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Madden NFL 06 Cheats for PS2
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Madden NFL 06 PS2 Cheats

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Madden NFL 06

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Better Players in Franchise Mode 100%
Description: The following is a trick for a great team without a high salary cost. This will take a lot of time to accomplish, but worth the results.
Start a new franchise and pick a team.
Do a fantasy draft and pick all the worst players.
Release all of them and make your team from scratch, through Create-A-Player mode. Once done with the height, faces, etc., do not change the attributes.
Save the player and sign him.
Go back to Create-A-Player and select his name and change all his attributes to the maximum.
Repeat this until you have a team with full attributes. The reason that all the worst players were selected is to keep you from having a high cap penalty during the next season.
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More Draft Control in NFL Superstar mode 100%
How to: Before the draft, save your game. If you do not like the team that drafted you, reload your saved game and try it over again until you are drafted by the team you want.
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Switching Teams in NFL Superstar mode 100%
How to: When you become a key player to a team, you can upgrade to a much better agent. Now, after 2 seasons you can resign with almost any team.
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Player Nickname 100%
Description: With Troy Siegel (a drafted rookie 3 seasons into a franchise), Al Micheals will call him "Simian" in his commentary when he makes a play.
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Contract for 3 years 100%
Description: Sign Player with High Attributes for 3 years in Franchise mode

How to: Create a player & make them a free agent. Now, get their attributes up to 75 & sign the player for any team desired. Go to that team's rosters and edit their attributes. You can make it as high as 99. When you go to Franchise mode with the team and the player you created is on and he will have a contract for 3 years.
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Depth Chart Positions List 100%
Description: The following is a list of all of the extra depth chart positions (KRPR, KOS, LS, 3DRB) of all of the top positions:

1. Dante Hall (KC)
2. Santana Moss (WAS)
3. Dennis Northcutt (CLE)
4. Michael Lewis (NO)
5. Jermaine Lewis (FA)
6. Antwan Randle El (PIT)
7. Philip Buchanon (HOU)
8. Chad Morton (FA)
9(t). Adam Jones (TEN)
9(t). Azair Hakim (DET)
11. Bethel Johnson (NE)
12. Derrick Mason (BAL)
13. Alan Rossum (ATL)

1. Sebastion Janikowski (OAK)
2. Shane Lechler (OAK)

1. Jonathan Ogden (BAL)
2. Orlando Pace (STL)
3. Walter Jones (SEA)
4. Kevin Mawae (NYJ)
5. Will Shields (KC)

1. Ladanian Tomlinson (SD)
2. Edgerinn James (IND)
3. Priest Holmes (KC)
4(t). Curtis Martin (NYJ)
4(t). Tiki Barber (NYG)
6. Shaun Alexander (SEA)
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Practice Points in NFL Superstar mode 100%
How to: Make a QB, then go into a Practice mode and select a HB Swing. Have the defense do FG Block. When you say hike, lob the pass to your RB and he will score a touchdown for 48 points every time. Additionally, pick a formation with at least 3 receivers. Now, select a play that has an inside receiver doing a slant or short post. Pick the defense 4-3 Engage Eight or 3-4 renegade. Throw the ball to your slanting receiver every time, as they will be wide open and get tackled for 17 to 48 points.

Choose a deep pass play on offense. Choose I Field Goal Block on the defense. You should be able to get a touchdown most of the time.

Go to the options screen, select "A.I.", then move all of the human settings up and the CPU down. It should now be easier to pickoff, sack, and throw Hail Marys to your receiver without problems. If you want more points, set the time to 5 minutes.

Want easy training camp and practice points for offensive players only? Then select the Hail Mary for an offense play. For defense, select Goaline and the Blitz C. Call a Hot Route to have your left outside receiver run a 5 and out towards the sideline. The left slot receiver will be open every time to get a touchdown. When completed successfully you will get an "A" for a practice grade and boost your player's stats.

