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Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy Cheats for PS2
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Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy
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Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy

Rating: 4.9/5 VOTE

Santa Claus 90%
How to unlock: Enter the CL4U5H and TYH319 codes at the Mos Eisley cantina.
Select the Character Customizer option, then choose a human head, the Santa hat, white beard, and red clothes.
After choosing a red or green lightsaber, enter the "Extras" menu and activate "Disguise 3" for the glasses.
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Bounty Hunter locations 89%
Mission 1 (R2D2): Enter the Bounty Hunter area. Keep going forward, then stop once you reach a wall. Enter both holes at the side of the wall. Legos will fly out. Build it into a doorway. Inside is R2D2.

Mission 2 (Obi-Wan): 4-lom can open any door. Take him to the lift where the R2D2 control panel is located. Open it and go up the lift. Pull the levers after walking on the foot marks and enter the next room. Use the control panel again and go through to the last room. Obi-Wan is on the right. Smash through the boxes and he will be standing in the small doorway.
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Special Lightsaber Moves 88%
Description: When playing with a character that has a lightsaber, press Square to attack, but do not instantly press it again.
Wait until the slash/attack stops, then quickly press Square as soon as it stops. If done correctly, the next slash/attack will feature a SPARKLE effect on the blade. COOOL! Do the same thing for a special finishing attack.

Jump Behind attack:
Immediately after the 1st or 2nd slash/attack, press Jump for a special jump that puts you behind your target. Press Square while in the air for a small area of effect attack.
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Unlock Bounty Hunter mini-game 88%
How to unlock: Purchase all the bounty hunters (Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar, Greedo, IG-88, and 4-LOM) to unlock the Bounty Hunter mini-game. Have Fun!
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Multiplayer Invincibility Mode 88%
*** Invincibility trick only works in Multiplayer mode and only stays effective for that level. When you leave any level, your party will be with you no matter where they were before you left. For example, if your friend or ally falls and dies and you leave that part of the level as this is happening, they will appear next to you with no hearts{health). They can not be killed by anything except falling, quicksand or deep mud from Degobah. This effect will end if you die or switch characters. This can be repeated.
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Studs 4 87%
Play as a Bounty Hunter like Boba Fett, 4-LOM, Greedo, etc. at the Mos Eisley cantina.
Enter any mission.
Character bonuses are recommended.
Immediately when the mission loads, pause the game and return to the cantina.
Once there, go to the outskirts of the cantina and destroy every trash can, ship piece, and platinum object you see with your bounty hunter's blaster and/or thermal detonators.
Collect all Studs possible.
Repeat this process as many times as desired. This is a quick and easy way to get at least 20,000 to 30,000 Studs each time.
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Bonus characters 86%
Description: Enter one of the following codes at the Mos Eisley cantina to unlock the listed character for purchase in Free Play mode:

Beach TrooperUCK868
Ben Kenobi's ghostBEN917
Bespin GuardVHY832
Bib FortunaWTY721
Boba FettHLP221
Death Star TrooperBNC332
Gamorean GuardYZF999
Gonk DroidNFX582
Grand Moff TarkinSMG219
Han Solo with hoodYWM840
Imperial GuardMMM111
Imperial OfficerBBV889
Imperial Shuttle PilotVAP664
Imperial SpyCVT125
Palace GuardSGE549
Rebel PilotCYG336
Rebel Trooper from HothEKU849
Skiff GuardGBU888
The EmperorHHY382
TIE FighterHDY739
TIE Fighter PilotNNZ316
TIE InterceptorQYA828
Tusken RaiderPEJ821
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Studs 2 86%
Collect several Studs 1st then find a double score area (Like in Episode IV: Chapter 3 in the cinema). Turn off all of your Extras then drop in you 2nd player and attack the player with all of the Studs. On the fourth hit, the player will die and release Studs. Now pause the game and turn on any Stud multipliers you have in the Extras menu. Resume the game, then collect the Studs dropped by the killed player. They will compound with the x2 of the area. For example, Studs x2 (from the area) x2 (from "Extras" menu) x4 (from "Extras" menu) for a total of x16. Turn off the "Extras" and repeat this trick as many times as desired.
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Studs 1 86%
Find a double score area and be playing with another player.
Kill the other player and collect their Studs.
Repeat this as much as you want for unlimited Studs.
Studs lost will remain the same, while the amount of Studs gained from getting your partner's will double.
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Studs 3 86%
In Episode IV: Chapter 1 - A New Hope, destroy all of the little panels that a Force user can open. You can also go through the Bounty Hunter or Stormtrooper doors and use the Force on all of the little panels on the wall. You can also go through the door that can only be opened with a Sith. Now use the 2x Score Multiplier.
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Buy Invincibility 85%
How to: In Episode IV: Chapter 5 - Death Star Escape in Free Play mode, use 3CPO to unlock the 1st door. Now, use sum1 who has force powers to put together the fridge in the room. The fridge will open and a Super Red Power Block will pop out, allowing you to buy Invincibility in the cantina for $900,000 Studs.
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Boba Fett's Slave 1 85%
Collect all Minikits to unlock Boba Fett's Slave 1 ship in the vehicle missions.
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The hidden minikit on ep.4, ch.1. SECRET PLANS also hidden block 85%
Take a car you built from the bounty hunter only area, and take the car to the car lift in the room with the crane. When the car is lifted, the minikit will pop up above your head. On the level
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Extras 84%
Description: Enter one of the following codes at the Mos Eisley cantina to unlock the listed extra in Free Play mode:

