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Unreal Tournament 2004 Cheats for PC
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Unreal Tournament 2004 PC Cheats

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Unreal Tournament 2004 Cheats

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Unreal Tournament 2004

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Weapons 100%
This infomation will help you in the game, some weapons we use are weirdly weak or sometimes strong but this one will tell you the most power full weapon on the game is

the redeemer standing for rocket.eletrical.destruction enilateing eletriconic massive equiptmeant rocket it is crossed between ion painter due to one of the hit plus the same exsplosion and power of the ion painter the exsplosion is the same radius but just purple. because it is ion - and rocket launcher for the look. now ion painter

in other games you sometimes get things called ibp or ion bio plasma - plasma is a strong

pulse of magenetical force that can rip any armour to its ground bio is more less a

strong acid - acid is normal deci-acid is medium reciep acid is strong but bio is super strong making it a 3x-4x stronger than normal acid. ion is a specail usage of anything

ion accaulty has a standing word for indicated on ncv -(non cvillian vechicles

ion has mainy usage such as a great shield a small and thin but so strong ion sucks out loads of left over eletricaty gas gravity most - to create a super strong shield and it can be used to destory the world if used properlly due to the ion blast being so power it can create a hole up to 500miles on earth and the radius 28000 miles. reason why its so deadly is because it reacts with human skin and causes it to desolve right before your eyes. but their is of wat we call a nuclear strike a nuclear bomb - has a mushroom cloud due to the radiaton making it a funny shape radiaton can cause your skin to melt away or cause your body to freaky deform in minitues. genetic mutatation
By: bazooka(77)
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Ut2004 cheats + how to get target painter + infomation 75%
Please try the forward slash symbol first if this doesnt work cheat 1 = loaded gives all weapons with 999 ammo. cheat 2 = ghost (floats through any object) type in walk to float down ( walk again) and cheat 3 = god ( dont die) yes their is all the weapons a link gun minigun flak cannon transclator assault rifle assault rifle x2 mine layer grenade launcher sniper and loads more but the 3 weapons that are ownage but a redeemer( nukeclear rocket launcher) only has 1 shot and only can be recoverd by dieing or picking it up any way the owange weapons are a ion painter a ion cannon blast, same

radius/power/exsplosive look but purple as a reedemer and you get 999 with this one

but their is 1 more weapon it is secertive only found on 2 maps on ut2004 bonus pack

and ut2004 orignal ( bonus pack has more maps demos if you wanna try by it i'd suggest yes because theirs about 2x the fun its really good) any way it is a

TARGET PAINTER a target painter is a a human weapon (skaarj version is on bonus pack) and skaarj is the 3rd race from humans any way it is made by humans

it looks like the sniper rifle it is crossed between a redeemer ion painter and a rocketlauncher

mainly looks like a very very hi- tech sniper rifle with a laser beam as a target where its gonna land
it calls in a AIRSTRIKE 15 repeat 15 bombs.

crossed between rocketlauncher because it has more than 1 shot.

ion painter because of the targeting laser beam

redeemer because looks high tech like it and its exsposlive colour is the same

if you use the cheats - such as loaded it does not come with the target painter but it does

since I figured it out press the 0 button once or twice and it comes with the target painter

if you want to fire the target painter you may want to get rid of redeemer because
if you fire it, it goes to reedemer and you have to press again two 00s or to get it back

but if theirs no redeemer ( such as firing it ) press it once when the ion painter appears

if you noticed on the cover of ut2004 bonus pack or orignal you see that monster
that takes up most of the screen space. thats a skaarj they have their own version of the target painter looks simlar but it is more power full than the orignal not by much

races: human - you are it ( leader) malcom, malcom is 2nd best in the touraments
( not the leader of the word because unreal tourment is a renactmeant of the historic
wars between year 4000 and 3000)

races 2: neg notic enforced goditlic ( in unsmart way ) stands for

robots information spy they are robots their leader
Xan ( xan is the former champion of the tornements
can be unlocked if completing tourments at the mode hard)

races : 3 skaarj skaarj are aliens more less a copy of humans
they are open minded they copy most their leader is gorge or clanlord ( name gorge nickname clanlord)

happy wrecking
By: bazooka(77)
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