The following trick is for easy practice points with a defensive superstar. Select a field goal or punt block play on defense and I-Formation Fake FB Toss on offense. Not only is this an easy play to stop, but if you are quick enough you can knockdown the toss from the QB to the HB causing a fumble. Returning a fumble for a TD earns over 80 points. Select any defensive play and select Special Teams QB Kneel on offense. The QB will kneel and earn you 15 points on every play. You can setup the practice and just let it run. You will have an "A" rated practice and a huge boost whenever you decide to stop it and none of your players will get hurt.
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Onside Kicks Tip 100%
How to: Any kicker can do this trick. When kicking off, select "Onside Kick" when the return team is switching formation. When they are set, take the power bar all the way to the top, but do not select it. Bring it all the way down so that the power is at 31. Now, make your accuracy 97 to 99. Every time the ball will hit the ground and go straight up into the air. Just have one of your players that is close to the ball sprint to it.
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Simple Training Camp Points 100%
How to: Choose an offense with 3 receivers when on offense. Trip Bunch in Single Back formation works pretty well. Put the defense on the goal line with Zone CB cover. No one will rush your QB by doing this, and once your receiver gets past the defense zone, they will be unguarded and in the endzone for an easy 48 points play most of the time. This will work with other short zone coverages and does not take many attempts to learn which receiver to pick.
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Create A Low Paid All-Star QB 100%
How to: Make a punter/kicker with all his attributes at maximum. You can sign him for a low salary because he is a kicker. Next, set him as the beginning quarterback on the depth charts when the season begins. You will now have the best kicker/punter and QB in the league.
Tip: You can also maximize all passing attributes and set the kicking attributes down to sign him at an even lower price. This is only if you rarely kick with them.
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Agents in NFL Superstar mode 100%
How to: Agents that you get are based on the talent of your player. Example, You will get Dan Baker as an agent if your player's overall rating is at least 84. Your superstar's overall rating is based on your Heisman over ratings, that is then randomly altered a bit each time you import. When importing players, that RBs get better overall ratings, no matter how many Heismans or any other awards they have got. Your superstar's overall rating is based on your Heisman over ratings, that is then randomly altered slightly each time you import. When importing from NCAA Football 06, player's stats are randomly done. You can retry for better stats. The interview after the mentor meeting determines some stat boosts to important stats for your player's position.
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Max Stats in NFL Superstar mode 100%
How to: Maxing out your stats, during the week of a game when you are on a game day, select the game. You will get the option to play or sim the game. Go back, then go to the Performance Institute. Go to whatever drill you can. Keep repeating this process until you have the desired attributes. Tip 1: This will decrease your stamina. The best option is to turn game fatigue off. Tip 2: Stats do not completely carry over to the next week, and if you simulate your games your performance will be affected by the weakened stamina. Turning off game fatigue only works if you actually play the games out.
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Wrong Deuce McCallister Stats 100%
When loading you will see a player and their 2004 stats while you are waiting. When you see Deuce McCallister, it shows that he had 1600+ yards rushing; however Deuce only had 1074 yards rushing in 2004.
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Performance Institute in NFL Superstar mode 100%
How to: The following tip can help your player achieve higher levels without sacrifice over the course of his career. The Performance Institute is only a temporary thing.
During Spring Training, wait until Sunday to use the Performance Institute. On Sunday, do the Performance Institute drills. Once the season starts you will stay at the increase until Sunday, the day of the game. Before you start the game, do the Performance Institute drill as you did in Spring Training. Play the game on Sunday. Once the game is over go to Monday; do not advance to the next day. Stay on Monday. Since there is a game to be played which will not be your team, go to the Performance Institute. The drill will be available for you to do, based on your position. Tip: These points (from Monday) are permanent, as long as you continue to do the same process week in and week out. The only catch is you must use them one attribute at a time until it is maxed and it must be the same drill you did on Sunday. For example, if you increased Speed on Sunday, you must dump all the points into Speed on Monday. If you dumped all the points on Sunday into Agility, then on Monday's drill you have to dump them all into Agility, etc. Over the course of the season you will see your stats lose the points from Sunday,as those are the temporary points. But be aware that, they still show the other points from Monday. These are cumulative points, but you must space it out to get exactly 99. If you get to 93 and the max points you can earn in the drill is 7, you will not end on 99. It would be 100, but since you cannot use all the points, those 7 from Monday will be lost. Earlier in the season you will have to place a set of points to help making the last attribute addition become 99.
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Multiple Performance Institute Trips A Week in NFL Superstar mode 100%
Description: For multiple Performance Institute trips a week, do not go until the day of the game. Now, go and do whatever drill desired. Once you are done, leave the map and go to your schedule. Leave there, then go back to the map and you can do it again.
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Wrong Antonio Gates Stats 100%
Description: Find the Antonio Gates Player Information screen. It will show his receptions, rec yards, and other stats. However they show that Gates had 0 TDs. Gates set the record for TDs by a Tight End with 13.
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Card Codes 98%
Description: Choose the "My Madden" option at the main menu. Select the "Madden Cards" option, then choose "Madden Codes" to enter a code. *** Codes are case-sensitive of course.

