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Titan Quest Cheats for PC
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Titan Quest PC Cheats

Rating: 4/5 VOTE
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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Mega Trainer 1.30 by: Anonymous Mar 20,2007
Mega Trainer 1.20 by: Anonymous Oct 2,2006
Mega Trainer 1.15 by: AGES Sep 18,2006
Mega Trainer 1.08 V2 by: AGES Aug 14,2006
Mega Trainer by: AGES Jul 17,2006

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Titan Quest

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Expert mode 71%
After completing the game, it can be played again with the same monsters but 30 levels higher. Have fun trying this,it is great.
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Type the code in at the unlock option to obtain the sets 68%
373624: "Armament of Gaul" set
437626: "Armament of Germania" set
925678: "Garb of the Great Merchant" set
274267: "Shinobi Shozoku" set
By: vencivng(417)
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Circle and strike manewver 45%
1. when battleing the titan run up and attack him if his spikes are not out and when he rases both his arms to use his meteor run and when he uses fire or health leach run make shure to be loded up on greater health and energy potions keep runing up and attaking him untill he is dead.
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Secret-to kill yeti boss 36%
Have good rmor tons of potions and a good weapon and stand right in front of him. when you are getting weak use potions to heal urself. I also recommend using a power I used the lightning attack.
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You can't die 35%
God mode
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Gained 300 skill points 35%
Good skill
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Skill 32%
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God mode 32%
Get to the main menu and press "rtinmp"
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Titanquestmilipili 30%
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Co 30%
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Xavier 29%
999999999% experice en plus
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U need titans quest gold 28%
First play titans quest without use of skills then play imordal throne you will start off in the begining agian
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Level up 26%
Go to "unlocked content" and press "1324" TO LEVEL UP
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Level up 24%
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Level up 23%
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Go to unlock contet and type 1324 and you will level up.
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Titan Quest 501036The unblock content only work for 1 time , the second time I try it not working, the number cannot be entered , please rep soon Answers: 1
Titan Quest 482111How can I kill the Manitcore Beast Legend in the Sandswept cave near the Fayum Oasis in Egypt? I am a Paladin level 43. I need to kill it before I can open treasure boxes that contain a quest item to continue the game. I am in epic mode. Thanks - Monarchiii Answers: 1
Titan Quest 528791I need a way to level up quiker because I hav a duped ring that wants me to b level 41 Answers: 3
Titan Quest 568857Isn't there a place through one of the caves in Titans quest that brings you somewhere that does nothing on normal difficulty, but on epic and legendary there is something there? I forgot where it was and what it was called but there are skeletons there when you go. Answers: 1
Titan Quest 634487What is creta made from Answers: 1
Titan Quest 568687It's so heard to fight enemies in can I do Answers: 1
Titan Quest 776785Where can I find the eye of chaos cos I have searched everywhere for it Answers: 1
Titan Quest 785177Cheat titan Quest bang Answers: 0
Titan Quest 816242I'm a level 34 Nature/Hunter mastery and Need to kill Typhon. I highly dislike my Hunting mastery so I trained in all Nature with no hunting skills- even with really great armor enchanted and with two summon able wolves and a nymph I still cannot manage to beat this thing....Any cheats or something special that I can do to beat this guy? Answers: 1
Titan Quest 908278Please teach me how I enter the cheat code. If possible send me step by step snaps. Answers: 0
Titan Quest 912034Where to find the telkine in the valley of kings? Answers: 1
Titan Quest 929023Anyone knows what is the armor the defender wears in the picture of Defence mastery? Answers: 0
Titan Quest 939335Where can I find Hades Answers: 1
Titan Quest 940533Don't know what to do with the letter scrolls? Answers: 0
Titan Quest 950672Where can I find the torso armor that the woman of the picture wears in TQIT? Answers: 0
Titan Quest 954350How to defeat the Charon Answers: 0
Titan Quest 961818How to get to Hades? Answers: 0
Titan Quest 965035What is the unblock content button Answers: 0
Titan Quest 972876Where do I go to fing the Valley of the Kings? I am at thebes but still havnt found it. HELP! Answers: 1
Titan Quest 990944How to kill alastor at lvl 10? I have a nature mastery and spirit mastery plz answer Answers: 0
Titan Quest 996403What cheat up level Answers: 0
Titan Quest 493774When I put the code in the cheat place it doesnt let me press ok so want should I do Answers: 1
Titan Quest 686174Where is this "unlocked content" menu? Answers: 1
Titan Quest 309559When I start the game, I only can play the Normal mode. Not Epic or Legendary. Why? Answers: 1
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