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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats for PC Page 3
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC Cheats

Rating: 4.6/5 VOTE
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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer 3.0 Steam by: Caliber Jan 15,2008
Trainer by: Anonymous Oct 13,2005
Trainer by: Anonymous Jul 1,2005
Trainer by: Anonymous Jun 26,2005

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Rating: 4.6/5 VOTE

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Superman 37%
Superman baby
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Lllll 36%
How to Skip a mission
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Super man cloth 36%
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Super man CJ 35%
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Superman mode 34%
Player looks like superman and fly also
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Super man 34%
Is became a super man
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Portal gun 33%
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Awesome 33%
Do you know what's awesome ? If C.J. killed a pilot and stole his licence and the guy in the little buiding let you in the airport, because you have a dead guy's lcence and you drive one of those big passanger planes and people get on and you did a barrel roll or go upside down and the flight attendint and some passangers in the bathroom go on the celing and go back right side up and the person in the bathrooms head lands in the toilet which is full of his poop and the cart the flight attendint was using lands and kills or hurts some people and you have a parachute and you jump out and abandon the staff and people on the plane that pummits to the ground and blows up in Red County and you land in Red County in front of your passanger plane which is now rubble and ther's a lot of money and you get an extra 1,000,000 dollars and you want to buy that houst on the cliff side and you need a car so you jack an Emporer but you didn't realize the cops were behind the car you jacked and they chase you and bashed your car down the cliff and the car is on fire and you jump out but by the time C.J. opens the, door the Emporer blows up and he gets wasted. Man, that was a big sentence I need to catch my breath. And if C.J. never killed that pilot this big sentence would not ben typed. Thend
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Gta 33%
Ripazha :- Car fly in air
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Some cheats 33%
Jetpack yecgaa
health and amour hesoyam
never wanted ifirstdoz
quad akjjglc
infinente ammo no relaod wnrltw

i know more cheats you know
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Huge passenger plane in las ventures airport 33%
In las venturas airport I have found a huge passenger plane,it's in the giant hanger,the hanger looks like one from the san fierro airport but this hanger is much bigger and the door will open coming donwards just wait for it to open if you can't find it then check all the hangers in the las ventures airport and you will find it,it is so cool I love flying it but make sure you use all the runway cause it wont take off it's that big hope you enjoy flying it aswell as I did.

P.S this is not a mod I mean it.

By: Crazy Wagbo(284)
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Drive on top of water 31%
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Unleash hell 29%
If you steal or get a helicopter you can fly to the hospital roof to get a bazooka
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Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC 29%
Rocket man
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Unlock all mission 26%
To unlock mission when you are in any mission just type "SKIPMISSION" to unlock any mission you want to unlock
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Change Cj 26%
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Codes 25%
LXGIWYL = senjata 1
UZUMYMW = senjata 3
HESOYAM = darah, armor, duit
BAGUVIX = nyawa ga terbatas
CVWKXAM = lung capacity ga terbatas
ANOSEONGLASS = adrenalin mode
FULLCLIP = amunisi ga erbatas
TURNUPTHEHEAT = mendapat 2 wanted level
TURNDOWNTHEHEAT = hapus semua wanted level
BTCDBCB = gemuk
BUFFMEUP = max otot
KVGYZQK = kerempeng
AEZAKMI = ga pernah dicari polisi
BRINGITON = wanted level bintang 6
WORSHIPME = max respect
HELLOLADIES = Max Sex Appeal
VKYPQCF = Max Stamina
PROFESSIONALKILLER = level hitman di semua senjata
NATURALTALENT = max semua skill kendaraan [ darat, laut, udara]

