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Mortal Kombat Mythologies Subzero Cheats for PSX
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Mortal Kombat Mythologies Subzero PSX Cheats

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Mortal Kombat Mythologies Subzero

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Level 100%
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Defeating Quan Chi 100%
When reach Quan Chi, he will teleport closer to you if you use a
projectile. Otherwise, he will run to you. Use this opportunity to
Neck Kick him. Repeat this until he is down. If you land behind him
and he is firing a projectile, freeze him (preferably with the
normal Ice Blast as it is the quickest and consumes the least ice
energy) and use an uppercut. If he gets the best of you in the air,
use a jump kick, but press the kick button you use at a real early
point in your jump. After you regain air superiority, return to the
Neck Kick strategy. After defeating Sareena, you will get a choice
whether or not to kill her. When Quan Chi is down to 10% health
remaining, the impact of your choice in the battle against Sareena
is shown. If you killed Sareena, you will have to deliver Quan Chi's
deathblow yourself. However, if you had mercy on Sareena and decided
not to kill her, she will use the teleporter at that time and kill
Quan Chi.
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Defeating Shinnok 100%
Once you have reached Shinnok, penetrating his shield is impossible.
Wait until he throws a blast at your character, which usually
happens after he says "Feel My Power". After that happens, prepare
to throw a Polar Blast. Timing is critical -- as soon as he throws
his blast throw your blast and then freeze him again. Quickly turn
and run to the teleporter to teleport behind him. Quickly turn
again, run up behind him, and press Take (L1) to grab the Medallion.
Freezing him in the center of the platform works best because you do
not have a lot of time to run up behind him. He will scream "Not My
Medallion" and turn into a monster. Rayden's Portal will appear. Do
not battle the monster. Instead, jump through the Portal and meet
Rayden and Shang Tsung.

To defeat Shinnok's monster form, staying a good distance away from
him and execute the Polar Blast as many times as needed until he
dies and falls off the bridge. Stay at a distance where you can
still see him. *** This requires a lot of urns. Enabling the
"Unlimited urns" code is recommended.
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Dancing Sub-Zero 100%
Quickly and repeatedly tap L2 to make Sub-Zero appear as if he were
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Codes 100%
Mission 2 - THWMSB
Mission 3 - CNSZDG
Mission 4 - ZVRKDM
Mission 5 - JYPPHD
Mission 6 - RGTKCS
Mission 7 - QFTLWN
Mission 8 - XJKNZT
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Password 100%
6Prison RGTKCS
7Bridge QFTLWN
8Fortress XJKNZT
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Unlimited urns 100%
Enter NXCVSZ .
1000 lives:
Enter GTTBHR .
View credits:
Enter CRVDTS .
Start at the Fortress stage:
Enter ZCHRRY to start at the Fortress with 20,000
experience points.
Exploding Earth Boss:
Enter RCKMND .
Outtake FMV sequence:
Reach Shinnok with more than five urns of vitality. *** The
"Unlimited urns" cheat code may be used to accomplish this. Defeat
Shinook and enter the portal. Wait until the credits end to view the
bonus FMV sequence.
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Sub-Zero: Kombos 100%
These can be done in close quarters.
Press HP, HP, Back + HK.
Press HP, HP, LP, Back + HK.
Press HP, HP, LK, HK, Back + HK.
Press HP, HP, LP, LK, HK, Back + HK.
Press HK, HK, Back + HK.
Press LK, HK, Back + HK.
Hint: Go through fan:
To go through the fan in level 2, get the key and get out, Wait for
a couple of minutes and get as close as you can to the doorway, so
you do not get sucked in. After that, do a Super Slide, You will go
through the fan and may land on one of the swinging bridges.
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Name 100%
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Other codes 100%
GTTBHR - 1000 lives
NXCVSZ - 10 urns
CRVDTS - View credits
ZCHRRY - Max experience: start in level 8 with unlimited levels ( put it on medium! )
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Advance to Quan Chi 100%
Get to the last stage and let one of the enemies at the beginning
kill you. Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 as Sub Zero falls to his knees to
be transported to the fight with Quan Chi.
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