Santa hat and clothesCL4U5H
White beardTYH319
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Money Level 84%
How to: Go in episode iv chapter 1. if you take your time building and braking you can get 300,000 studs keep going in and you will have some good money.I gave it a thumbs up
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Characters from the original Lego Star Wars 84%
Description: All you have do do is have a saved game file of any or all characters unlocked from the original Lego Star Wars on your memory card. Load the game, go to the shop, and buy the Use Old Save in the Extras section for $250,000 Studs. Now, pause the game, go to the Extras menu, and turn on Use Old Save. Now, replay any level in Free Play mode. All the characters from Lego Star Wars will be available. This is also very helpful for collecting all the Lego canisters.

Complete the listed chapter by collecting 10 Minikits within the time limit allowed in Challenge mode to unlock the listed character(s) from the original Lego Star Wars:
R4-P17, PK Droid Episode IV Chapter 2
Battle Droid, B. D. (Security), B. D. (Geonosis), B. D. (Commander) Episode IV Chapter 4
Chancellor Palpatine, General Grievous, Grievous' Bodyguard Episode VI Chapter 5
Clone (Episode III Pilot) Episode IV Chapter 6
Clone (Episode III Swamp) Episode V Chapter 4
Clone, Clone (Episode III), Commander Cody, Clone (Episode III Walker) Episode VI Chapter 3
Disguised Clone, Boba Fett (Boy) Episode VI Chapter 1
Droideka Episode IV Chapter 5
Geonosian Episode V Chapter 3
Jango Fett Episode VI Chapter 2
Luminara, Ki-Adi Mundi, Kit Fisto, Shaak Ti Episode V Chapter 1
Mace Windu, Mace Windu (Episode III) Episode VI Chapter 6
Padme (Battle), Padme (Clawed), Padme (Geonosis) Episode V Chapter 2
Padme, Anakin Skywalker (boy) Episode IV Chapter 3
Queen Amidala, Royal Guard, Captain Panaka Episode V Chapter 6
Super Battle Droid Episode V Chapter 5
TC-14 Episode IV Chapter 1
Wookie, Jar Jar Binks Episode VI Chapter 4
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Minikit Detector 83%
In Episode V: Chapter 5, use the Force on the X-Wing. Now, start walking around the X-Wing. You will get a Red Brick, allowing you to purchase the the Minikit Detector for 500,000 Studs.
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How to become a spider & clone yourself 83%
Becoming a spider

Its pretty easy. In free mode jabbas place.Open the big hole with darth varder or the emporer.Then find a spider. Get on the spider and fall down the hole. If the spider falls down the hole, you will become a spider.

to clone
swich to someone you want to clone.Now jump.It will be cloned thankyou for reading.-)
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GET 100,000 STUDS OR MORE 81%
How to: Go to chapter1 episode 3 and you will see there is lot of bins,objects on this level destroy all of them that you see & you will be rich in no time!
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Gold Brick bonuses 80%
How to unlock: Collect the listed number of Gold Bricks after completing all chapters of the listed episode to unlock the listed bonus:

