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Fight Night: Round 3 Cheats for PS2
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Fight Night: Round 3 PS2 Cheats

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Fight Night: Round 3

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Bonus Venues 98%
Description: You need to win a match at one of the listed venues in Career mode to unlock it:
Madison Square Garden
The Staples Center
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Boxing Styles 97%
Description: If you want to unlock random new styles you need to win matches in ESPN Classic Fights mode or Career mode:
Hard Straights
Hook Master
Judge Jab
Lethal Uppercuts
Philly Shell
Sinister Cross
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Burger King Trainer 96%
Description: You need to go to Career mode and win the Burger King event. At the trainer selection screen, press Down until the Burger King appears as a choice. When you fight he will give you Heart.
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Ko Rey Mo 96%
How to unlock: If you want to unlock Ko Rey Mo in the light heavy division in Career mode then you need to defeat him.
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Win Easy in Career Mode 95%
How to: You need to go to the OPTIONS MENU and set "Illegal Blows" to "Off". Go to the fight store and buy the illegal head punch called "Elbow Shot". Use it during a fight to counter attack each time your opponent throws a punch. *** Make sure you use the Elbow Shot as a counter attack so that you can connect on you opponent's head. The Elbow Shot does a lot of damage to your opponent and will shortly knock him out or TKO him because you really damage his eyes.
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Always Stay Undefeated 92%
How to: If you get knocked down during any fight in Career mode, and you think you are going to get beat, just turn your PlayStation 2 off before the bell rings. Just resume the game and you can start the match again without a loss.
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Open Every Venue 90%
How to: If you want to open every venue then you need to use "NEWVIEW" as a 1st name in Create Champ mode.
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Unlock ko rey mo and burger king trainer 60%
Create champ with last name(yoxkukmo)
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How to get a six-pack on created champ 56%
Ok this only works on middleweight and up works best on heavyweight ok go to where you choose weight class and weight now go to middleweight or L-heavyweight or h-weight and go to weight and go all the way over to max weight then go all the way up the weight thing and you should a six pack but of course your only going to see a 4-pack because they wear their pants so high
By: flamey2(19)
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All fighters 44%
Type X,O,O,O,X,R2,L2
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Little john 39%
Create a champ put first name john last name what
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