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RuneScape 2

Rating: 4.6/5 VOTE

Fast fun cash 100%
Mine lots of clay. they all sell for about 200gp each

ps.when your 20 mining you sell at highest price
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Skill cape emote glitch known but also unknown parts 100%
If you are skilled enough to buy a skill cape of any skill you are able to rest and perform the emote at the same time if you try hard enough. you have to rest then right after click the skill cape emote. many people may know that but they do not know that it is also a way for a male character to wield certain weapons. the only 1 I know at the moment is the magic comp bow wielded and perform the glitch (might have to b non-mem world). If you find more weapons or more detail please p.m. me and I will add a new one with more detail.
By: Sweet48146(44)
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Members: How to earn quick money WITHOUT non-combat skills 100%
Ticked off training non-combative skills? Wanna earn quick and easy cash? Well read on and let your dreams become reality...

...Ok, there's really no requirements to do this, just be able to defeat a lv13 who weakens your attack occasionally.

Items Needed: Brass Key
Armour Needed: Any
No. of GP per hour: 600k+

Lets get started shall we.
Go the the GE (Grand Exhange) and head west towards the field with flies in. Carry on west until you see a little house on your map. Use your brass key on the door. Head down into the dungeon.
Go north now, east, through gates near the skeletons, north past the slayer master,through the gate then west.

This is were the money comes in, slaughter the druids and collect every grimy herb they drop. Heres a list of all the herbs they drop.

1-2 Grimy Guam (common) - 818gp
1-2 Grimy Marrentil (common) - 544gp
1-2 Grimy Tarromin (common) - 783gp
1-2 Grimy Harralander (common) - 1,000gp
1-2 Grimy Avantoe (uncommon) - 5,773gp
1-2 Grimy Irit (uncommon) - 3,412gp
1-2 Grimy Kwuarm (uncommon) - 4,871 gp
1-2 Grimy Ranarr (uncommon) - 9,880gp*BEST DROP*
1-2 Grimy Lantadyme (uncommon) - 8,556gp
1-2 Grimy Dwarf Weed (uncommon) - 8,185gp
1-2 Grimy Cadantine (uncommon) - 3,367gp

When you have a full invo, dash back to the GE and bank them. Now repeat these steps until you give up!

By: Iavgotregigias6(305)
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Get lots of limpys 100%
Somewhere in the wilderness theres a ditch wit lots of bones and goblins (lvl5-16).
in there is lots of limpys.they sell for over 2k each. get a full inventory of them sell in ge.
you will get like 40k
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Chocolate 100%
Buy as many chocolate bars as you can a nd buy a knife, start making chocolate dust sell when your chocolate dust when done. Chocolate bars are usually just over 200gp, chocolate dust is about 300gp so you can make alot of profit!
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Spin Chairs in Player Owned Houses (Glitch) 100%
The video explains everything.
RuneScape 2 cheat video Cheat Video
By: 949paintball(1210)
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Train mage fast for low level 100%
Go to fist of guthix in wilderness at about 17 level. Before go to fist of guthix bring some food like lobster, shrimp, meat ,... because there might be some ghost monster which can freeze and kill you. Go to the bank at fist of guthix, take out your staff(any), wizard robes to increase your bonuses(like hat, bottom), and get a ring of magic(either buy or enchant). Enter the cave and use auto-spell then choose the spell that are appropriate to your level( only when you are the hunter). This also works for mage lv 10-20
By: Bii(227)
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Word glow and move 100%
Type in glow1,2or3 then type : then wave 2 :ex:glow2:wave2:hello (words hello will glow and do a wave) (no spaces while typing)
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Easy Money 100%
Go to Varoc then go south west from there will be a mine camp.When you get there mine the iron till your invetory is full. Then go to the bank north west from the mine camp (back to Varoc) when you get there put all of the iron ores in the bank. Then you keep do that till you get bout 1,000 ores in the bank,then go to Lumbridge and smeld all of the ores in to bars. After you got them all into bars sell them at G.E. So then do it all again. And if you were to get 9,999 bars and sell you will get over 3 mil.
By: Ace04440(285)
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Magic 100%
1)If you want to level up ypur magic you should get a air staff.
2)Then got to the top floor
3)U should see a demon towards the back of the tower
4)Go to your magic list pick your first spell,besides the home teleport
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Fishing = money 100%
Behind the smid in lumbrige is a small river, you cross the brige and take the raw salmon!
take as many as you can, and than sell them to the general store.-92$---for 1 fish!