1st and 15 Bronze (Opponent must get 15 yards for 1st down) 2W4P9T
1st and 15 Silver2W4P9G
1st and 5 Bronze (First down yards to go set to 5) 2Y7L8B
3rd Down Bronze (Opponent has 3 downs to get a 1st) 3F9G4J
3rd Down Silver3F9G4O
3rd Down Gold3H3U7T
5th Down Bronze (Get 5 downs to get a 1st) 3E9R4V
5th Down Silver3E9R4I
Bad spotN44D6E
Da Boot Bronze (Unlimited field goal range) 3J3S9Y
Da Boot Silver3J3S9E
Extra Credit Bronze (2 points for interceptions, 1 point for sacks) 3D3Q3P
Extra Credit Gold3D8X6Z
Human Plow Bronze (Broken Tackles increased by 25%) 3H3U7F
Super Dive Bronze (Diving distance increased by 25%) 3H8M5U
Tight Fit Bronze (Opponent's uprights very narrow) 3D8X6T
Unforced Errors Bronze (Opponent fumbles when he tries to juke) 2Z2F4H
Unforced Errors Silver2Z2F4G
Aloha Stadium5A3P0V
Super Bowl 2006 Stadium6L2B9M
Al Wilson Gold Card7K5C8V
Anquan Boldin Gold Card7T3V5K
Anthony McFarland Gold Card7S4C4D
Ashley Lelie Gold Card7J8F4J
Bertrand Berry Gold Card7U4M9B
Brian Simmons Gold Card7D5W8J
Brian Urlacher Gold Card6Y5Z6H
Carson Palmer Gold Card7C6U4H
Chad Johnson Gold Card7D1B2H
Champ Bailey Gold Card7L8C2W
D.J. Williams Gold Card7O1J3F
Derrick Brooks Gold Card7Q6X4L
Donovan McNabb Bronze Card8Q2J2R
Donovan McNabb Gold Card5E8H1A or 8Q2J2X
Eric Moulds Gold Card7F5B2Y
J.P. Losman Gold Card7D8S6J
Jake Plummer Gold Card7J3Y7F
John Lynch Gold Card1A2D9F
Kellen Winslow Jr. Gold Card7Q2E45
LaDainian Tomlinson Gold Card7U6B3L
Larry Fitzgerald Gold Card7T6B5N
Lawyer Milloy Gold Card7H9E8L
Lee Suggs Gold Card7P5G3N
Michael Clayton Gold Card7T1G2Y
Olin Kreutz Gold Card6Z9X5Y
Rex Grossman Gold Card6W5J6Z
Ronde Barber Gold Card7R7V2E
Rudi Johnson Gold Card7D1X8K
Simeon Rice Gold Card7Q6F4G
Takeo Spikes Gold Card7H3B2Y
Thomas Jones Gold Card6X7W2O
Tommie Harris Gold Card7A7Z2G
Willis McGahee Gold Card7E3G7Y
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Injure Players Easily 98%
How to: To injure a player, go to "Features", then to "Rosters". Select his team, then choose the player and go to "Attributes". Reduce his injury to "0". This may take awhile; you may also want to set the game to 4 or 5 minute quarters.
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Quick Overall Rating in NFL Superstar mode 98%
How to: Go to your schedule and simulate or play to a day where you have a game to play when building your superstar's overall rating. Do not play the game immediately. Instead, go to the Performance Institute and do what is needed to get some points. Add them to your player and leave. If you have auto-save enabled, the game will save your stats for you. If you do not, then save it. Once you are done at the Performance Institute, look at your schedule, then leave. Go back to the Performance Institute to do the drills again with your previous points still there. You can keep training as long as you do it on a day that you have a game to play.
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Punting 101 98%
How to: Us the "Punt Block" formation. Punt blockers do not block very much so it is better if you select the "Punt Block" formation instead of any other punt return formation. The punting team will not be spread out. This allows your blockers to somewhat block for you and in turn will give you more time to field the ball.
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Choosing An Agent in NFL Superstar Mode 98%
How to: When a player whose personality rating is "Disruption", select Jason Morales as your agent. He can usually get you a movie deal before the 1st season starts.
Stay away from Aubrey DeLong as endorsement deals take forever to go through.
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Interview Questions in NFL Superstar mode 98%
How to: Choose your answers to interview questions carefully. The answers affect your personality type. Most endorsement companies want a player with a more conservative personality type likes "Team Leader" or "Professional". Also, when beginning NFL Superstar mode try to select a father that is a Hall Of Famer and a mother or father that has a high IQ.
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Touchdown Celebrations 98%
Description: Choose the Eagles against the Ravens and score a touchdown with T.O. by diving in the endzone. He will do a Ray Lewis dance in the endzone as a celebration. If you are playing as either Donovan McNabb or Daunte Culpepper and you get tackled going into the endzone and scoring a touchdown, they will do their trademark dances. Daunte will "get his roll on" and Donovan will do the moonwalk.
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IQ Test Misspell in NFL Superstar Mode 98%
"sequel" is misspelled in the question "When watching a movie, do you prefer the original, the remake or the sequal?" .
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Quick Sacks 98%
How to: Play as a defensive lineman and back up a few feet. When the play starts, immediately run forward and Hitsick an offensive lineman. He will fall down and your player will still be running fast towards the quarterback to get the quick sack.
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Quick Touchdowns 98%
How to: Choose your best wide receiver on your team and put them in the tightend position. Set his route so he does a straight route. Since he has such a low overall rating, they may just have a line backer on him or he might not even be covered.
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Getting Traded in NFL Superstar mode 98%
After creating a player and signing an agent, go to the draft and start the draft. You will probably be selected in the 3rd round unless you imported your player from NCAA Football 06 or NFL Street 2. If you do not like the team you got drafted by, then simulate the preseason. When the preseason is over go to your agent's office on the city map. Scroll down to "I demand a trade" and you will be traded to another team. If you dislike that team as well, then demand another trade. 2 trades only per season, so be careful.
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Simple 1st round 1st pick in Franchise mode 98%
How to: Doing the following will get you a good rookie draft pick. Go to create a player and set his age at 45. Set his years as a pro at 27. You can leave it as "New Player". Skip over "Build", "Appearance", and "Equipment". Go to attributes and set "Awareness" to 99. Now, go to "Throw Power" and "Throw Accuracy" and make them both 99. Exit and save your created player. Now, sign the player. Trade him to the team with the 1st round 1st pick. You should now have the 1st pick in the draft almost all the time. Additionally, use the following trick to get the 1st pick in every round in the draft. Turn off the trade deadlines. Now, trade all of your picks with the team with the worst record before the wild card week. You will get all of their picks, and if you have a good season, you can even trade one of your picks for 2 of theirs.
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Increase Overall Awareness, and Stamina in Practice mode 98%
How to: Increase your Overall, Awareness, and Stamina in Practice mode by having your superstar get practice points by getting a big gain on offense or creating a big loss on defense. You also can get your stats up by getting an agent that has access to the Performance Institute and get a medal on it:

Bronze 3 points
Silver 4 points
Gold 5 points

*** Your stats are not permanent. They will be reset after each game. You must do the practices and Performance Institute again to get them back up.
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New Apartment in NFL Superstar mode 98%
When you win a Super Bowl and are inducted to the Pro Bowl, you will move into a new apartment.
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Mansion in NFL Superstar Mode 96%
Be sure to win the Super Bowl twice and get into the Pro Bowl each time to get a sweet mansion.
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Better IQ in NFL Superstar mode 96%
Save the game before the IQ day and try it over again until your percentage is higher.
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Choosing your Parents 96%
How to: You do not get to in real life so enjoy this! Look for Olympic sprinters or a Hall Of Fame DB Dad (it will say that he ran a 4.2 for scouts). Don't worry about being too weak for the position, just make your player very muscular. Your DE or LB player will be very quick and you will rock the O line.
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Madden Cards 96%
To get a "Gold" in the following drills in mini-camp mode to unlock the listed card:

#3 All-Madden Chase and Tackle
#16 All-Madden Pocket Presence
#28 All-Madden Coffin Corner
#36 All-Madden Ground Attack
#40 All-Madden Precision Passing
#52 All-Madden Swat Ball
#58 All-Madden Clutch Kicking
#96 All-Madden Trench Fight
#194 Chase and Tackle
#195 Ground Attack
#197 Clutch Kicking
#199 Swat Ball
#208 Pocket Presence
#209 Trench Fight
#210 Precision Passing
#211 Coffin Corner
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Movie Line Oops 96%
Location: When you get the movie deal for Muligan O'malley in Superstar mode, in the last scene your line says "Mt. Dortiz". The correct line is actually "Ms. Dortiz".

When you get the movie deal for The Prosciutto, in the 2nd scene your line says "Is that a joke? You didn't pay for those meatballs". The actual line is "You didn't pay for these meatballs".
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Better RB in NFL Superstar mode 94%
How to: Make your father a Hall of Fame RB. When you get drafted, try to get on a team any team with a bad RB like the 49ers or. With those teams you will excel. Also if you get in the playoffs, play the games with 2 minute quarters. They are quick and easy to win.
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Movie Answers in NFL Superstar mode 94%
Answer the following scenes as listed during the movie deal:

Scene 1 Answer 3
Scene 2 Answer 2
Scene 3 Answer 2
Scene 4 Answer 1
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Everyone can fly 13%
By: wallwe567(46)
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