Tuesday, 9 February 2016
Monopoly Cheats for PSX
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Monopoly PSX Cheats

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Start with $4,500 100%
Start the game as usual but select 3 players on controller 1. On your turn, make deals with each of your fake players for their money. When it's your other players' turns (the ones with no money) go to "Bankrupt" and then play the computer as usual. You now have $4,500.
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Cheaper Property 100%
If you're playing against a single computer opponent then this trick will save you some serious cash. When entering an auction, simply bid $1 above your opponent. He'll give up on the 2nd round.
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Easy Win 100%
The easier way to win in this game is to buy to one of each property, begining from the purple to the orange. This way the computer can not build houses.
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