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Might And Magic 6: The Mandate Of Heaven Cheats for PC
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Might And Magic 6: The Mandate Of Heaven
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Might And Magic 6: The Mandate Of Heaven

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Unlimited Experience points 98%
Finish the quest for the Fire Lord in the Hall of the Fire Lord. Now, repeatedly click on "Quest" to continuously raise your character's experience level. *** Depending on the amount of gold available for training may limit the use of this trick.
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Unlimited cash food and potions, +20 stats, and NWC Dungeon right from the beginning 90%
This is an obscure one that few people know about. With the 3DO comm long gone - I doubt anyone else could ever hear about it except from the few of us left from there.

In front of the New Sorpigal gym/Training Center in the first town is a guild building shaped like an "X". Get between the wings of the building to the left as you face away from the gym - near the well that gives you luck stat boosts. There should be a tree there.

LOOK UP. There is a raised center part of the building.If you get the angle and distance just right - you can click on a brick in roughly the middle of one side of that center part, the side that faces the Fire Experts house.

IT WILL TELEPORT YOU TO A SHRINE IN DRAGONSAND! You have to instantly run inside it and to the left. Now hit enter to go into turn based play.

The pillar in the center of the shrine will increase each of your characters stats by twenty. ALL of their stats!

Next - turn to the wall on the left. Click on it.
Welcome to the NWC Dungeon!

In this dungeon are some bookshelves that will give you a very expensive book if you use save/load tactics. A button on a counter that is good for one set of fine armor (use save/load tactics on it too), A chest that will give you 10,000 gold when you click on it enough times, a potion vending machine that you can use not only to stock up, but experiment until you have all of the black potions (most of which build up your stats even higher), and a machine that you can click on until you have all the food you need for the entire rest of the game - but it also randomely hands out empty bottles and will poison the character that clicks on it (Which is easily fixed - make a purple potion and give it to that character)

Getting back to town is the tricky part. Go to the entrance, and go into turn-based-mode again. Save if it's the first time you've done this and I HOPE you stopped at the chest on the way. When you click on that door you will be transported back to the front of the shrine, and still be in turn based mode. Take a minute and look around...

The place is completely surrounded by DRAGONS!

Face the shrine, then turn to the left. Put one finger on SHIFT, and one finger on the run forward arrow. What you are about to do is unlock turn based mode by hitting enter, when you do you need to quickly run around the wall beside the door while hitting the space bar with your free hand. A wall just around that corner is another teleportal - and it sends you back to New Sorpigal! You can get it down so that you can repeat the trip over and over. BE NOT AFRAID! It can really be done. Each time, drop all the gold in the bank (open from 9 to 4) untill you have all you want.
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SAVE/LOAD Tactics 83%
This is used on all kinds of stores in the game, some chests, and when experimenting with potions. The stores that sell weapons and armor are especially good targets for this, since what they offer is changed at random each time the game loads IF AND ONLY IF YOU HAVE NOT ENTERED ONE.

When you are at a store or chest you have not gone into yet, save right there before going in or opening it. Then go in.

Don't like what you see offered? Exit and RELOAD!

Go in again....

Hmm, all new stuff for sale...

You can do this over and over until you see something you really want, like an enhanced bow, or complete set of decent bows. Armor. Or even just the right books of magic that you were after!

ALSO: If you kill a Dragon or some other types of high value monsters you should save/load. The dragons DO NOT ALWAYS DISAPPEAR when you search them! Knowing that, you can save, click, see if it's still there. If it's gone (like normal) you can reload. Do this until the dragon corpse is still there after you get something from it.


Click on the dead dragon again. Etc....

You can completely fill up you backpacks with high value loot this way, and still have a dragon corpse to raid again!

This cheat works in MM6, MM&, and MM8 as well
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