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The Ship Cheats for PC
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The Ship PC Cheats

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The Ship

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Cheat Codes 100%
To display the console window when playing, press ~. Type "sv_cheats 1" to enable cheat mode. To activate the specified cheat function,enter one of the following codes at the console window and press [Enter]:


Cheat Code
Invincibilitygod or buddha
No clipping modenoclip
All gunsship_give_all_weapons_shoot
All blunt weaponsship_give_all_weapons_bludgeon
All stabbing weaponsship_give_all_weapons_stab
All slashing weapons ship_give_all_weapons_slash
All bots suicidebot_kill
Toggle bots ship_enable_bots [0 or 1]
Toggle all securityship_security_disable [0 or 1]
Set minimum money awarded for a killmfk_min_value [number]
Set noclip speed to normal walking speed sv_noclipspeed 0.5
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Secrets 75%
I know a couple of secrets on the ship, I almost know all of them but its kinda hard to explain. Here's a couple on hurioun or whateva its called go to a soda machine and right click on it. After press Mr X's lucky dip and the soda machine should open.
On bataver or whateva its called again when you spawn in a cabnit go to the hallway where the axe is but dont go there turn around go up there then turn right and there should be a painting. Click on it and there should be some goodies in there like guns smg's tommy's. There's another one on some other map I cant remember but its got hitlers car in it and it has a tommy a wooden arm and some other guns. Sorry I can't remember where it is :( And there's alot more I know on the very last level, not the ship sinle player but the map at the end go to that and go to the libary click on it and there's a obvoius book click on that and it should open :)
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Tommygun cheat 33%
Give weapon_tommygun
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