(if some ather players are fishing and they put the fish on the ground, you can take them!)
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Get a lot of money fast 100%
In the Edgeville dungeon where there are cockroach drones, wait until people kill them. They usually drop money or runes or something like that. I've gotten limpwurt roots there and bronze daggers also. I think it was maybe like half an hour to forty-five minutes, but you get a lot of money. It's fun 'cause people do all the work of fighting them for you!
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Clan Wars By:Grey Dark 100%
If you think your clan is made up by the dirtiest most viciouse knights ,archers ,wizards. Then go to clan wars. It is basicaly to see which clan is the best in the lands. I believe the clan wars hut is around the 20's. Now be very careful anybody or anything can attack u. Now when I say anybody I mean any player it is practicaly pvp. But remember one of the best tips of the clan wars is have a big clan and I dont mean like 7 or 10 I mean like 15 to like 35.Good luck at the clan wars.

PLZZ Vote helpful
By: Grey Dark(118)
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Magic or Archery(i believe its for mem's) Grey Dark 100%
Ok if you are a very low level in magic or archery you should go to the karmaja island and find the moss giants. They are on a seprate island so you don't have to worry about getting hurt. Another tip for archery is that ,u should use long range it will give you archery xp. and defense xp.. Now a tip for archery again is that you should use a sling when you begin so you dont loose any arrows. Now for magic you should just use an air staff and no runes so use the first magic attck like I said in my other tips its the spell right next to home teleport.

PLZ Vote Helpful
By: Grey Dark(118)
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Easy, Fast Training 100%
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Runescape Hackers Warning 100%
I have been questioning whether or not to show other people I am about to show. I found this on a forum on some no name site. I will copy and paste exactly what it says on it. If you believe it then you may become as rich as me if not your lose.( I repeat this is not my idea so do not call me a hacker I did not find this I just use it from time to time.)
Runescape Hack Warning Ed. Note: This is being provided for informational purposes only to help Runescape players guard against hackers. Stealing passwords is unethical and illegal. If you want to hack Runescape (get on another player's account) just follow these simple instructions. But don't get carried away as it may take some time to work.
Hi people, I have recently figured out a way to hack Runescape while scanning the servers on which Jagex runs Runescape on. I will tell you how to hack Runescape accounts. I have really only made this up for people who have been scammed by other people. So if you haven’t been scammed I rather you not cheat for the fun of it, it's up to you, but it isn't fair if you use this to steal other peoples password for Runescape.
Step 1. Get the Runescape account name you want to hack. Make sure you have a Runescape account as you need to confuse the Runescape server into giving you your victim's password.
Step 2. There is a secret email which Jagex bots use to notify people about their password and send them their password if needed I found it while I was scanning the server. The code used to send people passwords was hard to find but I finally found it while collecting bits and pieces scanning the server and using a firewall barrier hacking device. Hence I have found their secret software email address and want to share all the goodies I have collected from it with all of you, but I can't just give you their email address or else things may get a little crazy, and I don't want to get blamed for anything. But I have come up with an email address which looks like a normal one to fool Jagex detection systems, I linked this email to Jagex's email and hence forth, instead of it transferring all of the data sent to it will automatically send it to Jagex's headquarters page without them knowing it, their computer sends the information back to you within 24 hours of the data being sent. Just follow steps below...
Step 3. Here is the code you need to send to the server to confuse it. Do it exactly as it is.
#=No.:4658932//$%Code&(victim account name)*==$&
#serident62534554$$Code%(your account name) *$$1==$&
E$$Code*&%$$#input*%(your password)*32&&*$==02$&
Step 4. You must replace the words in " " to what it says and as I said don't make any mistakes or you will fail. What I would do is highlight the text then copy it and paste it on the email that way you don't make any mistakes. There you have it, Hacking Runescape is easy for you now. Just so you know this is the one of the several ways of hacking into Runescape servers, or "cheating the system". My friend finds out these things and teaches me, since I'm slower than he is.
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Unknown land(members) 80%
First off,like my title says,you have to be a member to do this.first,go to that member's part of Karamja.then,keep going West until you see a tiki face and a man.once you're there,just turn,and go, North-West.then,there should be some indians and a couldron.that is the unknown land.