Buat Setting Kendaraan
OLDSPEEDDEMON = Bloodring Banger
JQNTDMH = Rancher
VROCKPOKEY = hotring racer 1
VPJTQWV = hotring racer 2
TRUEGRIME = Trashmaster
KGGGDKP = Vortex Hovercraft
AIYPWZQP = Parachute
OHDUDE = Hunter
AMOMHRER = Tanker Truck
CPKTNWT = hancurkan semua mobil
WHEELSONLYPLEASE = mobil tembus pandang
STICKLIKEGLUE = handling sempurna
ZEIIVG = lampu lalu lintas hijau terus
YLTEICZ = pengemudi gila
LLQPFBN = mobil pink
IOWDLAC = mobil hitam
FLYINGFISH = perahu terbang
EVERYONEISPOOR = semua mobil butut
EVERYONEISRICH = semua mobil keren
JCNRUAD = Smash n’ Boom
SPEEDFREAK = semua mobil ber NOS
BUBBLECARS = mobil melayang kalau ditabrak
OUIQDMW = bisa membidik dari mobil
GHOSTTOWN = ga ada mobil
FVTMNBZ = mobil-mobil desa
BMTPWHR = mobil mobil dan orang desa

Buat Setting Game

SPEEDITUP = Gameplay lebih cepat

SLOWITDOWN = Gameplay lebih lambat

AJLOJYQY = pejalan kaki salig menyerang dapet tongkat golf

BAGOWPG = dapat bounty di kepalamu

FOOOXFT = semua orang bersenjata


BLUESUEDESHOES = elvis dimana mana

BGLUAWML = pejalan kaki menyerangmu dengan senjata

LIFESABEACH= pesta pantai

ONLYHOMIESALLOWED = Geng dimana-mana

BIFBUZZ = geng mengontrol jalanan

NINJATOWN = yakuza

BEKKNQV = fans club

CJPHONEHOME = melompat pakai BMX jadi tinggi

KANGAROO = CJ melompat tinggi

STATEOFEMERGENCY = RUSUHH! [persis kayak mei 1998]

CRAZYTOWN = carnaval

SJMAHPE = merekrut siapa saja [dapat pistol]

ROCKETMAYHEM = rekrut siapa saja [dapat RPG]

Buat lingkungan sekitar
TOODAMNHOT = sangat panas
ALNSFMZO = Overcast
AUIFRVQS = hujan
CFVFGMJ = berkabut
YSOHNUL = jam lebih cepat
NIGHTPROWLER = selalu jam 00.00
OFVIAC = selalu jam 21.00
CWJXUOC = badai debu
By: xxxcyber(3)
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Superman cheat for playstation 2 25%
Superman cheat: r2, l2, r2, l2, l1,r1,sqaure
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Hummer 3 25%
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Gta san andreas cheat codes 25%
The most important cheats are:
a)baguvix- no effects to bullets and hand combat
b)hesoyam- money,armor and health
c)worshipme-respect max
d)helloladies- sex appeal max
e)jysdsod- muscles max
f)aezakmi-police wont arrest you
g)aezakmi-hotring racer car
i)professionalkiller-guns max
j)fullclip-max bullets
By: master007(9)
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Wrong side of the track 25%
Before entering the mission go kill the train driver and then start mission.the train will stop after a short distance kill them drive sweet back to home.
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Get out from police always 25%
Circle right (2)left square triangle up
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Freaky day 25%
All peaple are aliens
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

