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Sniper Elite Cheats for PC
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Sniper Elite PC Cheats

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Sniper Elite

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Exploding rats 80%
Use "Ratbomb" for a profile name. Shoot rats to make them explode. *** Your score will remain at zero while this code is enabled.
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Silent sniper bullets 79%
Use "Stealth" for a profile name. *** Your score will remain at zero while this code is enabled.
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Exploding bullets 78%
Use "Panzer" for a profile name. *** Your score will remain at zero while this code is enabled.
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Bonus mission Unlock 78%
Win the game on any difficulty setting to unlock a bonus mission.
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Cheat Mode 68%
The following cheat will unlock all missions, God Mode, Infinite Ammo, Infinite Projectiles , Silent Mode , and Invisible Mode.

1. Create a New Profile with the name reb00.
This unlocks all missions.

2. Select your mission and once gameplay has begun, press the START button to pause the game and bring up the game menu. You will see an additional option entitled 'Cheats'. Click on this and you enter another menu screen where you can toggle the various cheats ON/OFF.

3. Activate the cheat(s) you desire, then click the 'Accept' button. When you resume gameplay the cheats will be active.
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Save GAme FLaw PC 53%
I found a save game flaw that allows unlimited saving with out a loss of points. When you get to a point when you get the warning you have been saving too much go ahead and save into an empty slot now look at your war record you will see a loss of points here's the flaw when you saved the game saved your score before the point deduction so all you do is stop playing and load the game you just saved you can do this as many times as needed it allows unlimited saving with no loss of points. I would like to hear from anyone whom has a version this does not work for I am insure if it is just my copy or if they all do it
By: Gate420(21)
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Sniper Elite 380520How does one get inside the French cathedral walls without setting off alarm and being detected? Answers: 4
Sniper Elite 883582How to use medikit Answers: 1
Sniper Elite 258081Is there any cheat for GOD mode........?:-( Answers: 3
Sniper Elite 231656I am sorry for double posting on same question, the first question was not titled with key word. My Question now is Is it possible to change the profile for each mission without restarting game. i.e. If I use PANZER for some missions , Is it possible to use different profile for others. Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 636923How do you get two player offline death match ? Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 785515How to unlocks bonus mission Answers: 1
Sniper Elite 807251Ok on the heavy water you say to use a time bomb but I dont have one at the start of the mission or when I pick up from the area around the truck....Help Please Answers: 1
Sniper Elite 854303My stepdad has sniper elite on wii!how come the search results only show pc,xbox and ps2?i really wanna help him cuz he is stuck like glue... Answers: 1
Sniper Elite 903606Can I put new map in sniper elite demo? Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 940469How to make anew profile in sniper elite v2 ? Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 938621How to activate the time bomb Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 939705I would like to unlock all missions but I do not understand how to create a new profile name (reb00) as indicated in the cheat mode. How and where You create a new profile (PC version)? Please help! thanks Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 939905Minjis so slow I cant even move (I have it for PC with over 700GB free on my computer) Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 940010Can someone tell me why I cant see anything in sniper elite (online game) expect an orange screen and chat? Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 951136How do I change profile name for multplayer Answers: 1
Sniper Elite 954039How to set the reborn place at the roof top in the online game? Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 967931How I throw a weapon? I can't find ammo for what i've got. I want weapons with ammo from my victims Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 977611How to remove profiles Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 978769How do I set time bomb Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 981205How to increse health Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 988472I don't have options to create a Profile..what needs to be done in order to get GOD mode..kindly help me to do the Profile creation. Thanks and Best Regards, Your Friend Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 990513How to use the medikit on sniper elite? Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 996871How to use time bomb? Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 170643How do you get past de level whit the french cat. Answers: 1
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