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Stronghold Crusader Cheats for PC
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Stronghold Crusader PC Cheats

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Stronghold Crusader Cheats

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Mega Trainer 1.2 by: Caliber Jun 24,2008
Trainer by: Anonymous Feb 3,2003
Trainer by: Anonymous Oct 4,2002

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Stronghold Crusader

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General Playing Tips 95%
Try the following tips to help you play:

It is very important to build faster than the enemy so pause the game whenever you need to think to save time.
First build the basic castle needs( Marketplace, Mercenary Post, Granary, Stockpiles, and Industry Buildings) then save your game. It is easier to start at that point, in case your placement of some walls or towers do not work well.
Make sure yo protect your money making resources (Food, Rocks, Iron, Pitch, or Weapons) . You can put walls around them to keep them safe.
Create layers of walls around or in front of important towers and other targets that the enemy likes to knock down. This will delay them in dong so.
Horse archers are very useful especially when aggressing enemy castles with Mongonels to help put holes in enemy walls and a few swordsman as guard dogs.
Hut placement Trick: By immediately placing a group of Woodmans Huts around a enemy base, then putting them to sleep, you will block the area and prevent him from building Barracks or a Mercenary Camp. It costs a lot of Wood, but it means they cannot make any troops and therefore very easy to defeat. *** This does not work on the pig.
Concentrate on the enemy Barracks when attacking a castle then try to block it from being rebuilt by placing troops over its remains. This makes the enemy easier to defeat without it producing more troops.
The Ballista is good at holding positions far from the security of your home base. Get a group of around 7-9 built, with about 20 Archers and stick a couple Trebuchets in the middle of them. The Trebuchets can attack the enemy castle well protected. If needed, you can always take the 6 Engineers from them to make 3 more Ballista when the enemy counterattacks. Ballista are also great at taking out enemy troops on the castle walls, especially fire throwers.
Little farm land? Find at least one resource available like Stone or Iron. Concentrate on the mining and sell it at the market for Food.
Have about 5 Archers or Crossbowmen on Towers for a good defense. Add a Ballista on the Tower to make it better as they have a huge range and can even hit attacking Trebuchets.
To protect farms, etc. outside your walls, build a Tower and a Gate next to each other. This allows you to put Archers in and have them protected from enemy soldiers entering the Tower. You could also destroy stairs to the tower once they are in, as an other option.
Pikemen are great units due to the combination of speed, defense and attack. Knights are far too slow to attack with, but make great defenders.
Try to set up a trap in the more difficult levels when the enemy comes at you very early. Build strong walls around your land except in one area. Leave an opening and have as many troops as possible covering that area. The enemy often ignore the undefended walls and go for your "weak spot'" Instead, they walk in to a wall of Ballista, Archer, and crossbow fire; and a few Knights for good measure. Do not forget your Lord is also a superb fighter that also can be used.
It comes down to a matter of timing. Organize waves of attacking troops, attack with one group, then send in reinforcements. When blocking the enemy from rebuilding its Barracks, your troops will not last long. While they do the blocking, have other units attacking.
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Cheap Archers 91%
Description: It is cheaper to buy Archer bows and make Archers out of your barracks than it is to hire them from the mercenary post. They both have the same attack rate, defense rate, movement speed, and range.
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Food management 90%
Description: It is easier to build, manage, and supply Inns rather than food because ale lasts longer. You can use the extra available farm space to build wheat fields and mills to make flour. Once you have flour, you can sell it for a profit or you can make bread and raise your taxes.
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Conversation keys 88%
Description: The following is a list of things that will be said to an enemy after the listed key is pressed. *** The spelling is the same way as it appears when done in the game.

[F6]Help Help
[F7]I win you loose
[F8]Ill string you up
[F9]You Damn Fool
[F10]Mwahaha (Snort) haha
[Ctrl] + [F1]Jack o napes!
[Ctrl] + [F2]Buffoon
[Ctrl] + [F3]Straw Pole
[Ctrl] + [F4]Slubberdagollian
[Ctrl] + [F5]Dastard
[Ctrl] + [F6]Dolt
[Ctrl] + [F7]Lollard
[Ctrl] + [F8]Dotard
[Ctrl] + [F9]Weasel turd
[Ctrl] + [F10]Popinjay
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Getting extra Peasants 87%
Description: Use this following trick to get a lot of extra Peasants (more than the campfire limit of 24) for buying whatever kind of forces you need from the Mercenary Post or Barracks.

