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Hero Online

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Tame animals as a hunter 96%
How to: Equip the skill book when the man gives it to you. Upgrade the skill by pressing B . Upgrade it to as many skill points as you have. Drag the Tame skill to a number like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Click the auto/manual attack button after you click the button at the bottom-right of the screen. When there is only one sword it is on manual. Attack a black wolf with a weapon until its health is about half gone. You can view his health by highlighting the red bar under his name. Switch to your fists & weaken it to 10-15 HP, then right-click the skill "Tame". *** This will not always work because the HP is different with the animal you are trying to tame.
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Hero Online 300290Where do I get silk to make blood eagle helm and are there any other materials that I need and where do I get them? Answers: 0
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Hero Online 582388Hey whats the best way of getting money Answers: 0
Hero Online 598231This isint a cheat question but my little bro is BEGGING me to install it,and I dont want to let him down,does any1 have a suggestion of wat to do,im stuck.please? Answers: 0
Hero Online 163271Im a Blade I dont know wat I wanna be .and wat I should my stats look like Answers: 1
Hero Online 51110Can I make up cheats for Hero Online or you have to make them? Repley me Answers: 2
Hero Online 169318Where the tree of life is if so what to do and how do you get to like 2 dan fast Answers: 1
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Hero Online 95335Killing red illusion sargeant ??? where is he ?? Answers: 2
Hero Online 179263What is the easiet way to get the master skill books? ?_? thank you Answers: 1
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Hero Online 69580How can I strenght items at +9 without failing?? Answers: 4
Hero Online 40304How do you finsih of the last part of the story wen you have been to all the statues what do you do next? Answers: 2
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Hero Online 30357How to getr money Answers: 1
Hero Online 27377When i register, it wont accept my phone number, even though its the real thing. Is there any sort of fake number i could use? Answers: 2
Hero Online 28504I just recieved this game today and I have leveled to 8Kyu but am stuck at 0Dan, How do I get to 1Dan? I have done all available quests and obviously am just not getting it... Answers: 6
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