P.S.if the indians attack you,you might get poisoned.Maybe this is where you poison arrows,daggers,spears, and hastas...........
By: pokemonlover64(122)
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Fast gp 80%
Must be in cooking gild
get cookingappels(30)
then sell thim gh low price
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Get a buncha monys $$$$$ 75%
Its easy sell 1000 cow hides in the grand exchange the charge about 100k for all the cowhides
By: coookees(146)
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Money Fast No Joke!(non-members and members) 67%
Here's wat you gotta do go into the wilderness, and go to the dark knights will find fire runes,wind runes,earth runes,air runes,mind runes,body runes and choas runes (5 of ea.) pick them all up and then wait for them to pop up again.Continue to pick them up until you get alot and then sell them in G.E. you'll be rich!
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Doble your cash 67%
Its morel ike a tip it might take long but it works.
first waste all your cash on flax then turn into bowstring then all your cash you bought in flax will be sol don bs doble prize.
not recomended for lvl crafting low.
By: obito09(99)
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Good way to get to the end of the wild 67%
Put a costume on that you can get back from diango if you die.if you try its a good way cuz you will never lose your stuff
By: coookees(146)
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MONEY easy and fast 67%
Heres what you do buy a broken axe in the ge and fix it then it will be worth more it realy works!
By: pearlj(191)
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How to do the strange things,like the lobbie 67%
First press alt,then press 2205 in the key pad,then let go and the lobbster is ther.oh and try different combinations to see what there will be
By: coookees(146)
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Get easy lvl ups new!!! 67%
Finish the new achievment diary for lummby and draynor and you get good stuff like a lamp
By: coookees(146)
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Money hint 67%
Ok first, this cheat will work 4 the rich and the poor, if you are poor kill goblins and get money, then go to al kharid ( I recommend finishing the prince ali rescue quest) and near the furnace is a kebab shop buy some kebabs( 1 gp each) and go to grand exchange in varrock and sell them for 47 gp. and viola you have 47 gp, keep repeating this process for more $$. I know it takes long but its worth it

By anonymous
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$easy gold coins$ 67%
When your lvl 20 go to a pvp world and start looking for good items on the ground when you grab it run and put it away in the bank then keep doing it in to you have alot then logoff and get on some other world an sell them p.s. I got 50k from doing it
By: xshadow5(102)
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Member 200-900k/hr 67%
Well this has been my secret for the last 3 months but I am finally releasing this quick moneymaker. All you need for this is at least a few k 100k is around the minimum unless you are going to catch yourself then you need around 17+ hunter. You also need to do the lost city quest. Buy or catch the cheapest implings you can. (ge usually young and baby implings are cheapest) Catching them yourself takes a little longer but you get full profit. Take 9 jars at a time to The impling minigame and cash them in for impling jars (You get 3) these jars sell in the ge for around 500gp each (altogether thts 1.5k). Repeat this and you'll be a multi millionair like me. Also if you read this and use this please vote helpful since This took me a while to figure out and I could have just sold it to random ppl...
By: Rocknroller(618)
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Coloured writeing easy guide 67%




















glow3 wave:


















