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Lego Star Wars

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Invincibility 96%
At dexters shop enter 4pr28u you are now invincible!
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Jango Fett: Jedi invincibility 89%
If you use Jango Fett, you can use his jet-pack by pressing the X button.When you're flying, jedis can't hurt you.
NOTE: If you are playing 2 player on chapter 3, door 6, if player 2 picks a jedi to fight you in the end, you can just use Jango and whop him.Make sure you don't tell them why you're not getting hurt though, or else they'll change their person.
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Darh sidious 86%
Enter a32cam at dexters diner to get darth sidious!
By: Aussie(69)
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Codes 85%
To enter these codes go to Dexter's Diner and go to the Codes section (you'll still need to buy the characters after you unlock them).

Battle Droid: 987UYR
Battle Droid (Commander): EN11K5
Battle Droid (Geonosis): LK42U6
Battle Droid (Security): KF999A
Big Blasters: IG72X4
Boba Fett: LA811Y
Brushes: SHRUB1
Classic Blasters: L449HD
Clone: F8B4L6
Clone (Episode III): ER33JN
Clone (Episode III Pilot): BHU72T
Clone (Episode III Swamp): N3T6P8
Clone (Episode III Walker): RS6E25
Count Dooku: 14PGMN
Darth Sidious: A32CAM
Disguised Clone: VR832U
Droideka: DH382U
General Grievous: SF321Y
Gonk Droid: U63B2A
Grievous' Bodyguard (Magna Guard): ZTY392
Geonosian: 19D7NB
Invincibility: 4PR28U
Jango Fett: PL47NH
Ki-Adi Mundi: DP55MV
Kit Fisto: CBR954
Luminara: A725X4
Mace Windu (Episode III): MS952L
Minikit Detector: LD116B
Moustaches: RP924W
Padme: 92UJ7D
PK Droid: R840JU
Princess Leia: BEQ82H
Purple: YD77GC
Rebel Trooper: L54YUK
Royal Guard: PP43JX
Shaak Ti: EUW862
Silhouettes: MS999Q
Silly Blasters: NR37W1
Super Battle Droid: XZNR21
Tea Cups: PUCEAT
Darth Maul: H35TUX

These are all the cheats for the game! Good luck entering your Lego Star Wars Codes!
By: Dinogirl3000(1085)
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Tea cups 83%
Enter puceat at decters dinner
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Gimme My Credits 82%
When starting the game it is best to save all your money for the invincibility cheat, however reaching 1,000,000 coins is difficult. I found that the fastest way to collect coins is in level 5 of episode III, "Darth Vader". At the very begining of this level, you have to run down a corridor while the floor crumbles under you. If you happen to fall in the lava you simply start at the begining of the hall again. The cool thing is that you do not lose your coins. You can run down this hall over and over again, getting around 4,000 coins each time and then just dying at the end of the hall. It took me about 30 min. to reach 250,000 coins.
By: mudwater(135)
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Character codes 82%
Enter the cheat or hints here!Password Effect
IG72X4 Big Blasters
L449HD Classic Blasters
L54YUK Rebel trooper
LD116B Minikit detector
MS999Q Silhouettes
NR37W1 Silly Blasters
PUCEAT Tea cups
RP924W Moustaches
SHRUB1 Brushes
YD77GC Purple
BEQ82H Princess Leia
4PR28U Invincibility
ER33JN Clone (Episode III)
EUW862 Shaak Ti
KF999A Battle Droid (Security)
PL47NH Jango Fett
PP43JX Royal Guard
R840JU PK Droid
SF321Y General Grievous
U63B2A Gonk Droid
VR832U Disquised Clone
XZNR21 Super Battle Droid
ZTY392 Grievous' Bodyguard
DP55MV Ki-Adi Hundi
CBR954 Kit Fisto
BHU72T Clone (Episode III Pilot)
A725X4 Luminara
A32CAM Darth Sidious
92UJ7D Padme
19D7NB Geonosian
14PGMN Count Dooku
By: mudwater(135)
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Lego word 81%
In the secret level "A New Hope," if you explore thoroughly, you will find a room with yellow, blue, green, and red blocks. You can manipulate these blocks by using the Force. If you move them into position in a very specific order, a massive amount of blue studs will rain down from the ceiling after a moment.
Use the yellow blocks to make an "L" by placing the long piece first, then stacking the shorter pieces on top of it.

Use the blue blocks to make an "E" by placing a long piece, then a short piece, then a medium piece, then a short piece, and then another long piece.

Use the green blocks to make a "G" by placing a long piece, then a bridged piece (two short pieces with a grey bridge connecting them), then a short piece, then another short piece, and then finaly another long piece.

Last but not least, use the red blocks to make an "O" by placing a long piece, then three bridged pieces, and then the final long piece.

