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Hearts Of Iron 2: Doomsday Cheats for PC
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Hearts Of Iron 2: Doomsday PC Cheats

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Hearts Of Iron 2: Doomsday

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Cheat Codes 100%
As you are playing, press [F12] to display the console window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the specified cheat function:


Cheat Code
Toggle God modedifrules
Toggle fog of warnofog
Toggle rebels defeatednorevolts
Toggle AI will not declare warnowar
Toggle AI folds to all demands and suggestionsacceptall
Toggle total controlfullcontrol
Toggle show province IDshowid
Toggle show coordinatesshowxy
Toggle hands offhandsoff
No troop limitsnolimit
More moneymoney
More menmanpower
More oiloil
More rare materialsrare
More metalmetal
More energyenergy
Nuclear bombnuke
Nuke enemynuke [enemy]
More escortsescorts
More transportstransports
More suppliessupplies
Toggle reform countryfreedom
Show opponent's tech researchviewtech
Get a dissentdissent
Enable in-game eventevent [number]
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Hearts of iron 2 100%
Misc. Codes

Hit [F12] and enter cheat:

Cheat Effect

dissent Gives plenty of dissent
supplies Gives plenty of supplies
transports Gives plenty of transports
escorts Gives plenty of escorts
robespierre You can now do any reform you like (pre v1.2 patch)
nuke Gives a nuclear bomb
energy Gives plenty of energy
metal Gives plenty of metal
rubber Gives plenty of rubber (pre v1.2 patch)
money Gives plenty of money
oil Gives plenty of oil
manpower More manpower
difrules God mode on/off
nowar War on/off
norevolts Rebels on/off
nolimit Troop limits on/off
nofog Fog on/off
handsoff Hands on/off
showxy Coordinates on/off
showid Province ID's on/off
fullcontrol AI on/off
neville AI folds to all demands and suggestions (pre v1.2 patch)
acceptall the AI (computer) accepts anything you propose
freedom You can now do any reform you like
rare Gives plenty of rubber

Event List

Cheat Effect

event 1000 Sabotage Research
event 1001 Random leader loyalty down 4
event 1002 200 more supply resources
event 1003 plus 100 Manpower
event 1006 IC plus 6
event 1007 plus 30 Manpower
event 1008 Dissent plus 3 Supply -350
event 1009 Dissent -3
event 1010 IC -1
event 1014 Choose Dissent plus 1 or -1
event 2024 ruce with Russia(discontent agree= -50% disagree= +15%)
event 2011 you get Czechoslovakia (before Germany have take it)
event 1110 increase war support by 5
event 4100 Dissent -30
Event 1011 Steal Blueprints
Event 1012 Get Blueprints of current Reaserch
Event 1013 Increase Industrial Efficiency 1%
event 8009 Ballistic Missle Researchable
event 1040 Steal Tech from Enemy
event 1003 Military Volunteers (more manpower)
event 1005 Military Parade (lose dissent and supplies)
event 8018 SAM Researchable
Event 4102 +1000 supplies, +500 rubber
Event 1016 +1 Political Left OR +1 Political Right
event 8011 nuke-waste bomb available

Various codes.

Cheat Effect

event 1 Coup in Japan
event 3 Yuguslavia breaks the Pact of Steel
event 4 Option for war against Yugoslavia
event 5 Option of war against Yugoslavia
event 6 Coup in Yugoslavia +option for Yugoslavia to join Axis or not
event 7 Iraq switches sides to Allies
event 8 Iraq switches sides to Allies
event 11 Agreement with USSR on Tannu Tuva
event 12 As USSR: Annex Tannu Tuva
event 13 London in Axis hands: UK surrenders to Axis
event 14 Washington in Axis hands: USA surrenders to Axis
event 15 Washington in Japanese hands: USA surrenders to Japan
event 17 As Japan: Option to attack Pearl Harbor or not
event 18 As Japan: Option to attack Pearl Harbor or not
event 20 Marco Polo incident: Japan in war with Nat. China
event 22 Japan in war with USSR
event 30 USA transfers 50 destroyers to UK + USA gets Carribean Islands
event 36 As Italy: Option to surrender to Allies or keep on fighting untill the end
event 37 Italy surrenders to USA + Italy becomes puppet of USA
event 38 Germany surrenders to USSR
event 74 Tripartite Pact
event 42 Germany surrenders to USA + creation of bufferstates
event 43 As Japan: Surrender to Allies or keep fighting untill the end
event 45 Japan surrenders to USA
event 46 Independant Korea or not
event 47 Devide Korea into 2 parts
event 50 As Germany: End of the Vichy Regime
event 65 As UK: Churchill as prime minister or not
event 69 World War 3: War against USSR
event 70 World War 3: War against USA
event 71 Anti-Comintern Pact
event 72 Tripartite Pact
event 77 Warshaw uprising
event 78 Warshaw uprising: Aid Poland or not

Alien Invasions

Cheat Effect

alienattack # Aliens will invade the province (# stand for the province ID number) you entered. Be warned since they spread like the plague!
By: Jake2502(208)
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Germany 100%
Early on as Germany build lots of medium tanks all with engineer brigades get a formation like this

11 medium+engineer
1 HQ+engineer

you can add another 12 medium+engineer but thats gonna take a while to make also when the spanish civil war starts declare war on the republic attack northern spain and blow um away when there annexed ship more across and destroy the nationalists
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Events 98%
Use the following values with the "event [number]" code:

IC and Dissent increases1006
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German Pwnage 80%
As germany, advance a lot n artlry an armr very erly thn invade poland an france after you crush em go for the english mainland an only the mainland finally build up tons of armr artlry an paratrupes with transports then destroy the US and you become unstoppable

By:HOI2D ruler
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