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MLB '06: The Show Cheats for PS2
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MLB '06: The Show PS2 Cheats

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MLB '06: The Show

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Hou to get top batting and piching 20%
Go to player manegment and trade players you dont want for the bast players in the leage for a exaple brad asumas and david ortiz and keep on doing it and save
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MLB '06: The Show 243182How do you get a staring spot in career mode Answers: 3
MLB '06: The Show 261129Can you get a spot on the majors roster out of spring Answers: 0
MLB '06: The Show 279393Is there a cheat you makes you get the cooperstown legens? Answers: 3
MLB '06: The Show 291610Is there any way I can undo the big head/ball cheat? i'm in career mode and I didnt want to keep it that way? Answers: 1
MLB '06: The Show 339810Hod do I reduce overhead on items and how do I maintain my income I alwayz go under and my net income for the year is in the negitives how do I help this ? Answers: 0
MLB '06: The Show 658784Can you help me find Justin Morneau's battingstance for career mode Answers: 0
MLB '06: The Show 658783How do you find Justin Morneau's batting stance Answers: 0
MLB '06: The Show 889122Hw do you access the free agents pool? I want my created dude on THE GIANTS (his name is Barry Bonds) Answers: 0
MLB '06: The Show 154432How do you unlock cooperstown legends Answers: 1
MLB '06: The Show 135675In career mode , my batters batting averrage always comes off the leader, and that makes it that I can't win mvp, how can I keep my players batting average on the leader boared for the whole year. Answers: 1
MLB '06: The Show 75509When you do your career how can you hit homers easy Answers: 2
MLB '06: The Show 134313How to unlock cooperstown legends? Answers: 1
MLB '06: The Show 87250How do I unlock golded era and how do I get different uniforms Answers: 0
MLB '06: The Show 262533How do you hit a home run Answers: 2
MLB '06: The Show 327872Is there a cheat for unlimited money in franchise mode..? Answers: 0
MLB '06: The Show 1216Is there anyway / how do I select the uniforms for my team each game? Answers: 3
MLB '06: The Show 1630How do i get jeff weaver Answers: 1
MLB '06: The Show 58676How u get mo trainin points Answers: 2
MLB '06: The Show 430537How do you fire a manager in MBL09 ? Answers: 0
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