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Barnyard Cheats for PC
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Barnyard PC Cheats

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Barnyard 212686Where can you find cherries Answers: 1
Barnyard 222354The veggies in my patch have disappeared. how do I get them back? I need strawberries for Freddy. Answers: 1
Barnyard 247273How do you open everything on barnyard Answers: 1
Barnyard 406559How do you get up the stairs in the night barn Answers: 1
Barnyard 593769How do you get a star in golf? Answers: 1
Barnyard 606579How do you shoot the balls on the pool table? Answers: 1
Barnyard 766000How can I make the ground appear? Answers: 0
Barnyard 791130How do I make ground appear? Answers: 0
Barnyard 832345The floor on my barnyard looks like the sky how do I get it to be normal Answers: 0
Barnyard 853363How do you beat otis super squirt record on barnyard gamecube Answers: 0
Barnyard 891720Where do I plant all the milkweed in barnyard for gamecube Answers: 0
Barnyard 973708The sound is not working on our barnyard games app. We have gone to the menu that has "music on/off" as a choice and when we click on that nothing happens. Answers: 0
Barnyard 983808Where is the apple pie recipe? Answers: 1
Barnyard 992456Is the game still in stores Answers: 0
Barnyard 993521Can you still buy barnyard pc today. Answers: 0
Barnyard 79998How to win the bike race against the 3 cows? Answers: 1
Barnyard 424892How do I play it,what is the aim of the game Answers: 1
Barnyard 35456Where's the rock with the "X" on it? Answers: 1
Barnyard 61272When the dog tells you to meet him in the barnyard he's not there what do u do????????????????? Answers: 1
Barnyard 98272How to find strawberry in Veggie Patch Answers: 3
Barnyard 3728+how do you make barnyard multi player on gamecube Answers: 1
Barnyard 756802Where are the apple trees? The ones in my barnyard are all out and I need them! Answers: 0
Barnyard 771858How to beat the back 9 in golf Answers: 1
Barnyard 52141How do you beat otis's super squirt record Answers: 1
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