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MechAssault: Phantom War Cheats for NDS
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MechAssault: Phantom War NDS Cheats

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MechAssault: Phantom War

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MechAssault does not use in-game saves, instead when you load your campaign
you will have the option of choosing any mission up to and including the
most recent one attempted or any cinematic you have seen. Most missions also
include checkpoints that will help you to avoid restarting a mission from
the beginning.
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Unlockables 40%
Multiplayer Maps:
After beating stage 1.9 Juggernaut
After beating stage 4.3 Sovereign Prince

Ragnarok – unlocked by getting it in the mission 2.7 Divergent Entry
Star Adder – Complete 1 Campaign 100%

To Unlock - Complete 1 Campaign 100%
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Controls 40%
L – Jump jets/Detonate Missile (turret only)
Control Pad – Move Mech or Vehicle/Speed Control for missile (turret only)
R – Fire Weapon/Drop & Detonate Pilot Bombs
X – Look Up
B – Look Down
Y – Look Left
A – Look Right
Start – Pause
Select – Scoreboard (in multiplayer)
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Hacking 20%
Enemy Terminal Hacking:
Terminal hacking will involve dragging shapes to the four corners of the
touch screen to match the four corners on the top screen. The shapes will
pour down the middle of the screen. If you have difficulty with catching the
shapes in time, you can rapidly pull shapes (scribble) towards each corner
until you see it turn green. This “spamming” of the shapes towards the
corners may be quite necessary towards the end of the game.

Enemy Mech Hacking:
Hacking mechs will involve dragging shapes from an ever changing row at the
top of the touch screen to the corresponding shape on the bottom of the
touch screen. You can speed up the changing row of shapes by holding down on
the control pad. Unlike terminal hacking you will be penalized for trying to
match the incorrect shape causing you to lose valuable time. Later in the
game when the hacking begins going very fast, try to focus on the shapes as
they appear on the top screen. Focusing on the Upper screen should give you
sufficient reaction time.

HPG Hacking:
This hack will only come up twice. You will see two zig-zagging lines on the
top screen, the goal is make the two lines on the bottom match. This is not
too difficult. The first time you come across this hack it is impossible to
complete successfully, this is due to the plot.
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Below is a list of all missions and cinematics in order. (Numbers added to
missions to make searching the walkthrough easier)

Planet Arluma
Classified (Cinematic)
Jump to Wroclaw (Cinematic)

Planet Wroclaw
1.1 Training Day
1.2 ACM Support
1.3 Terminal Barrier
1.4 Great Divide
1.5 Last Chance
1.6 Knife in the Back
1.7 Come out Fighting
1.8 Up in Flames
1.9 Juggernaut
Jump to Tsinan (Cinematic)

Planet Tsinan
2.1 Eating Static
2.2 Rolling Thunder
2.3 Blackout
2.4 Unsinkable
2.5 Burning Bridges
2.6 Secure the Lines
2.7 Divergent Entry
2.8 Vallen’s Gamble
HPG Theory (Cinematic)
2.9 The Gauntlet
Jump to Qarahta (Cinematic)

Planet Qarahta
3.1 Munitions Sweep
3.2 Enemy Revealed
3.3 Bombshell
Nighty Night (Cinematic)
Jump to Niangol (Cinematic)

Planet Niangol
4.1 End Transmission
Dust to Dust (Cinematic)
4.2 Subjugator
4.3 Sovereign Prince
Retribution (Cinematic)
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Combat 17%
With most weapons you will only need to wait until your reticule turns red
and you will hit with your weapons. Missiles will also show red spinning
arrows around the enemy letting you know that they have a lock and will
track the enemy. Hammer missiles are the exception to this rule.

Weaponry Notes:
PPCs require you hold down the fire button and charge them. You will see
blue lines fill up on the sides of the reticule. The more you charge them
the greater the damage they do and the greater heat they create. Plasma PPCs
fire the same way that normal PPCs do, but they have a faster charge rate
and the shot appears purple instead of blue.

Hammer missiles have a small circle beside the reticule which will fill up
as you charge the weapon. The amount of charging time will determine the
amount of time the missile will fly before detonation. These missiles do
very heavy damage.

name of mod (description of icon) - what it does.
Active AMS(Anti-Missile System) (Missile) – Destroys incoming missile fire
Reactive Defensive Armor (Bullet) – Reduces damage taken from ballistic
Reflective Defensive Armor (Lightening Bolt) – Reduces damage taken from
energy weapons
Target Jamming (Crosshairs) – Enemy weapons cannot lock on
Null Sig (Eye) – Invisibility to sight and radar when not firing
LosTech (Exclamation Point) – Reduce damage taken from all weapons
Energy Defense Shield (Shield) – Prevents damage while in the POV turret

Mechs lacking a Def Mod normally have the Alpha Strike ability. This ability
will only become active once you have upgrades all your weapons to level 3.
The alpha strike is selectable like any other weapon at this point. The
Alpha Strike must be charged like PPCs, however it is much slower. When
charging an Alpha Strike it will look as though you are going to fire 4
Plasma PPCs. Unlike the PPC an Alpha Strike must be fully charged (reticule
glowing) before releasing the fire button. If you release early nothing will

Completing Missions:
Anytime you think a mission should be over, but it is not ending shoot
everything. Look for enemies you may have missed.
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