Episode IV Character Bonus 8 Gold Bricks
Episode IV Minikit Bonus 8 Gold Bricks
Episode IV Super Story 8 Gold Bricks
Episode V Character Bonus 16 Gold Bricks
Episode V Minikit Bonus 16 Gold Bricks
Episode V Super Story 16 Gold Bricks
Episode VI Character Bonus 32 Gold Bricks
Episode VI Minikit Bonus 32 Gold Bricks
Episode VI Super Story 32 Gold Bricks
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Cool jumping 77%
If you wanna do some cool jumping do any attack and jump streight after you done the attack.
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Easy studs 73%
Go on to bounty hunter mission level 9 (luke skywalker) and do it as fast a you can.
in 1 time you get 20 thousand studs keep repeating it and you will have loads of studs
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Bounty hunter missions 1 and 2 73%
Mission 1:R2 D2:First of all go up the orange thing by pressing circle and do that again until you reach the top.Then build the machines to make you go across to the next door.When your through run straight to the next door and turn right to open the bounty hunter door.As soon as your in there go straight on and keep going till you reach a dead end.Then you will see that there are two slopes.Go in each of them then there will be some bricks to build.Build them and there will be a door.Go through and R2 D2 will be in there.
Mission 2:Ben Kenobi:First of all dont go through the first door you see.Just keep going forward until you reach the next door.When your in the next door be 4 Lom and open R2 D2s door.Then once your in the next door run over the panels and pull down the handels to go to the next door and keep going forward until you reach C3POs door.Be 4 Lom and open the door.Go through and on the right there will be some bins.Destroy them and there will be a door.Go through it and you will see Ben Kenobi.
I hope this helped you

by Harry
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Infinite Money 72%
How to: In Episode 6 ch 2 at the disco room when the jukebox pops up keep destroying it and rebuilding to earn money over and over
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To get this power brick, first of all, you need:
. R2-D2 . Any Jedi with the force . Any Character who can build

At the first area, go to the end of that first area where there is a shut garage door, look near there to the left of the screen, move around & you will find some bins . Get your jedi to use the force on all the bins to reveal pieces to build with. You will also get around 5000 score for doing the force to the bins . Get your building character to move to the pieces & hold O (circle) , then, get R2-D2 to open the door by holding O near the round R2-D2 image. Then when the door opens, you will see the red brick if you hadn't already got it on that chapter.
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Crazy ewok 71%
U know that the computer only attacks but never kills. so turn on super ewok caterpults and let the computer be a ewok, and let the computer do the killing!
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Red brick in episode 4, chapter 6. 70%
You may have had trouble with this brick, but it is in a secret room. I think the trick to this brick was to blend in with the walls. In the very last part of the level, (when you bomb the Death Star,) stay to your right. Then what will happen is that you will go in a small part, and you will find the red brick!
By: rabbidsfan123(47)
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Easy Studs 67%
Go on the first chapter of Episode IV, build up all the things & muse the force on things & do all that palava to get all studs, every time you go in that level you can get 150,000 score . Keep doing this around 34 times to get enough for x2 score, get power brick 6 first. Then whenever you go on that chapter again, you get 300,000 score every time. do this around 70 times to get x8 score, now every time you'll get 1200,000 studs when you go on this chapter ( enough to gey yourself yoda ghost) . This time go on this chapter around 30 times to get enough for x10 score, now you will get 1500,000 studs every time you go on that chapter. Then you can buy everything in the cantine, & get all minikits,gold & power bricks to 100% your game . After all this level visiting, you can go around levels doing multiplayer with your pals .
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How to get the hidden minikit on Jedi Destiny.Also how to get Anikan Skywalker ghost. 66%
On Jedi Destiny there is a door near by.Go through it and you will see some panels.Run over them all to make them go red then a minikit will pop up.

