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Maple Story Cheats for PC
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Maple Story PC Cheats

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Maple Story Cheats

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Maple Story

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Dont fall for this trick!! 98%
Some people are scammers(as you all know)if some one offers you a trade,make sure you know who it is! If not,write their name down or something.if they ask you if you want duplicate money,tell,you to put all your money in, THEN, they tell you to press:::
TAB,TAB,SPACE,ENTER, it means that your about to be scammed.I had to learn that the hard way. I thought it would work,so I did it I put in 193000,and the other guy got it. I was so angry, I swore my face was all! PS:dont do it to other people either or you will get reported! Happy Mapleing !
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Easy Levelling to L30 (Thieves only) 96%
Level 10-13 Train On snails at Henesys hunting ground 1 bottom platform
Level 13-15 Train on slimes just above the snails at henesys hunting ground 1
Level 15-20 There is Two options There is pig beach or Orange mushrooms above the slimes
Level 20-25 You could train on green mushrooms above the orange mushrooms. Some People say stay here till 30 that is your option
Level 25-30 I would Recommend to train in Anttunnel 1 or You could go to Excavation site 2 or 3. (It's in the Perion area)
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GM watcher 95%
Start MS and when your playing press [Alt ]+F12 the same time
look the upper right corner and you will sie some numbers
dont look at them only look at the FS
if FS is higher then 100 GM's are close when its under 100 its save
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Recommended swordsman stats 95%
Description: If you want to be a good swordsman, your AP should be as follows:
STR Everything that does not go to DEX
DEX Twice your level
INT As low as possible
LUK As low as possible
Improving HP Recovery Max out
Improving Hp Increase Level 3
Endure Max out
Iron Body For Fighter :1 ; Page/Spearman: None
Power Blast Max out
Slash Blast Max out
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Easy experience for spellcasters 92%
How to: If you want to gain experience go to Ellinia and buy some potions. Now, find some slimes and snails and fight them. Tree stump is not very good. Fight until your life, mana, and potions run out. You can now buy more potions,restore yourself, and fight again.
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Cheat Codes 84%
Description: Enter one of the following codes as you are playing to activate the listed cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Flip screen right side up[Ctrl] + [Alt ] + [Up]
Flip screen upside down[Ctrl] + [Alt ] + [Down]
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Extra Mesos 71%
If you want to turn 10 Mesos into 15 Mesos just drop them an pick them back up.
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No cheats work on here 52%
Ive tried all of them they dont work dont waste your time trying2 make them work
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Dont Do it Dont Fall For It! 44%
Never get a gf because all they want is money and crap so don't get one but for girls GET A DAMN BF you'll get rich in a dang month [i found out that "dang" isn't a word] it's so easy but now they added this thing where you can make a char and chose male or female, so, boys if your making an a new char pick female!
By XAngel
By FatcherMoon [in maplestory kradia]

By: XAngel(13)
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The guy how gives out money lots of money(5,000) 42%
Every saturday in Kerning city a guy gives out 5,000 mesos but in return you have to give him a item mostly pygmy egg from Henesys or weapons.the guys name is Jackal2 he will be found every saturday at around 3:00 pm at the famous pharmacy in Kernig city.GOOD LUCK. if you did not hear AT NOT IN the pharmacy you must say the code word to him which is THE HOWLINGS
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Easy Items and Money Also good training spot 38%
Go to henesys Hunting Ground I. Players just fight monsters and leave the items there! Kill a slime or two and go pick up as many items as you can!
Good Luck
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Free Mesos 100,000,00
One Kill Level Up And free 100,000
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Invisable chair 36%
Go to a place with a bench go to the bench then hold down and up then x then jump(alt) then ull be sitting on a nothing.
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Minimise screen 36%
Press ctrl + esc + the down arrow it really works
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Fast exp points 33%
Press ctrl+alt+right arrow to get 500 exp points each time you fight
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Hide!!!!!!!! 32%
Go yto the hair shop is in hyrnys and hide in the spot that nobody can see you and then get and tell a friend or sombody to bring people next to you but they cant see you because your hiding and then hell say "drop your best item then they drop then you get the item!
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Non hack and screen 30%
Ffirst of all if you press ctrl + alt + down the screen will turn upside down if you press ctrl + alt up it wil lbe back ok my fav shows on il make this fast type / GOD MODE
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Mapllle 25%
Ctl+alt+up< ctl+alt+down
By: JOAQU1N(4)
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Nasty trick 24%
Let peeps put in cash in a trade room and than let tham press the orange butten once but dont let them press ok! and than tel them to typ coppy
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Rogue stats 22%
STR As low as possible
DEX Everything that did not go to LUK
INT As low as possible
LUK Twice your lvl
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Papasoc 20%
It gives you 200hp
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John 19%
It gives you 500exp
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Bugatti 17%
It gives you 100mp
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Maple Story 884044When im in a huge area with alot of npc I get incredible lag my hand frezes everything frezes and its flashs going on and frezes and so on how can I fix that Answers: 1
Maple Story 918822I cant go in fm Answers: 0
Maple Story 197953Are those adds on you tube really work if you send them your login ID and password and pin? Answers: 6
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Maple Story 25816What should i roll to begin stats as a warrior? Answers: 5
Maple Story 102785Wht is the best stats for mage Answers: 6
Maple Story 177934What are some hacks for maple story? Answers: 3
Maple Story 93281Where can u train theif and what stats do you do and somebody tell me your character name so we can be friends and u can train me Answers: 3
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