How to: For example, put your Quarries (3 Peasants each) and Oxen to sleep. There will be that many more in your available amount when buying Swordsman or something else. Then just turn them back on when you are done and they will go back to work. This works if you do not want to wait until your Peasants fill up your campfire again, or you just need them immediately.
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Selling weapons 87%
You can sell crossbows for more than just wood and can sell swords for more than raw iron. Try it!
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Arabian vs crushader troops 75%
This is my investigation about arabian and crushader.
slave:price =cheap
power =weak
ability =can cause fire on enemy building
slinger:price = not so cheap
power=not so strong
ability = stronger against tower than archer
arabian archer=price =little expensive
power =avarage
ability = can shoot enemy at long range
horse archer=price =expensive
power =avarage
ability = can shoot while moving
fire thrower=price =very expensive
ability = can cause damage and fire while attacking
arabian sword man=price=avarage
ability=stronger against troops than building
archer=price =cheap
ability= can shoot enemy at long range
ability=strong against tower than squad
macemen=price=little expensive
power=very strong
ability=can destroy building easly
pikemen=price=little expensive
ability=stronger against building than squad
swordmen=price=little expensive
ability=stronger against troops than building
horse knight=price=expensive
ability=stronger against building than troops
the strongest troops when together are horse archer. but, horse archer are expensive. the swordman is strong against troops but weak against tower and building.
well,its okay.each king has their weakness and advantage. so, you willnot dissapointed.
By: deadlya7om(190)
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To defend your base without loss of soldiers 68%
First create low walls on four sides arround your keep.Then create crossbow man.
destroy a single Low wall at the end of four sides.Then place a stone wall in their place.
then built crenulated wall tocover them.You will find the crenulated walls are much higher than the low walls.mount as many archers and cross bow man as you wil see that the arrows discharged from your enemies will strike in the walls and fall to the ground and they will not be able to hurt your soldiers...
By: Shoms(18)
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Information:the lion hearth 67%
Well,not to easy,not to hard to kill him.he ussualy use pikeman to kill your troops and use archer at the top of the look-out tower(without brazier).he rarely gather iron and pitch.and,if you are his ally,he ussualy request 10 iron,5pike and,many more 5.he weak when you attack with horse archer to kill all his guard and use assasin later to kill his king.oh!and he sometimes put balista at square tower.but even he put a lot of archer at the tower,he still a weak opponent.but you will find a diffrent story when you destroy one of his building.he will ravange to you non-stop until all your building destroyed.first,i don't know if he's very easy to angry.but,the goodthing is,he's so nice.example:when you request 10 wood,he will give it immideatly.and,if you send goods to him he will say"your goods caravan has arrived.thankyou my lord"(well maybe this word doesn't right?).okay,that's all.
By: deadlya7om(190)
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Goods/recource tips 67%
You can gather goods or produce goods. for example:
gather :wood planks,stone cube,iron,and pitch
produce:apple,cheese,hops,ale,bread,wheat,beer(ale are need),oil(pitch are need).

each goods have their own usefullness. example:
iron=sword,metal armor,oil smelter.
stone=tower,wall,trebuchet/mangonel weapon.
pitch=oil,pitch rig,and so on

