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Mario Kart 64 Cheats for N64
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Mario Kart 64 N64 Cheats

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Mario Kart 64

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Turn on a dime? 100%
While on warios stadium go around the hard corners with jump. and if you time it right you will not hit walls or lose time from hitting things
By: riddiler(19)
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Boost at the Start 86%
Press your acceleration buttons accordingly with the lights when they flicker on. The pause between the change of lights you must let go of the button press again when it flickers on. you will get a boost that way without a mushroom
By: gameaddict(130)
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Keep yourself from spinning out on bananas 85%
If you hit a BAnana, sometimes, you will start to swerve before spinning out. When you start to swerve, press B on the controller, and you will not spin out.
By: mediumaster(1053)
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How to get Negative players 67%
For this cheat to work you must have Cartridge L inserted, Cartridge L is a Japanese cheat cartridge made for N64 and Sega Saturn. Only 950 were sold but you may find one on Ebay for 23 or more. Me and my friend got ours from a cheap game shop in Yorkshire for 34.99.

Anyway, type in Mariok64 at the title menu of Cartridge L and wait a few seconds and then click A.
Now look for MarioK64/NeGadrivers. Highlight it and insert the Mario Kart 64 cartridge.

All the characters will now be in negative form

By: bobbyboy(3)
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Royal raceway:peaches castle 60%
At royal raceway after you go off the big jump, keep going and look to your right if you keep looking you will see a yellow path.If you do not see it you have gone to far down the track.Follow the path and you will be at peaches castle.
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Get in first fast: rainbow road 59%
On rainbow road, right at the beginning, at the hill that goes downward, Turn right and jump. If done right,You will land on another section of the track, and ahead of everyone else.(on 200cc, jump left instead). This is risky, however, because sometimes you fly over the track, under it, or bounce off.
By: mediumaster(1053)
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Hint fastest car 45%
Toad go the fastest out of all the cars
By: superdude39(774)
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Flatter than a pancake 40%
When someone uses a lightning, and you crash into another kart, you will be flattened! If you use the lightning, Run over other karts and they will be flattened.
By: mediumaster(1053)
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Water on every level......Just read this please! 27%
In most levels, if you end up falling through a wall, you land in water (I think it is a glitch...).........This is a dumb cheat.
By: mediumaster(1053)
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