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God Hand Cheats for PS2
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God Hand PS2 Cheats

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God Hand Cheats

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God Hand

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Combo Tactics- Dodge/Break 81%
In this video you'll be learning some of the basic dodge and break routines, this will be very useful to you regarding your ability to not get countered everytime things got tricky. When you sweep your enemy pay attention to this, if the enemy jump over it' he'll always follow up with a radial mid attaci so this is a clear sign that you need to backflip and then swoop back in for a can full of pain! . After the nockdown lift your enemy off the ground and let the hitting begin! Have fun with one of Capcom's greatest titles. See the video: Cheat Video
God Hand cheat video Cheat Video
By: Greenmousa(532)
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2nd run - Powered Gene 76%
Want to know what's on the other side once you finish God hand for the first time? Well there's powered Genes! Yeah, the enemy gets tougher and tougher and the experience comes with some nice drops, this is what it's all about so take a look at what's waiting for you in the 2nd run of the game. This is just Stage 2, are you ready? See the video: Cheat Video
God Hand cheat video Cheat Video
By: Greenmousa(532)
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Tangan cahaya tak terbatas 73%
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Casino Bouncer! Hidden mini boss 73%
Ever wonder what happens if you fly kick a simple casino waitress? Well a big bad bouncer it's waiting for you in the other side and he's no easy to bring down. If you want to see what you're gonna be up to here's a nice little video that will give you some tips and pointer on how to beat dodge and attack the casino bouncer! Enjoy! See the video: Cheat Video
God Hand cheat video Cheat Video
By: Greenmousa(532)
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Bonus costumes/outfits 72%
Win the game to unlock the Carnival, Devil Hand, Karate, and Olivia's Bunny Girl costumes. Start a new game and chat to the new NPC in the shop to change costumes.
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Chihuahua Race 72%
Complete Stage 2, then chat to the male NPC in the shop.
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TV 72%
Complete Arena Challenge 51 to unlock a television in the shop, which is used to view trailers.
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Hard mode 72%
Win the game on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock the Hard difficulty setting.
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Jukebox CDs 72%
Complete the listed task to unlock the listed CD for the jukebox:

Jukebox A: Win the game.
Jukebox B: Go to the casino for jackpot pulls and get a ticket for the Jukebox CD.
Jukebox C: Win the game on the Hard difficulty setting.
Jukebox D: Win the game with the "Kick Me" sign on without using any God Hand Reels or God Hand Power.
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Fighting Ring challenges 72%
Complete Stage 1 to unlock the Fighting Ring challenges.
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Combo Tactics- Juggle Basics 72%
In this video you'll learn to alternate attacks during air time, you can easily keep your enemies sky high with this, and be a an even more fearless and...weird character! The key here is to alternate your dragon punches with some side strifing, you must take advantage of the fact that Dragon punch gives you a good radial attack which will keep enemies away while you're surrounded. So use and abuse this tactic! See the video: Cheat Video
God Hand cheat video Cheat Video
By: Greenmousa(532)
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God hand and devil hand 72%
By submitting cheats to, you are giving us permission to publish and edit this information. You are also declaring that the information provided is not copied directly off another website or document. Please put them in your own words!
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Win chihuahua race 72%
Lucky clover is the best to win chihuahua race
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Fighting Ring Battle 51 71%
Finish the Fighting Ring Battle 41-50 to unlock Fighting Ring Battle 51.
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Lasers Guidance 71%
Description: To access the Laser's Guidance, enter the code 123456.
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Azkal 71%
To figth dr lon lvel 2
atack him if him atack pres l3 rigth and atack again
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Infinite orbs 70%
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Infinit health 70%
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God smash 70%
L3 down x can make a god smash
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God hand olivia bikini costum 69%
L1 L2 L3 R1 R2 R3 left Down Right x O R3 X X X O
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Infinte health and god hand 69%
X down up O up up down
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Fighting Ring Battle 41-50 68%
Win the game on any difficulty setting to unlock Fighting Ring Battle 41-50.
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Infite healt,infite orb,infite money and infite god hand 68%
Finish the game and play whit a action replay max or game sharp
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Get Two God Hand And Tatoos 68%
You Must Battle With Last King At Final Battle And It Does Not Light Up
Indonesia Subtitle:Kamu Harus Melawan Dengan Raja Terakhir Di Pertarungan Terakhir & Cahaya Nya Tidak Habis-Habis

: )Subscribe
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Super hand 68%
R2 left R1 xxxxxxxx
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R1 r1 l2 l1 r2 67%
R1 r1 l2 l1 r2
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God hand 65%
Invite god hand,ivite heart,dual god hand,shaloin blast
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God mode 65%

it's work
By: ahrens13(121)
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Infinite health 63%
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R1 l1 r1 l1 63%
Full health
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God Of War 2 Cheats 62%
Have all cheats in Options menu press
X.up.up.X.Then Press Start 10x

Now Open Optioons And Choose Cheat
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Easy game finish 60%
To make winning the game more easy towards the end,save your money, dont use till you reach a level you cannot beat then buy skills, upgrade and pass it.(this really helped me in the game).
By: Cjrules56(86)
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Bonus costumes 58%
Simply beat the game to unlock new costumes. To change costumes, talk to the NPCs in the shops at the beginning of the game.
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Faisal 56%
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Jg 56%
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