if you use those goods normally as their usefullnes,you can increase your advantage at war. but,if you need gold, I have the price list from cheap to expensive per-each
sword=most expensive
mace and other weapon=more expensive(but cheaper than sword)
pitch=little expensive
ale=very cheap
hops=super cheap
beer=you can'tsell beer.but,you will gain happiness form your people.
well that's list are not so accurate. the price is dependent on how much that goods. more goods,more expensive. oh! I have important thing I have to you! don't sale wood! . besides it's very cheap, wood is very important for your empire! if you don't have wood, you can't build more building. and before you start, you have to build market place first! or you can build a lot of chomping camp by the trees. ok.thats all you need to know. good luck!
By: deadlya7om(190)
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Information:the caliph 57%
Not so easy to win againts him.he always use look-out tower(the higest tower)with arabian bow at the top with brazier.that's what I hate about have to use mangonel,destroy all the tower,and kill all the guards with horse archer(at least 160 horse archer),and kill his king with assasin.important:do not build/place your army near his castle or they will attack with a fire bow and can make a fire at your,put anything near your keep to keep it save.back to information:he rarely gather pitch,ussualy,he use arabian swordmen to kill you! and,good at increase his money.from a few gold to much gold.and he ussualy put a fire balista outside his castle.okay,that's all I know.
By: deadlya7om(190)
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Attack tips 57%
If you attack the enemy you always failed?,you need more gold?,or you stress?here some tips for you.
1.)first of all,make your people happy.(i use religion building like cathedral)the most effective way is make garden,may pole and dancing bear as many as you want.(you only can rise the good factor until it's +5),build apple orchard to fill your granary,and rise ale coverage.
2.)then you can rise your tax by clicking on your keep.(higher taxes may decrease people happy so don't make it to be exterination tax).
3.)when you build a lot of good things,you have to build more chapel right? that's right.but,did you notice that the good factor is decreasing?tha's because more people are coming but the good thing is not enough to make them,build more good things like garden.
4.)when you have a lot of food,some times you will rise the ration right?here some tips:never rise you ration!.why?because if your population increase the food will decrease more faster the maksimum ration is full ration."but,when I increase the ration,the people happines will increase".that's right.but,you will know after your population is increasing.if you didn't stop that,you will make your people unhappy.
5.)okay.the religion happy is hard to rise right?that's because:1.)your population is to many,2.)you have to build more religion building and,3)you have a lot of ale consument.all you have to do is build the religion building near the chapel.
6.)some times when you build industry building,there will a red symbol at top of it right? that because you don't have enough peasant.if you want mor peasant,just make a will give you peasant about 8 of them.
7.)now your population and your popularity is increasing right?now is time to attack! well if you want a troop ASAP,you can buy it at the mercanary post.or you want buy cheap troops?you can buy it at the barrack.but you have produce the weapon.(i recomoned horse archer at mercanary post.well,its expensive right?but they are can attack when mooving around the enemy base.and if you have a lot of them,you can beat the guard at the tower easly)
8.)to beat the enemy king,you must have a combination. like:
-horse archer and assasin
-assasin and slinger
-archer and brazier(at the tower or keep only)
-arabian bow and brazier(same as archer)
-macemen aand crossbowmen
-pikeman and knight and,
-horse archer,macemen and slave
that's it! now you can attack the enemy. you can attack easier with massive size of troops.
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Fast victory 56%
To complete a mission faster, make a lot of horse archer and assasin. the,strike the enemy. I sure they didn,t prepare to much for your attack. I called this trick "suprising attack" because I launch a lot of horse archer on the same time. their troops will falling like leaf falling from trees. but, if you want your economy rise cuickly, use all resource before the enemy use it like iron. iron is very expensive. so you can buy a lot of horse archer.
By: deadlya7om(190)
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Creative identity 50%
Hey@ did you notice that you can make your own potrait?.you can make your own potrait! if you want to know how,here you go! first:search faces file in the crusader file,second: copy the picture of potrait to the paint program,third:the just make your own identity(potrait)!.well,you only can make 2 of your potrait....don't be sad you still can have fun!
By: deadlya7om(190)
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Weakness 50%
Do you know that every player have a weak point?if not I will tell you you go!
1.)rat:if you have a lot of horse archer(at least 60),you can beat him easly.or,you can use a few of assasin combine with alot slinger.
2.) have tou use at least 100 horse archer!then,just use some assasin atleast 20 assasin.
3.)abbot:he always use monk right?that's make you stress?just kill them all with macemen.than make assasin at least 20 assasin.
4.)lion hearth:always pike man... first,you have buy some archer at least 20 archer(don't buy arabian bow! because it's so expensive.better you buy archer)then,place all oh the archer at the top of your keep.after that buy 100 horse archer.don't attack when your defense are weak!
5.)wolf:his castle just like a star.use mangonel at least 6 of them and destroy the wall.then buy 50 horse archer(at least)buy some assasin then attack him