By: battleaxe247(513)
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How to get a skull scepter 67%
If you want a skull septer (kinda like a bone spear) you have to kill in the stronghold minatours,and lots of em,lvl 28 flash crawlers, lvl58 cow like thingys, lvl 82 ankous
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Mezers maze 67%
If you ever go in there bring sliverlight theres a lesser demon in there and he does about 7 to 14 dmg a hit
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Easier money 60%
In lumbridge farm there are loads of people killing cows and getting the hides and selling them. If you go behind the windmill there is a cow farm and hardly anyone is there.
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Lvling up 60%
If you want to lvl up,fight the greatest lvl enemy you can.
Or,if your willing to,fight somebody a higher lvl than you in Al Kharad(even though you'll die).
By: pokemonlover64(122)
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Extremely easy money 54%
Go into the wilderness then go to the black antar I think its called then fill your inventory with bones then go to the trading post and sell them all you will atleast get over 1.5 k each full inventory
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Easy money (members only) 50%
Go to the Taverly Dungeon,located west of Falador and go through until you find the chaos druids.Kill themand sell the herbs, or make them into potions, to sell for guite alot of money,depending on the values.
By: sparda988(38)
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2 fast and easy ways to make moneyi made 1mill 1 way!!!!! 50%
The 1st way many ppl know you need 60 wc(woodcutting)cut yews they sell imadantly for 460 each if your c is only 60 then cut alone!if its bout 65 then you can cut in groups the 2nd way is to sell soft clay it also sells imadantly clay comes back fast and its easy to mine any 1 can mine it and buckets of water or jugs of water r easy to get so.. good luck=]
if you need help add "394r" and i'll help you and good luck making money =]
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Bigest money maker on the hole runescape 50%
Requires lvl 15 mining and up

mine iron,silver,steel,mithril,addy,coal,or rune and sell it at the grand exchange.tip:go to a world that is almost full because it sells faster.i got like 13k mining iron in about 23 minutes
By: coookees(146)
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Good runes for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! 50%
Go to the dark knight fortress in the wildy and you can got fire,water,earth,choas,body
By: coile71(52)
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Bestway to make $$$ 50%
Mine one inventory of gold and thats 13k so if you mine 1k of it thats almost 250k
By: coookees(146)
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Emote glitches 50%
If you use freeze then another emote like stomp it will do something else. freeze then stomp while a puddle makes you invisible for a sec...freeze then trick or explore makes you stop freeze then use find more try for yourself.
By: Rocknroller(618)
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Lazy way to get money 50%
Go to g/e buy all neat clothing(flared trousers,gnome scarf,elegants.treasure tail.armour)well some time it should be low in price so buy it...
then sell it once it has gone up
note:it workes but it can take up to a buy some stuff and have fun at a house party or w/e
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How to get money safe and dangeris 50%
I have 2 safe and a few dangeris.First a safe way is to have 60 wc(woodcutting) and cut yews if 60-64 work alone and about 65-99 you can work in groups(i made 1 mil this way!).the second safe way is soft clay,most can mine it and it's fast to come back and the water parts jugs,bowls,and buckets are easy to for some dangeris ways 1. you can fight solder choachroaches(escuse my spelling)they may be level 83 but is you loot share with some 1 strong(add 394r if you cant find a partner i'm lev 70)and you both fight you can get half of the stuff(less chance if there are more people).so there ya are some good wats to make money(i understand I said a few dangeris ways but I couldn't think of any more)so happy runescape money-making

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Range exp. 50%
Im going to list stuff to help get rang up

1. go to chickens by lumby and kill thim till level 10

2. kill cows that are east of chickens till level 20

3. now you have some choices you can kill guards at varrock or any other place till level 30-40

4. buy a brass key at the grand exchange then take the southeren exit of the GE and go west till you get to a little shack use the key to open it and fight the giants till level 50-60

5. go to port sarim with 30 gold and pay for a ship ride when you get there go to the volcano and there will be a hole some where go in and kill the demons there till level 60-99

good luck getting range exp. and it isn't my fault if you run out of arrows.

