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Stronghold 2 Cheats for PC
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Stronghold 2 PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Mega Trainer 1.4.1 by: Caliber Dec 25,2007
Mega Trainer 1.4 by: Caliber Oct 23,2007
Trainer by: Anonymous Apr 30,2005
Trainer by: Anonymous Apr 30,2005
Trainer by: Anonymous Apr 27,2005

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Stronghold 2

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Alternate greetings 81%
Enter "Flying Poo" as your character's name. The "Greetings sire" dialogue will be replaced with another one saying "Greetings...FLYING POOOOO!!!".

Enter "Lord Vader" as your character's name. The "Greetings sire" dialogue will be replaced with another one saying "Greetings Lord Vader; Obi Won has taught you well, but you are not a jedi yet".

Enter "Fertile01" as your character's name. The "Greetings sire" dialogue will be replaced with another one saying "Greetings Fertile01, or whatever the hell your name is!".

Enter "Megalord" as your character's name. The "Greetings sire" dialogue will be replaced with another one saying "Greetings Megalord".
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Cheat 39%
You have 1000 Gold.

-First place the monastery
-Press pause
-Delete the monastery on rubber
-And you have 1000 money
-Once you click you have 1000 money
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At main menu put the mouse over the mans head and type in "gungoldfree" 19%
Gives you 100000 gold, turns all your men into people with guns and grenades and makes everything free.
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Stronghold 2 948538In chapter 8 mission 2 the castle is not undermy conrol right after the message of sir william? Answers: 2
Stronghold 2 801580I was downloading some texture Mods for my units and I forgot to backup my spearman.uni file under Meshes:Units and now whenever I play the spearmen are invisible. does anyone have somewhere where I can download it again or do I just have to re-install? Answers: 1
Stronghold 2 886115How do I get rid of the sword mans sheild? Answers: 0
Stronghold 2 893947How can I skip path of war mission 3 Answers: 0
Stronghold 2 901454I made my own custom map but I cant move my lord in it how do I fix it Answers: 1
Stronghold 2 909043I can't open a previously saved custom edited map. I need to continue editing it in order to be able to play it, but I can't even open it in free edit mode. it's simply not showing up in the list. little help? Answers: 1
Stronghold 2 909131I just created a new map, but when I wanted to change the postioning of my wooden walls, it wouldn't let me delete them. I dont have any troops or anything else near the walls. Answers: 1
Stronghold 2 954989How do you have fletchers in estates make crossbows instead of just bows? Answers: 1
Stronghold 2 960728Every time I try to download stronghold collection a message pops up saying that the application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect then it says reinstalling may fix this problem. but when I try to reinstall it will not let me Answers: 1
Stronghold 2 971945Why does the human have to have gongpits, courthouses, etc. and the computer doesn't? Answers: 1
Stronghold 2 975021I made a custom map with 4 NPC's. I began to play the map but only one NPC actually functioned. The others sat there and didnt even build a single house. I made the castles for all of them the lowest level wooden one, could that be the problem ? Answers: 1
Stronghold 2 975697I don't know how I can turn something, like the gatehouse.. I can't find it by menu help or anything. Answers: 2
Stronghold 2 979156I have missing textures problem can somebodey help ? Answers: 0
Stronghold 2 996889How to make it so theres an unlimted troop limit? Answers: 0
Stronghold 2 998713How do you kepp other villages happy, if you need them for production line Answers: 0
Stronghold 2 252258How do you beat chapter 11 in the lost king campain Answers: 1
Stronghold 2 332773How do you get hovels huts and houses Answers: 1
Stronghold 2 881327Is there a way to change the style of your Keep in the regular Kingmaker battles? Answers: 1
Stronghold 2 212898Can you get a boat for the warrior called pictish boat warrior Answers: 2
Stronghold 2 45737How to encrease population Answers: 5
Stronghold 2 139561'I get an instant defeat when I play in free build mode on a custom made map. I have set my estate for the castle and villagers. What am I doing wrong?' I get this too it cnt just be a scrathced CD Answers: 4
Stronghold 2 349263In kingmaker I can't make more hovels ,the max is 8 hovels , how can I make more? Answers: 9
Stronghold 2 363292How do you make a seige camp in seige mode Answers: 1
Stronghold 2 5993How do u change where ur castle is after u fight olaf and u still have to beat edwin? Answers: 2
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