. You will not need to upgrade your energy and rapid after learning this technique.
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Jet Skates/Hydrojets 100%
While skating, hold Up to increase or Down to decrease the speed. Press L1 for a medium left turn or R1 for a medium right turn. Hold Down + Left + L1 for extreme left cornering and Down + Right + R1 for extreme right cornering.
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Megaman Legends music 100%
Go to the Manda Island ruins (not caverns) to hear music from the original Megaman Legends ruins. For music from the Sub-Cities go to the Digout in Nino Island and enter the elevator.
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Buster stats maxed out 98%
Win the game the 1st time you play it and the the option of choosing your difficulty level and when you go to the equip screen you get an acessory pack Q that maxs out every single stat for the Buster Weapon.
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How to get Zenny 98%
In the snowy level you will be able to find 2 cans and 2 trashcans. One of the trashcans you kick a can straight into will give you 200 zennies, but the 2nd trashcan you kick the can into will grant you a 1,000 zennies
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Jonny, Birdbots, and cannon people overboard 96%
When doing the 1st and 2nd missions on Nino Island, you can pick up the birdbots and Jonny an throw them over the railing. And if you destroy the cannons, a person will fly out and land. You can also throw them over the railing.
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Final boss part 1 67%
I can only tell you part 1. . .for now 'cause I'm still finishing part 2. . .

These are the final boss's attacks and how to avoid the let me use the pronoun "she" because she's a girl ok?. . .Ow and the names are just made by me 'cause I don't know there names. . .

Electric Sphere attack:she will charge up a few electric spheres and hurl them towards you but this is the easiest attack to dodge although she do it twice. . .to avoid it just jump left or right

Flame Shield tackle:this one can be a little tricky. . .she will create burning shield around her and charge really fast at you. . .to dodge just simply jump left or right when the shield is complete

Ice Shards:this one is easy to dodge but painful when you dodge the wrong way. . .she will summon some ice shards and launch it towards you with rapid succession. . .to dodge just simply jump to the left when the shards appear

Heavy gravity explosion combo:this one is easy to dodge when you jump at the right timing. . .she will make the gravity heavy making you jump less height while she pounds the ground to generate shock waves. . . to avoid this just jump at your current postion when she pounds the ground,but its not over yet. . .5 bombs will appear and will come close to you and boom! it hurts!

this is only part 1 I will post part 2 once I'm done
By: bitoy666(1349)
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