: - P8 ha ha its funny
By: rubberducky(211)
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$more easy gold coins$ 50%
Make alot of food then sell the food in pvp world
By: xshadow5(102)
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How to get good mage 50%
Just go to f.o.g(fist of guthix) because you get like 1000 runes and I think 500 non elemental
By: coookees(146)
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Easy money by flatout284 50%
If you wanna make money buy as many kababs at al krad for 1 gp each and sell them in ge for 45gp you get 44gp profit.if you have 60 wood cutting level you can cut yew which is above 400gp so 28 yews=12-13k.
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Get alot of money on runescape 50%
Go to the monastery you need level 31 prayer go up the ladder then get the monk's robe
(the one with the star) then sell it a the grand exchange.
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Read here and good things will happen to u 50%
Required level 34 combat,lvl 40 mining

mine gold in alkarid mining place mine 1k of it thats almost about 200k because each gold ore sells about 540 each so if you have 4 inventory spaces with gold ore thats 2k.oh and you needed 34 combat so the scorpions wont attack you at lvl 34 because your already 20 lvls above them
By: coookees(146)
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This is a good way to get smithing 50%
Wen you are a lvl 3 do knight sword quest because if you have 1 smithing,wen you finish the quest you have 27 smithing thats enough to smith full bronze
By: coookees(146)
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$$$ for members only! 50%
Go to the wilderness and find roug's castle inside gold ore is everywhere. pick it up go to the next floor and come back. it will reapear!once you get your inventory full tele back to NOT go outside th castle barriers a chaos elemental lvl 230 is outside and will attack.i recomend you should be lvl60 before attempting this.

hope you enjoy!
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Go to the mage shop in varrock and mine rune essence then put the ess in the bank and mine alot more like 200 of them and sell the ess
By: xshadow5(102)
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Easy money 50%
Ok first you have to have at least 200gp then go to the grand exchange and buy as many bear furs as you can for 6gp lastly go to the fur trader in the center of varrock and you can sell them to him for 12gp keep doing this until you get about twice as much money as you started out with.
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Sleeping rock glitch (members) 50%
All you need is a sleeping cap around 40-50k and a ring of stone 150-250k...Wear the sleeping cap and use yawn emote...wear the ring (click it till it works) then look and zzzzzs will be coming from the rock...You don't have to do this its just funy to do it...
By: Rocknroller(618)
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Fast cash $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 50%
The best scam is "do you want me to trim your amour its free"say that to a man with good amour
By: skykim(15)
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How to get good ranging in runescape 50%
Wen you a lvl 3 mine an inventory of copper and sell it at G.E and a get a few $$ to reach 3k then after that buy a shortbow or long then armor for ranging and 500 bronze my 2nd account I have 20 range and im lvl 16.=)
By: coookees(146)
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Training on black knights 50%
If your training on black knights w/ range or mage, go to the top of the white mountain and pick off guards and knights from there
By: Stickman(454)
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Money,money,money! 50%
Take cowhide dropped from the cows you killed by the border of al kairid to the grand exchange for full profit of 202 coins and a full inventitory of a full profit of 5656 coins hop this made you rich! cheat ace
By: Cheat Ace(16)
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From al karhid to port sarim 50%
First go to shantay pass,
second ask him what is this place/ what he is doing,
third, respond by saying that your an outlaw, he will put in the little building w/ bars nearby,
fourth, dont give him any money,
fifth, you r now in port sarim prison, now just pick the lock
By: Stickman(454)
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Money making 50%
0k-20kfirst go to stronghold of security and run and get 10k then go to stronghold of player safety and get 10k.

20k-100k go mine clay till you have 10k clay then wet the clay and sell at the wet clay at the grand exchange .

*100k-500k pick 60k of what you need to make bowstring then sell.

500k-1m kill lesser demons and collect all rune drops sell than repeat.

* means members only
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Weird glich!!!! 50%
I was walking around and I went into a castle and went up stairs and a chunk of the wall was out and I walked out of it and everything was black!so I was walking around and all I could see was the top of towers and the top of buildings and stuff!it was pretty cool!
i was walking in the air!
By: tuff299(43)
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Lvl up 50%
Get a cray fish cage the go to the river keep clicking on the fishing spot when your inventory is full drop all the cray fish and repeat this cycle over and over
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Super cheat code runescape by magicrunescaper 50%
How to make money
RuneScape 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Collerd text 49%

green: for i do not know if these are all the text in runescape.
so, good luck!
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Player moderaters 47%
Player moderaters help runescape by reporting rule breakers to become a mod you need to report many players and have a clean report record and a jmod might pick you
By: battleaxe247(513)
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1m+ fast !!! 44%
This requiers:

40+ crafting
40+ mining
A Brown apron.

