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Might & Magic 8: Day of the Destroyer Cheats for PC
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Might & Magic 8: Day of the Destroyer
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Might & Magic 8: Day of the Destroyer Cheats

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Might & Magic 8: Day of the Destroyer

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The Obelisk Quest 100%
Go to Murmurwoods and wait until June 24. Between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. look for the Unicorn King. Take the key from him and return to Ravenshore.

Now, find the fenced in area.

*** That you must have gone and collected all the Obelisk information 1st before going to Murmur Woods or the Unicorn King will not be there.
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Hint 100%
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Save/Load Tactics 100%
This is used on all kinds of stores in the game, some chests, and when experimenting with potions. The stores that sell weapons and armor are especially good targets for this, since what they offer is changed at random each time the game loads IF AND ONLY IF YOU HAVE NOT ENTERED ONE.

When you are at a store or chest you have not gone into yet, save right there before going in or opening it. Then go in.

Don't like what you see offered? Exit and RELOAD!

Go in again....

Hmm, all new stuff for sale...

You can do this over and over until you see something you really want, like an enhanced bow, or complete set of decent bows. Armor. Or even just the right books of magic that you were after!

ALSO: If you kill a Dragon or some other types of high value monsters you should save/load. The dragons DO NOT ALWAYS DISAPPEAR when you search them! Knowing that, you can save, click, see if it's still there. If it's gone (like normal) you can reload. Do this until the dragon corpse is still there after you get something from it.


Click on the dead dragon again. Etc....

You can completely fill up you backpacks with high value loot this way, and still have a dragon corpse to raid again!

This cheat works in MM6, MM7, and MM8 as well
By: GreywolfHunting(151)
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Get a Dragon Early method 100%
This is based on three simple points:

The teleportals, the nearness of the docks to the first island, and Save/Load Tactics.

You can do this one of two ways -
Once you have all of your party members, grab all of their red potions and put them in your main characters pack


Save/Load (also called "Multi-Looting') at the magic shop until they come across with a walk on water scroll.

Drop off all except your main party member at the Tavern on the north end of the town you start out at. Walk around to the left rear corner of the tavern - you should be able to see a ship at a dock on the other side of the water.

You have to make sure you got all of the stones to repair the teleportals by getting the cleric from his hut near the armour shop.

Jump off the shore and run across to the shore next to that docked ship - as your health drops, use the most potent red potion you have first and be ready to use another one as soon as you can. Alternatively - if you successfully multilooted a walk on water scroll, you can just go straight across.

Once you get there, there is a portal counterclockwise from where you got ashore. It will be activated now. You can also go to the back door of the abandoned temple, go into turn-based mode, click on the door and get the Knight who is in there. Then turn around and click the door to leave (!).

Go get your team, and take the boat to Ravenshore.


Leave one of your party in Ravenshore so that you have only three characters in the party total.

Check the map - you want to run straight north, not stopping for anything. Go right past the wolf packs and into the canyon ahead to journey to Garrote Gorge....

Once you are there, search out the Dragon Cave to the left of the path at the top of the hill.

A Green Dragon will join your party and can be quickly built up with the quests there so that he can fly the whole party around, AND blast anything and everything in sight!

Take him back to Dagger Wound Island and you will have a hilariously good time!
By: GreywolfHunting(151)
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Use 4 dragons & a priest 100%
Build up the priest who is the only weak member but can get very strong (get as many artifacts that generate spell & hit points over time,) immediately get dragon from Gar. Gorge. asap get dragon from Ironside. & Then after aligning with dragons & renown is greater than 2024, get Brimstone from Shadowspire. the 5th dragon is in Regna, Duroth (level 50) will join party after the fleet is sunk & the party has reported back to the Council at Ravenshore.

This party is POWERFUL!
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