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Final Fantasy 8 Cheats for PSX
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Final Fantasy 8 PSX Cheats

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Final Fantasy 8

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Control Panel Secret 100%
While you are in the Galbadian missile base in disc two you can mess around with the missle control panel to see secret things
first go to equipment inspection screen you'll see the equipment used by the galbadian army
hold down both triangle and circle ands press up or down
you'll then see a dancing galbadian soldier or Elite soldier
By: yoitsme(238)
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Quick EXP!!! 100%
Towards the end of the game you'll need to do some level uping and there are two places to go either Island closest to heaven or Island closest to hell
both are found either on the far east or west coasts

For even quicker exp take quistis and have her HP in yellow and every battle start with the Degenerator Limit Break as this wipes an enemy out

There are also loads of draw points on both Islands but there invisable so just walk around pressing X
By: yoitsme(238)
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Quick AP!!! 100%
For AP there is no better place than cactaur island as each cactuar killed is 20 AP in the bag but thats only availble on disc 3 when you have the Ragnarok
By: yoitsme(238)
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Hidden GF-Odin 100%
You can get this GF on the second disc when Balamb Garden is mobile just go to the Centra Crater and you'll find a large tower where Odin is its called Centa ruins
Its full of puzzels and strong monsters and there is also a time limit of 20 miniutes
Diablos's encouter none works well here
Once you have Odin he randomally appers in monster fights and kills all the monsters
By: yoitsme(238)
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Hidden GF- Tonberry King 100%
In the Centra Ruins your bound to come across a tonberry in order to get this GF you need to kill about 20 tonberrys- easier said than done - tonberrys have massive health about 20,000 health and if they get close to you thay can do massive damage and 1 hit K-Os and another thing that takes the mick is they only give you 1 ApP and NO EXP

Against the Tonberry King is easier than you might think as he has Full life that you can draw and also Curaga so that you can heal people TONBERRY KING ABSORBS FIRE AND IS WEAK AGAINST ICE
By: yoitsme(238)
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Hidden GF- Jumbo Cactuar 100%

this giant cactuar is on an Island called Cactuar Island and you'll be able to see him popping up on this island from a far bit away just walk into him to start battle
Jumbo Cactuars attacks arew strong and the worst is 10,000 needles and as the name suggests does 10,000 damage and nothing can stop it so you need to revive the person it is targeted at
If you have Leviathan use him as Jumbo cactuar is weak against water
By: yoitsme(238)
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The Sword Master 40%
If you have Odin before the end of disc 3 three, you can get a new GF.
When you fight Seifer at the end of disc 3, Odin will appear.
Seifer then slices Odin in half. But Gelgimesh, a new GF, takes Odin's sword, and at the end of the battle Gelgimesh dedeats Seifer. Now that Odin is dead, you receive Gelgimesh.
By: sasquatch199319(4)
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