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Crime Life: Gang Wars Cheats for Xbox
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Crime Life: Gang Wars Xbox Cheats

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Crime Life: Gang Wars

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

The dock with the KYC...... 56%
To escape from the dock, you got to take the weapon of one of the guards you killed before to get the box, and with the pistol open pass to the exit than its at the end of the road to the left......
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All of the people in gangland is gone! 27%
On the mission "Dealing on our block" when you kill the first killah in the hood,go find the last one in gangland. when you do,kyc and headhunterz will surround you. try to run away from that area. then try to lose the kyc and the headhunterz. when you do,go around gangland without alerting the kyc and the headhunterz again. you will notice that no one is around,except shopkeepers,the police and the people who run fat d's. now you can do whatever you want! and the cops will come 1 by 1 so don't worry about them.

p.s. just call me cheathelper
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Crime Life: Gang Wars 352763For the mission when Tre is in prison and you have to fight the guards, what is that gun shot noises and I keep dying for some reason when I'm just standing as if somebody shot me but I can't see anybody with guns. Can somebody tell me what it is? Answers: 1
Crime Life: Gang Wars 389260How do get off the ship Answers: 1
Crime Life: Gang Wars 463317How do you get locked up Answers: 1
Crime Life: Gang Wars 526090How do you get gun in crime life for free Answers: 1
Crime Life: Gang Wars 511908On the part when the kyc on your hood again how do you beat it without dieing Answers: 0
Crime Life: Gang Wars 637411How do you finish the mission proving youself Answers: 1
Crime Life: Gang Wars 892461How do you end a man hunt against after you do a robbery with all the swat shooting you? Answers: 0
Crime Life: Gang Wars 487186How do you get a car in crim life Answers: 1
Crime Life: Gang Wars 427627How to do cool specials Answers: 1
Crime Life: Gang Wars 279505How to escape the docks? Answers: 0
Crime Life: Gang Wars 463324How do you get in a car on xbox Answers: 1
Crime Life: Gang Wars 58650How do you escape the docks when you take the box from the KYC? Answers: 3
Crime Life: Gang Wars 254742I need help for the helth Answers: 2
Crime Life: Gang Wars 359762How do you get in a car Answers: 1
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