All cars have nitro 25%
Speed freak
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Jumpjet 25%
Yecgaa is for getting jumpet
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TO A CAR 25%
By: hellking(113)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Weather & Time 25%
TOODAMNHOT = Very Sunny Weather
ALNSFMZO = Overcast Weather
AUIFRVQS = Rainy Weather
CFVFGMJ = Foggy Weather
YSOHNUL = Faster Clock
NIGHTPROWLER = Always Midnight
OFVIAC = Orange Sky 21:00
CWJXUOC = Sandstorm
By: Devesh(314)
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çalısıyor 25%
Effect Code
Adrenaline effects munasef
Aggressive traffic ylteicz
All cars have nitrous speedfreak
Always 00:00 or 12:00 xjvsnaj
Always 21:00 ofviac
Armor, health, and money hesoyam
Beach party theme cikgcgx
Beater traffic bgkgtjh
Black traffic iowdlac
Bounty on your head bagowpg
Carnival theme crazytown
Cars fly away bsxsggc
City in chaos iojufzn
CJ jumps higher kangaroo
Cloudy weather alnsfmzo
Commit suicide szcmawo
Destroy all cars cpktnwt
Fast motion speeditup
Flying boats flyingfish
Flying cars ripazha
Foggy weather cfvfgmj
Gangs and workers mroemzh
Gangs only bifbuzz
Hitman level in all weapons professionalkiller
Invisible cars xicwmd
Kinky theme bekknqv
Lower wanted levell asnaeb
Manual weapon control in cars ouiqdmw
Massive BMX bunny hops cjphonehome
Maximum fat btcdbcb
Maximum lung capacity cvwkxam
Maximum muscle buffmeup
Maximum respect worshipme
Maximum sex appeal helloladies
Maximum vehicle skills naturaltalent
No fat or muscle kvgyzqk
No hunger aeduwnv
Pedestrians are Elvis bluesuedeshoes
Pedestrians attack with guns bgluawml
Pedestrians have weapons foooxft
Pedestrians riot ajlojyqy
Perfect handling pggomoy
Pink traffic llqpfbn
Raise wanted level osrblhh
Recruit anyone into gang with guns sjmahpe
Recruit anyone into gang with rocket launcher zsoxfsq
Reduced traffic ghosttown
Rural theme bmtpwhr
Rural traffic fvtmnbz
Sandstorm weather cwjxuoc
Six star wanted level bringiton
Slow motion slowitdown
Spawn Bloodring Banger cqzijmb
Spawn Caddy rzhsuew
Spawn Dozer eegcyxt
Spawn Hunter ohdude
Spawn Hydra jumpjet
Spawn Jetpack rocketman
Spawn Monster monstermash
Spawn Parachute aiypwzqp
Spawn Quad akjjyglc
Spawn Racecar pdnejoh
Spawn Racecar vpjtqwv
Spawn Rancher jqntdmh
Spawn Rhino aiwprton
Spawn Romero aqtbcodx
Spawn Stretch celebritystatus
Spawn Stunt Plane urkqsrk
Spawn Tanker amomhrer
Spawn Trashmaster truegrime
Spawn Vortex kgggdkp
Speed up time ysohnul
Sports car traffic gusnhde
Rainy weather auifrvqs
Stormy weather mghxyrm
Sunny weather afzllqll
Super punches iavenjq
Taxi missions completed vkypqcf
Traffic lights remain green zeiivg
Unlimited ammunition fullclip
Unlimited health baguvix
Vehicle of death jcnruad
Very sunny weather icikpyh
Wanted level never increases aezakmi
Weapons (tier 1) lxgiwyl
Weapons (tier 2) kjkszpj
Weapons (tier 3) uzumymw
Yakuza theme ninjatown

Note: The "Drive on water" and "Pimping missions completed" codes are not available in the PC version of the game
By: xanderbly(3)
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Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Lamborghini mucielago 23%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

AK47 22%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Never wanted 20%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Weapon 20%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Short Cut and New Plane 20%
A easier way to get in Los Santos International Airport is to park a car near the little building. The one near the gate. Then get out, jump on the car. Then hop on the building. And Boom your in! New Plane: Run down the L.S.I.A Runway 'til you see another plane.
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Best Outfit 17%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Zombie 16%
Put the car on the spray shop leave there your car go out to your car find a person who will battle you use a knife attack him/her with it dont kill him/her let her/him to go to spray shop if he/she is there go to your car you lefted in spray shop get out again try to kill him/her (his/her face will not change into Zombie ^^)
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Double Jetpack (2p Mode) 14%
Both players with jetpacks.
When in two player mode, do the jetpack cheat with player 1.
Press triangle and make player 2 get it. Do the cheat again with player 1 and you now both have jetpacks.
By: Adam(506)
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Swane a honda civic 14%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Cristi 11%
Cj flying
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

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