The blocks will now spell "LEGO," and after a moment a huge amount of blue studs will rain from the ceiling.
By: mudwater(135)
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Kool aid 80%
Some times the benches are already set for you[extra money].
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Character Abilities 70%
Obi wan kenobi (padwan)- the force
qui gon jinn- the force
tc-14- opens doors
jar jar binks- jump high
queen amadilla- rope swing
captain panaka- rope swing
padme (battle)- rope swing
R2-D2- opens doors
anakin (boy) through vents
obi wan kenobi (jedi master)-the force
R4-p17- opens doors
Anakin skywalker (padwan)-the force
padme- rope swing
c-3po- opens doors
mace windu- the force
yoda-the force
obi wan kenobi(episode iii)- the force
anakin skywalker (jedi)- the force
chancellor palpatine- through vents
commander cody- rope swing
chewbacca- rope swing
wookiee- rope swing
gonk droid- never attacked
pk droid- never attacked
battle droid (security)- never attacked by other battle droids
battle droid- same as above
battle droid (commander)- same as battle droid (security)
droideka- shield
royal guard- rope swing
padme- rope swing
darth maul- the force
clone- rope swing
genosian- can fly
By: mudwater(135)
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Dancing kaminoas 67%
Disco dancing Kaminoans
Explore every room in the level "Discovery on Kamino." You will come upon a somewhat dark room with two or three Kaminoans in it, a blue stud behind a forcefield, a square on the floor made of several round spots, and what appear to be speakers on the wall.
1) Use the Force to transform the speakers into what look like record players.

2) Walk onto one of the round spots on the floor, and wait for the other character to move onto another spot (or have the second player move the other character onto it if you're not playing alone). Then you are together standing on two different spots, other spots will light up.

3) Each time more spots light up, walk onto one of the remaining pale spots, allowing time for your partner character to do the same. Eventualy, all of the spots will be lit.

When all of the spots are lit, disco lights will begin to flash, a funky rendition of the Star Wars theme will play, and the Kaminoans will begin to get down!
By: mudwater(135)
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Minikit 67%
A way to get a minikit on the first level is after the video at the start of the level go out the door and use the force on all the levers and then you will get a minikit at the end of the corridor.
By: super cheater(246)
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Codes 64%
Cheats: Character Codes
Enter the following codes in Dexter's Shop.

987UYR = Battle Droid
EN11K5 = Battle Droid (Commander)
LK42U6 = Battle Droid (Geonosis)
KF999A = Battle Droid (Security)
LA811Y = Boba Fett
F8B4L6 = Clone
ER33JN = Clone (Episode III)
BHU72T = Clone (Episode III Pilot)
N3T6P8 = Clone (Episode III Swamp)
RS6E25 = Clone (Episode III Walker)
14PGMN = Count Dooku
H35TUX = Darth Maul
A32CAM = Darth Sidious
VR832U = Disguised Clone
DH382U = Droideka
SF321Y = General Grievous
19D7NB = Geonosian
ZTY392 = Grievous' Bodyguard
U63B2A = Gonk Droid
PL47NH = Jango Fett
DP55MV = Ki-Adi Hundi
CBR954 = Kit Fisto
A725X4 = Luminara
MS952L = Mace Windu (Episode III)
92UJ7D = Padme
R840JU = PK Droid
BEQ82H = Princess Leia
L54YUK = Rebel Trooper
PP43JX = Royal Guard
EUW862 = Shaak Ti
XZNR21 = Super Battle Droid
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Glich for invinciblity 60%
Ok youll need two controlers not two people though go to a place where you can fall off play so that two people are said to be playing then jump off and when you have no hearts pause then press drop out wait for the body to come back and join it should say youre still dead but youre not
note:you can die from falling you will have to reset glitch and falling also loses you money so do the glich then stay away from all and any edges
easly + acidently done by me!
thank you,
By: benmechard(4)
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Big Blasters 56%
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Unlockable 54%
Lego Star Wars UnlockablesUnlocking the "?" door
To unlock the "?" door found at the episode selection room, you must achieve True Jedi Status in all of the seventeen levels, 6 in Episode 1, 5 in Episode 2, and 6 in Episode 3. True Jedi Status is the black/golden bar that appears at the top of your screen during any episode level. The way to fill up this bar is by getting a certain amount of studs during that level (each lvl has a different required stud amount.) Once all levels have True Jedi Status, the "?" door will be unlocked.
By: mudwater(135)
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Easy way to get lots of studs 45%
Go to the the darth vader level in episode lll at the first bit there should be lava keep jumping over and dieing do this repeativly until you ve got the amount of studs you want then complete the level and you will earn amount of studs you want
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Buying characters you have unlocked with cheats 44%
Some characters that you have unlocked with cheats you have to buy with LEGO studs. so don't always expect it to be so easy.
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Unlockables 43%
Unlockable How to Unlock
Darth Vader Complete the mission behind the ? Door
Stormtrooper Complete the mission behind the ? Door
Buy Princess Leia from Dexter Complete the mission behind the ? Door
Buy Rebel Soldier from Dexter Complete the mission behind the ? Door
By: mudwater(135)
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How to get to a secret level 42%
If you get all Minikits you unlock a secret level where you play as Darth Vader and a storm trooper
By: Carrie Shermen(145)
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Secret level cheat 38%
In the secret level go to the room with all the blocks and force them to spell lego blue studs will rain from the ceiling
By: mudwater(135)
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How to get money from dexters diner 38%
You go in the room where the ships are and see the grid thing force that and you get money and you can also same the pots
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Defeting blocking boses 36%
When you vs a boss that blocks lots do 2x X the []
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By: cheatmaster113(939)
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Unlock all characters 21%
To unlock all characters go into dexters dinner and enter GDSFWS.
By: cheatmaster113(939)
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By: cheatmaster113(939)
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All minikits 10%
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