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How to get red brick on all the ship levels 65%
Falcon Flight.Go to the back of all the big ships.On the back of one of the ships there will be a red brick.
Rebel Attack.Right at the end of the level in the top right corner there will be a little gap.Go through there and there will be a red brick.
In to the death star.At the end of the level before you destroy the the ball thing theres a door with to things where you need to put a bomb on,put to bombs on them then the door opens and inside is a red brick.
Hoth Battle.Go into Free Play and pick Tie Fighter [Darth Vader].On the second part open the door and go through.Somewhere in there there are some bombs.Get one and drag it to the end.Smash through the wall and there will be a red brick.
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Tons of easy (entertaining) studs 64%
To get tons of studs go outside and it will give you about 60 studs each time. after you go out side go watch a short video clip then go outside,the trash cans and metalac objects apear again!
By: skyjoe(22)
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Destroy metal without bounty hunter bombs 64%
Get the red brick on Hoth Battle and you get self destruct.By it then go to extras on the pause menu then go into a level with metal in be a droid go by the metal and press circle.The metal should blow up.
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It will NOT work!! 62%
People say this works but it will NOT!
2x zones will give you money till 300.000
after that they do not give you more money/studs
they take 2x then give 2x so you do not get more money/studs
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Episode : VI Chapter 1 - Jabba's Palace - Glicthes 60%
On The Part When You Got Luke Sykwalker Use A Dark Side Or Sit To Use The Force To Break The Black Floor Then You Ride On A Spider Then You Go In The Broken Black Floor With The Spider At The Same Time You Are A Spider.When You Are A Spider Press L1 L2 R1 Or R2 So You Are A Person Again.Then Press X The Character That You Were Riding On The Spider So You Were Riding On The Person
By: Parneet(7)
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Get over electric floor in free play mode (Not in Non-electric parts) 59%
When your in free play have extra toggle and turn to a mouse droid. Then rush across it and you will get shocked but then you will fly over it. Good luck! By StarWarsII
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How to get the red brick in level 2 59%
You need to jump on the trees and push the tolley down ans itn will hit the wood and the wood will break and there will be the red brick
By: dylan04(359)
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How to make jedi luke 58%
ACT 1: Finish Episode 4 Chapter 2. (Through The Jundland Wastes) ACT 2: After, go to the Cantina and use this code HHY382. This unlocks the Empeor. ACT 3: If you have 300,000 studs, buy him. ACT 4: Then go to the Character Maker and find Luke's Head and a hood and then make him all black and skin-coloured hands. Also make him have a GREEN lightsaber. (of corse name him Jedi Luke) ACT 5: HAVE FUN! :-)
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Funny skeleton 57%
First you will need extra toggle buy it and turn it on in the extras screen then go to the level escape from echo base and you should get a skeleton character next get into a turret gun by pressing triangle and then get out by pressing it again and move your legs wont move and youll skate around (you cant attack and it stops when you go into a different room, die or drop out)
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Lego city free 57%
How to: Go to cheat screen in diner place and type in lego23 and go outside and it is unlocked
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The red brick in episode 4 new hope chapter 3 56%
Its at the start were the stormtroopa's are on the bridge near a big door, there you see a bunch of bins use the force to take the lid off then use the force again and lego will come out then you have to build it.
By: matty03(790)
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Minikits 55%
Get all the Minikits to unlock Boba Fett's Slave 1 ship!
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Get up to electric floor without the fan in free play on jedi destiny 55%
When you have emperor you can triple jump by jumping twice and then slam but before you hit the ground change back and forth and you should go higher. Well do it and then go forward and youll be there.
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Go to the "Mos Eisley Canteena" and put this codes 54%
Password Effect
NBP398 Big Red Nose
BNC332 Death Star Trooper
UCK868 Beach Trooper
SMG219 Grand Moff Tarkin
YWM840 Han Solo (Hood)
EKU849 Rebel Trooper (Hoth)
CYG336 Rebel Pilot
UGN694 Ugnaught
VHY832 Bespin Guard
QYA828 TIE Interceptor
HDY739 TIE Fighter
NXL973 IG-88
BEN917 Ben Kenobi (GHOST)
NFX582 Gonk Droid
HHY382 The Emperor
MMM111 Imperial Guard
TTT289 Ewok
HLP221 Boba Fett
GBU888 Skiff Guard
SGE549 Palace Guard
WTY721 Bib Fortuna
YZF999 Gamorean Guard
UUB319 Lobot
NYU989 Snow Trooper
PTR345 Stromtrooper
VAP664 Imperial Shuttle Pilot
NAH118 Greedo
JAW499 Jawa
YDV451 Sand Trooper
PEJ821 Tusken Raider
NNZ316 TIE Fighter Pilot
CVT125 Imperial Spy
BBV889 Imperial Officer
YDV451 Sand Trooper
JAW499 Jawa
PEJ821 Greedo
SYK967 Unlocks Anakin Skywalker Ghost for 1.000.000 studs
YOD476 Unlocks Yoda (Ghost) for 1,200,000
By: drummer99(209)
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Unlimited money 53%
You will need a friend to help you with this but if you dont have any friends then you can just put in another controler. Find a double score zone and collect all the studs then kill the other player they will drop some studs but you will get double the amount they drop. Beacause evreything is doubled the amount its worth.
There is a double score zone in episode 4, level 3
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Ewok,han solo [hood],sandtrooper,emperor 52%
han solo [hood]:ywm840 sandtrooper:ydv451
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Ghost's are ivincibil 52%
When you by a ghost and you enter a chapter the enemies will go for you partner insted of you and if you have your lightsaber in you pocket you can walk through people. [ the ghost cost 1,000,000. 1,100,000. and 100,200,000.]
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Leia hunter 50%
Want princess leia has a bounty hunter go to vi and go to chapter 1 and be princess leia and get a bounty hunter helmet and compelt the misson in story
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How not to get stepped on by AT-ST on free play (Mos Eisley Spaceport) 50%
Once you get past the line of sandtroopers, there is a place where you build an AT-ST. Instead of getting killed and stepped on, get a bounty hunter and throw a bomb. Wait a couple of seconds until it explodes. Well then, your done that part of the level of free play. Have fun! :-)
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How to get 100,000,000 credits easy 49%
Buy all of the bony hunters then go to the door with jabba on the top do all the missons then go out of the cantia and blow up everything repeat over and over and over agan
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Get studs by dying! 48%
Ok,this onl y works when you have zero lego's at the beggining of the level ok when you have zero studs let your partner kill you and you will get 330 studs. Have fun!
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How to get 5,6 power brick 46%
Go to back of x-wing and touch the back. you will then get it.
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Ben kenobi (ghost) to buy 45%
Enter "ben917" as a cheat code to make ben available to buy
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Super Push 44%
This cheat requires 3CPO and someone who knows the force. First slice 3CPO's arm off with the person's lightsaber, then use the force on him. This should make him go as far as you want, sometimes he stops but it works OK for me. Have fun!
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Getting the pwer brick in jedi destiny 44%
You can only do it in free play. get a sith [darth vader,the emperor,darth mual, count douku] you will see 4 circles on each side of the emperors throne use the force to make them bright red then the power brick will appear on top of the throne
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Bounty Hunter Location: Best For Money 43%
Admiral Ackbar- When you first start, go to your left with 4-LOM, since he can open droid doors, then blow up the gerders, and after that, go into the room, but switch to someone that can build, as 4-LOM can't... then when he appears, if it doesn't let you get him, kill the enemies around you. That's about 20K studs in around 30 seconds!
By: zamorakian0king(14)
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How to do a backflip 41%
To jump backwards all you need to do is jump and pull backwards on your analog stick.
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How to blow up thermal detonaters quicker 41%
First throw the detonater at the object you want to blow up. (you have to be a bounty hunter to throw them) Stand back a bit and shoot the detonater. It blows up as it I shot and its quicker to throw them

