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2006 FIFA World Cup Cheats for PC
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2006 FIFA World Cup PC Cheats

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2006 FIFA World Cup

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How to score many Goals 100%
When you are playing a world cup Match you can score many goals like 4-6 goals: while playing with a hard them like BRAZIL,NETHERLANDS etc you will noticed you cannot go through the diffence you will kick the ball on your goalkeeper and throw it for a corner for them,their all player would come front than take the ball from them and pass it faster to your player,the goalkeeper will alone in the bar than you can easily score goal and that is easy, I scored maximum 7 Goals in a match.
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Paritosh Shah (submited)(for pc) 33%
Win the League Cup =750 points
Complete the Hat Trick challenge =500 points
Win the LDV Vans Trophy= 500 points
Win the Scottish Cup =500 points
Win the Football League =1 500 points
Win the Football League= 2 500 points
Complete the Underdog challenge =500 points
Win the F.A. Premier League= 1500 points
Win the English Cup= 1000 points
World XI get =750 points
Traditonal Football get =750 points
Stadium Pack 4 get =1500 points
Stadium Pack 3 get= 1250 points
Stadium Pack 2 get =1000 points
Stadium Pack 1 get =750 points
Player Celebrations Pack 2 get =1750 points
Overhead camera get= 1000 points
Player Celebrations Pack 1 get =1500 points
win the dutch cup =1000 points
win the dutch eredivisie 750 points
Win the Football League Championship =750 points
Win the Scottish Premier League= 750 points
Complete the 5 minute challenge= 750 points
Manchester United 3rd Kit get= 1250 points
Generic Yellow Football get =750 points
Generic Silver Football get= 750 points
Generic Red Football get =750 points
Generic Orange Football get =750 points
Generic Grey Football get =750 points
Generic Gold Football get =750 points
Generic Brown Football get =750 points
Generic Blue Football get= 750 points
Funny SFX get =500 points
Classic XI get =2500 points
Career Teams get =5000 points
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