To make 1m fast the easiest way is to mine gold. Head west from Falador to get the crafting guild. Mine the gold that is in the mining area. When its all gone, you wont have to wait. Go upstairs into the skin room. Come back down and you have found the gold that you mined until it was all gone into, all the rock back to gold. Then repeat it on and on, until you get atleast 500-1000 of it. Then go smelt it all. It's easy for GPs and easy for levels.
By: Runescapegodd(25)
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EASY RS2+RS1 money!!!!! 44%
The easiest way to money is to...

1st way-Go too catherbay,pick a invitory of flax,then go too the catherbay bank and deposite the flax,keep repeating this until you have AT LEAST 4k of flax or more,then sell it for a GOOD price!
2nd way-sell everything you own on runescape2 or runescape1
3rd way-look at the 1st way!
4rth way(NOT recomended by me)-BEG LIKE A NEW PLAYER(noob or newbie or nub)

my runescape account name is-Tjxx7
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Drop and trade 43%
To drop and trade without the person there you must drop the item and log in to a nother acout and wait for about a minuet
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Easy money food cheat 42%
( written by nick 123539 )hi peeps you want money ok. First go to port sarim and go in to the food stoor and ask for a job He will say yes. next go to the fishing stoor an take a wite apron put it on and go bake to the food stoorand go in the back room serch boxes and you will find lettus,chicken,and bannanas pick up all of it untill your invatory is full then go bake to stoor owner and sell it.(chicken 6gp. lettus 5gp, bannanas 4gp) in 3 hours I made over 5k.
By: magicnick(17)
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Cool Thing!!!!!!!!!!!! Really Works!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 40%
If you go to the wizard place south of fally where the water wizard, air wizard, etc. are then talk to the wizard in black and ask him where you can get clothes like his, he'll turn you into a mushroom!
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Making Really Easy Money 40%
Well the way I make really easy money is to mine rune essence. Its good because it never runs out and you can always mine it. If you mine 1000 of the stones you have $29000! And if you mine 100000 of the stones you can sell for 2.9million dollars! Hope this helped.
By: ashton(178)
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Dont need food at black knights fortress 40%
Yea you know I might be idio but im not wasting food on lvl 33 when im level 64 *lisa lert* I go to monastry near by and go get healed by monks and thats why you dont need food
By: battleaxe247(513)
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Pking lvl 40-50 str pures 40%
First, get atleast 65 str

second, 40 attack

third, get rich and buy tons of lobbies, pots

get a rune scimmy and r2h

get monk robes, str ammy, or iron

get 40 ranged for dhide chaps

get tons of arrows

get a decent ranged outfit that matches with str

get 41+ mage

start pking with wind blast, str pure and ranged! its teh best!
By: suffer(166)
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Money fast very ast 40%
2 do this you need 2 be able 2 kill a lv 2 and be in lummy

first kill loudes of men and woman eny off them in iummy and take there herbs and bones

then sell em at ge you will get louds off k
By: kenton12323(4)
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People hu want mony read this 40%
First get you mining to 30 then yor smithing up to about 50 then if you see a noob that is lvl 3 make them some full iron and sometimes they sey "i owe u" and sometimes give all or some mony
By: coookees(146)
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Party hat 38%
Party hats are hard to get hold of if you got a christmas craker pull it with a trusty friend beacause they can take it if they win
By: battleaxe247(513)
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Very Very Easy money(members only) 38%
What to do is mine loads of pure essence and then sell it at the grand exchange this can get you like 300k in 1 day
By: ownageking27(81)
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Get a genie 36%
Go to lumbridge castle and stand at the castle kitchen door for several minutes soon a genie will appear and he will ask what lvl u want to raise (remember you can only raise each lvl once!)
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Make Your Own Shop 37%
Ok to make your very own shop just tell everyone in lumbridge castle that your opening a little stand but without building a shop this is for members/free worlds just tell people your shop is the best shop so come and click trade to get cheap ores,bars,weapons,etc. right here at whatever shop name you say im the best for my test thats my shops quote!