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Freee invencability 40%
Jump off a ledge in 2 player pause right when you have zero hearts. drop out. right when the person comes back drop in. look at your hearts. if done right you will have no hearts. try getting hit you wont die! if you jump off into watter or off a cliff or something you are not invencible or change by triangle
By: theggold(39)
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In this you get to be ship and collect 1,000,000 studs in a set amount of time. the ships you can use are the minikit builds you've completed and other ship that aren't even from the game.
By: jacksparrow(2467)
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Easy studs 40%
On the 1st level of the game(secret plans) you are able to get 100,000 studs or more. all you have to do is destroy every thing you can(not including characters such as stormtroopers, rebal troopers, ect.) if you do this level in free play mode you will get allmost 200,000 studs or more!
By: RougMan(29)
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Loads o money 40%
Have a bounty hunter and in the cantina (where you select levels) go outside and blow everything up then enter a level and quit it and go outside again and blow everything up again and keep on redoing it until you have loads of money.
submitted by gooplaser
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The two cars and over 200,000 studs on Episode 1 Chapter secret plans 40%
Get Darth Vader or create a Lego character with a red Lightsaber.then choose the level in the first episode "secret plans"... then pick Greedo... then take bombs by the bars beside the left/right of the door and they will explode then destroy the boxes... you will go 2 the bottom left of the room and there is a switch. flip it and out comes a silver stud by the end of that you should have over 6,000 studs. now the cars there is a room with showers over Lego soil/dirt use the force and destroy the plants this is our first car its a white semi looking car! build it the car and get the studs... then there is a room were you need a storm trooper to unlock it walk down and destroy some crates. pieces come out for car #2 build it and thats it through out the level you will come across little vents as you walk down lanes like were car 2 is that you use the force on and walls that can be destroyed and the 2 walk pads and switches... GET THEM ALL! you can do this as many times you want day in and day out and in and out till you get millions of studs! thats why I got ghost yoda obi wan and anikan. thanx for reading and have fun getting rich!
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Get in jabba cantina without bounty hunters 39%
When you have more than those 2 main charecters when 1 of them goes over to the door push them into the door and switch to them and do NOT attempt to get out if you didnt go all the way in (like your in the door but you didnt transport) because you will walk through the door and have to do it over again. :) Good Luck!

