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Paws And Claws: Pet Vet Cheats for PC
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Paws And Claws: Pet Vet PC Cheats

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Paws And Claws: Pet Vet

Rating: 3.5/5 VOTE

Want it all? 90%
I have tried many variations of the currently published cheat codes for Pet Vet and on various screens and could not get any of them to work. So....for those of you who are experiencing the same, I did find a solution.

First, start Pet Vet then save your game. Exit the game and open Notepad. Go to File>Open and, using the drop down box, select All file types.
Go to My Documents>THQ>Pet Vet>save
and open your saved game file.
Save this file to a different location so that you will have a backup in case you mess something up.
At the top of this file, you will see text like:

All of these
{ the rest was missing please provide the rest and we will approve and get it up -Admin]

Object type="Composite" pid="25229360" loc="db:Composite:hundehaus" name="Hundehaus" tform="-0.034020 0.000336 -0.999508 0.000000 0.019796 0.999804 -0.000336 0.000000 0.999312 -0.019796 -0.034020 0.000000 -78.352997 -0.060000 -7.573000 1.000000" composite_pid="0" composite_list="0" is_shown="true" is_dismissed="false" start_version="0" end_version="2" cur_version="1"

All of these Object type="Composite" - entries at the top of the file are for the buildings and upgrades in the game. The above example is for the house. Look at where it says end_version and notice the number beside it. Then look at where it says cur_version and change that number to the same number that end_version has. In the above example, end_version="2" so we would change cur_version="1" to cur_version="2".
If you do this for all of the Object type="Composite" entries, when you load your saved game, you will have all of the buildings and all of the upgrades.
Toward the middle of this file, you will see entries that start with Object type="Dispenser"... These are the food and water dishes in each of the buildings, as shown in the example below:
Object type="Dispenser" pid="25100160" loc="db:Dispenser:dogfoodcontainer1" name="HundefutterDose" tform="0.600782 0.000000 -0.799207 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.799207 0.000000 0.600782 0.000000 -44.151772 0.897000 -32.550117 1.000000" composite_pid="24990296" composite_list="2" is_shown="true" is_dismissed="false" animal_type="Dog" storage="true" capacity="100" food_quality="1" food_count="25" water_count="0"
Notice where it says capacity then use that number (100 in the above example) to change food_count and water_count. So, food_count and water_count in the above example would change to ="100". food_quality="1" should also be changed to "3" to have the best quality food.
Do this to all of the "Dispenser" entries.
Next, press Ctrl + F and type the word money then press enter. You'll see a paragraph that ends with the money entry, similar to that below:
Object type="Inventory" pid="27294152" loc="" name="" tform="1.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000" composite_pid="0" composite_list="0" is_shown="true" is_dismissed="false" entries="Dog:4:2,Any:4:0,:0:0" invisible_entries="AnointDrug:Entzündungshemmende Salbe:50, AnointDrug:Heilsalbe:50, AnointDrug:Antiparasitsalbe:50,InjectDrug:Antiparasit:50, InjectDrug:Impfung:50, InjectDrug:Schmerzmittel:50, InjectDrug:Antibiotikum:50, InjectDrug:Aufbaupräparat:50, SwabDrug:Desinfektion:50, KineDrug:Massageball:50, Money:Money:25972"
This is all of your inventory. You can pretty much change any of these. For example, SwabDrug:Desinfektion:50 can be changed to whatever number you want. In the above example, I changed the number to 50. This gives me 50 disinfecting swabs without having to pay for them. And, of course, you can change the amount of money you have by simply changing the numbers after Money:Money:
Hope this helps!"
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To skip examining 87%
Hit shift
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Run 82%
Hit shift and then walk while hiting shift
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To examine faster 73%
TTo examine pets faster(does,nt work on horses)is to press the up arowkey wile you examine or do blood tests.
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Cheat Codes 70%
As you are playing the game, type one of the following codes to activate the listed cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Infinite moneydroopy
Maximum moneymomo
Always maximum moneymoney
All buildings completedall buildings
Do not have to finish academykayoo
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Wondering How to Get to the Fields and own more then one horse? 59%
Well first of all you have to get your horse's stamina to the point where it can gallop. Jump over the fences to get to the field. Have inpaients that you want to own. Go to My Documents then open the THQ file then Pet Vet then Save then click your file. Open it in Notepad. Click Edit. Find. Type your inpaients name in. Find Next. Keep clicking till the inpaients name and tform is next to it. go through the line there are 2- 3 lines. Anything that says Diese="diese##", player_horse= "false", last medication= "############"
change to "" "true" 0.000000
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As Munch Money As I want 53%
Go to my documents THQ, pet vet,save,left click on your game and hit open with notepad hit ctrl and f find word money when you do you will see this Money:Money:and your money earse your amout of money and type your amount of money you wish to have I did this it works
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Cheatcodes for paws and claws pet vet 2 44%
Below are all the cheats I could find but I don't know if they work on
everyones computer.

cheatcodes effects
momo max money
droopy infinite money
all buildings all buildings built
money always have max money
don't have to go through
the academy. kayoo
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Unlocking paths 16%
Hi im going tell you how 2 unlock the paths its very simpel but hard 2 findpaches that you download 4 paws and claws pet vet but you will not be able to start a saved game and will have 2 start all over agein.

thanks 4 reading
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