By Benjamin Thiessen

P.S:hope it works because im richer than a wizard.
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Ancient mace 36%
Heared of it? want it? do the quest after lost tribe thenvola you got the ancient mace
By: battleaxe247(513)
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Easy level ups 35%
First go to varrock and attack the domey util your level 8 then go to strong hold of secruty and practice on goblins until you reach level 14 then you go next to the goblins and to practice on lesser demons and wolves till 20 next go back to varock or go to fally then practice on knight till 30 then to dwarven mine and practice on scorpines till 40. Note private message me if it work or it didnt.
By: gamefreak1015(81)
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How you can get items easily 34%
Go to wild if you see someone die stand in the place where they died if they have no items only bones will fall down and you can get money real fast but not alot at wilderness go north and you should see coins.
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Easy money 30%
Members:wilderness,making bow strings,selling flax,killing
free worlders:wilderness,begging,killingsmithing
By: battleaxe247(513)
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Save up on snowballs!!! 31%
Quick do as I say to make millions next year!
collect lots of snow balls I got now 30k of them so thats 300m!
By: battleaxe247(513)
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Noobs who want 2 kill the people who tease them 30%
Rite if you want 2 kill some peeps real bad all you have 2 do is find some imps and keep killin them because they have 9 hp in contest to the lvl 7 hp man or woman also they r weaker so all you have to do is keep killin them until your bout lvl 15 then you can kill wizards lvl 9 they howeva they will kill you if you keep goin after them widout stoppin , then wen your finished at lvl 25 kill guards lvl 21.this may seem hard but if you keep goin afta it ull get there eventually wen your lvl 40 kill hill giants lvl 28 in orda 2 do this you should get a brass key then go to the bridge near barbarian vil turn rite keep forward ull find a cabin enter wid the brass key go down the ladder and that is were you will find hill giants (do this in the worlds widout many people.after that well you decide you can handle urselfs from then. submitted by c j s 654 2nd of january 2008
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100K easy 29%
Make make a new acount and complete the strong hold of secruity and reapete that 10 times and then drop it at an empty spot and log out the n log in whith the acount you whant to send it to. Note the acounts must be in the same spot.
By: gamefreak1015(81)
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Reaching level four in tutorial 27%
To make this possibe you must be in tutorial and be on combat bit but be sure not to come out before strength is 3 defence is 3 and attack is 3 then range till 3 you wont die even if you got 1hp you wont die
By: battleaxe247(513)
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My top favourite money making things MEMBER OR NON 25%
1.strong hold (any)
3.there is a house in edgevile with many men go there and kill for about 30 mins and youl get 3 k
4.RANDOM EVENTS and sesonal events
5. make a new acount and raise it then sell it for gp
By: pearlj(191)
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Getting a sythe 22%
Go to varroc. in varroc go to the place with a lot of logs! GET YOUR MAGE UP TO USE WEAKEN! use it on the logs. a lvl 22 tree spirit will a pear. kill it and it drops a sythe every TIME.
By: doomslayer1(12)
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How to swim anywhere 21%
First go to karamja then go down the ladder on the mountain then find the wall and push on it to get underneath crandor (Warning you must have completed the dragon slayer quest to get to crandor) then go up then go to the crashed ship from the quest and then you keep on talking to the sailer who sails your ship from the quest keep on talking to him until he gets angry and becomes a lvl 30 then kill him you will get a swim suit wear it and whenever you see water you can swim in it warning look out for sharks octopuses and other creatures
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Fast level ups!!!! (noobs)... 18%
For you noobs out there, please read this cheat. First if you are at the combat level 0f 4 or lower this cheat should work, First go too lumbridge (lumby) and kill the goblins arcoss the bridge, it's that simple!
By: Tjxx8(101)
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To make 300000 gp 10%
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