By:Star wars II
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Ghosts/Invincibility 38%
As a ghost, the gaurds can't see you and if you happen to fall off a legde you won't lose any of you money.
By: jacksparrow(2467)
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To beat Lego City 38%
Make it a wreck and spell the word LEGO lol.
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Anikan [hood] 38%
cape:black cape
clothes:all clothes black
helmet:black hood
weapon:blue ligtsaber
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Piggy rockband 38%
On episode 6 chapter 2 when the jukebox is playing on freeplay switch to a gamorian guard then press and hold circle and you'll start dancin like them PIGGY ROCKBAND!
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Rebel army 36%
Unlock rebel trooper character and play secret plans(free play)with a rebel trooper when ya start turn into the person with ya and change him into a rebel trooper too so when you battle stormtroopers with the other rebel troopers itll look like a rebel trooper army!
By: pacdude3000(116)
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Bounty hunter bombs 36%
If your GREEDO or PRINCESS LEIA [BOUSH] with bounty hunter mask if you see shiny metal press O
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Darth vader jump 35%
Jedi [become one] press square 2 then x
By: mudwater(135)
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Get a car 35%
Go to 4rth episod and 1st chapter get a bounty hunter or any other bad pplz go.Through the level until you get to the thing with the bounty hunter boba fet on it(if you have two pplz playing it still works.)Destroy the first two metal boxes or wat you like to call them.
go to the c-3po panel there will be a red shield go through turn right find the last three showers and force the showers and there will be flowers DESTROY THEM there will be parts and build the car(you can go through doors in it and still be in the car.)

by t0mE
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100 gold bricks 34%
Complete all the levels and bonuses and you should see that there are 100 gold bricks.
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Anakin skywalker(ghost) 31%
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Invisibility/invincibility 30%
As the ghost the guards wont be able to see you or hit you
By: secretwepon(164)
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Chapter 3 grevies 28%
To beat grevies you just chase after him keep using jedi slam also buy him and enter the
secret room if you want to wander
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LEGO star wars 2 the original trilogy 27%
In episode v chapter 2 Go to the glass shield thing crawl in the tube thing and force it with a Jedi.By LANCE
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Darth Vader cheat 26%
How to get Darth Vader. A G S C E Y
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1Million studs! 25%
Play Episode IV chapter 1 about 5 or 6 times with a sith and a bounty hunter. use the force on everything you see and destroy everything. Then you will have over 1 million studs! (enough to buy anakin skywalker ghost!)
By: cod007(10)
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Unlock x10 studs 21%
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Bonus Codes 21%
Code l Effect
nbp398l Big Red Nose
lego23 l Lego City
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How to get coins 14%
Play mos espa pod race and retake the theed place
By: mimzy630(7)
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Anikan(skywalker)Episode 3 13%
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Get ben kenobi ghost without having to buy 12%
Hsp 321
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Fountin 12%
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All gold bricks 11%
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All gold bricks 11%
By: lazer man(84)
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Unlock lego city 11%
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