sorry.that's all I know.
By: deadlya7om(190)
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Strongest squad 50%
The horse archer,the assasin and knight
By: deadlya7om(190)
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Information:sheriff 50%
To beat sheriff easly,you can be lionheart ally.or,you can use a lot of archer or horse archer. he usually gather pitch and rarely iron.he's crushader. well not so hard not so easy. just relax...
By: deadlya7om(190)
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How to kill archers and mounted units on enemy castles (so it 45%
Get a group of about 300 to 400 horse archers (maximum cost would be 32,000 gold) and put them in one group. Then bring them in to attack the enemy. (works good on the pig)
By: 248(81)
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Stronger horse archers 44%
To have stronger horse archers put them in big groups of at least 100. I put them in groups of 200-250 and can hold a position at enemy castles for a couple of minutes.
By: 248(81)
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How to protect your castle better 43%
First build 2 layers of walls (tall). Then dig a moat all around your castle. After you did that build small walls around the moat. Also put big round or square towers with ballista mounted on them.On the towers put crossbowmen and archersto protect the ballistas. (248)
By: 248(81)
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Food and economy tips 43%
First:build basic building(market place,industry building,granary.).second:make apple orchard as many as possible,third:build religion building in house option(cathedral and church),then fourth:reduce your ration in granary to half ration.fifth:make hops farm,sixth:make the ale maker,seventh:build the bar(sorry I forgot the name :P),eighth: rise your tax as your population growing.more comfortable,more tax you can give. okay that's all I know...
By: deadlya7om(190)
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Information:the wazir 43%
It's not so hard to beat wazir.but before you attack his castle,you have to upgrade your defense!.if not,he will attack you with crazy horse archer!he is good at rising he's economy and ussualy use horse archer(i already say that thing!),i rarely saw him gather iron and pitch,and a little tricky to attack. oh! you better watch out about his horse archer! because,they are so power full.use arabian/original archer at the tower with a brazier with it is a great idea.but,you have to put a lot of the arabian/original archer there.well,that's all I know.
By: deadlya7om(190)
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Good and bad news for the player 43%
Hey! I got some good news for you all crushader player! here,here! read this!
1.)do you think crusader troops like maceman is to slow? don't worry. the maceman is strong enough to keep them alive from archer attack.
2.) you think it's so hard to rise your economy? claim all stone place at the map before it claim by enemy/ally,claim all iron place at the map,make a lot of good things.then,RISE YOUR TAX UNTIL MEAN TAX! did I say that to loud? :)
3.)do you often train a engginer? really!they are use full! they can use mangonel,trebuchet and all kind of ballista! and they can build them of course...
that's all my good I got useless bad news.
By: deadlya7om(190)
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Information:the rat 40%
It's so easy to beat rat.just look his castle!it's very untidy! and lokk like a maze.and he always use spearmen.well,that what I like about him :P.btw,did you know about his secret? if no,here you go! he can't use archer normally,he's usssualy use spearmen to invade your castle(i already say that right?)and,he's so annoying! just look and listen his sound when you get a message from him(when you are his enemy)!.his sound like crazy monkey(i think :)).oh!and he rarely/never gether pitch.well,that's all I know about him. if anyone know his secret,please,tell me!
By: deadlya7om(190)
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Easy gold 35%
To get lots of gold build lots of iron mines (because iron is most exspensive) and save the iron.After that go the market and sell it.
By: 248(81)
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Information:the abbot 33%
I don't know much about him.but,here you go.he's alway's use tall wall nad monk.his monk is so annoying!he use monk at masive size!and use balista on his tower.he build so many farm(like me :).but he build variative farm)and use mangonel from far away from my keep!i can't attack that mangonel because there some monk around it.well if you want to beat him,at least you need help from the wazir or the,after they attack the abbot,you can kill his king easly like you smash a ant.well,sorry.that's all I know about him...
By: deadlya7om(190)
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More power to archers and crossbowmen 33%
When you are in a crossover game send your archers or crossbowmen attack an enemy archer say impossible aim lord click here and click to attack the enemy again, your archers will attack the enemy so you do not have a small advantage to win hope this cheat help
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Ballista under atack 29%
U can built the mont and kill the ballista because the ballista cant attack on mont automatically try itt
By: abubaker123(14)
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Army 24%
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