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Need For Speed 2: Special Edition Cheats for PC
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Need For Speed 2: Special Edition PC Cheats

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Need For Speed 2: Special Edition

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Bad Weather on Mystic Peaks 100%
How to: Type "rain" at the MAIN MENU to race with rain conditions in the Proving Grounds or Mystic Peaks tracks.
NOTE: This cheat does not work with 3DFX cards.
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No "Walls" 100%
How to: Start the race on either the Mediteraneo or the Mistic Peaks track with the McLaren F1 in Simulation mode. At any time during the race drive in reverse, keep your horn blaring and hit any at moveable object (NOT A SIGN) at about 60mph now the cheat is enabled.
To use the cheat you must drive over?80mph and hit any guard rail, bridge, etc. You will fly off track.
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Bonus Cars 100%
Description: To access these vehicles, type one of these words at the Car Select screen.
vip = limo
go18 = school bus
go19 = commanche pick-up
go20 = school bus
go21 = semi
go22 = school bus
go23 = red car
go24 = school bus
go25 = shool bus
go26 = red car-black
go27 = vw fastback
go28 = red car-blacktop
go29 = school bus
go30 = school bus
go31 = army truck
go32 = school bus
go33 = snow truck
go34 = monolithic studios tour bus
go35 = limo
go36 = red car
go37 = school bus
go38 = fast school bus
go39 = fast school bus
go40 = airplane crate
go41 = wheelbarrel
go42 = Outhouse
go43 = T-rex
go44 = Western wagon
go45 = Green souvenier box
go46 = Blue souvenier box
go47 = Red souvenier box
go48 = Log
go49 = Crate
go50 = Box of Beer
go51 = Stone cube
bomber = Bomber BFS
tombstone = Daytona Tombstone
fzr2000 = Super car
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Overhead Camera 100%
While the game is loading, press and hold B and Right Shift 6 times. After the camera zooms to the car at the beginning of the race, press and hold these 6 times again. You will now be able to drive in the over-head camera view.
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Ford Indigo 100%
To drive the Ford Indigo, win the game in tournament mode or type "RED RACER" at the main menu.
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Chase Mode 100%
When you are at the MAIN MENU screen type in the word CHASE.? During the race, if u go close to a car and then continue driving the car will follow you.? EX. If u crash he will crash too.? This works on NFS 2 SE cars not the civilians.
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Faster Engine 100%
To upgrade all vehicles to the Pioneer engine, enter the cheat-password "PIONEER".
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Bonus Track 100%
To race through Hollywood studios, type "HOLLYWOOD" at the track selection screen.
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Mad Cow Disease 100%
How to: Type "mad" at the MAIN MENU to have cows fly behind your car instead of dust. (THIS CHEAT WORKS ONLY WITH?3D FX CARDS.)
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Play at Night 100%
How to: To play at night, hold 'N' while the race is loading.
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Rush Hour 100%
On the MAIN MENU, type 'rushhour'. While the playing, the cars around you will honk constantly.
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Slippery Tracks 100%
Type 'slip' at the MAIN MENU to make the track really slippery!
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Screenshots 100%
To take a screenshot, press F10 while playing.
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Roadrage 100%
When you are in the MAIN MENU type in ROADRAGE. While racing, honk your horn to make the car in front of you crash.
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Pacific Spirit Shortcuts 100%
At the part where you see the parking lot on the left, enter the parking lot. Now drive on the grass until you reach the road again.
Drive down a logging road. When you reach the long straightaway by the sea. Slow down veer right towards the trees. There is enough room to go in between them. Then you will have a straight stretch on a logging road that runs parallel to the road. Beware it ends where the black mountains start exit the same way, between the trees and to your left.
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Offroad in Monolithic Studios 100%
Race in Monolithic Studios until you reach the Jurassic Park segment. After you pass the 1st 2 huts on your right, drive about 20 feet and you will be able to turn right and enter the jungle.
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Rainbow Car 98%
How to: Type "kcjones" at the MAIN MENU to drive a rainbow colored car. (THIS CHEAT WORKS ONLY WITH?A 3D FX CARD.)
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North Country Shortcuts 98%
Prior to the 1st switchback right after the grey tunnel, slow down and go right down the hillside. You there is no fence to stop you in the middle. You will bypass the 1st switchback by doing this.
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Auto Pilot 98%
From MAIN MENU screen type SLOT to drive a car that will steer for you.
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Giant tires 98%
How to: At the car select screen type "reenoip" to have giant tires.
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Get the fastest cars 67%
By: mehraanthegreat(40)
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How to get the hollywood racetrack 38%
By: mehraanthegreat(40)
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