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NFL Street 2 Cheats for PS2
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NFL Street 2 PS2 Cheats

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NFL Street 2

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Legends and Gridiron Park 100%
Hit every hot spot in every level to in quick game to unlock the legends.
Beat the NFL Legends in Own the City mode to unlock them.
Beat the NFL Gauntlet to unlock Gridiron Park.
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25000 Credits 100%
How to: Use a memory card with the following game saves on it and you will get an extra 25,000 credits when you start the game: Need for Speed Underground 2, NCAA Football 2005, NFL Madden 2005, NFL Street, SSX3.
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Max Catching 100%
How to: Enter MagnetHands in the cheat menu and players will have the highest possible catching statistic.
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Giant Player Mode 100%
How to: Enter BIGSmash in the cheats menu and all players will be enlarged during gameplay.
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Unlimited Turbo 100%
How to: Enter NozBoost in the cheat menu in NFL Street for a never ending supply of turbo.
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Other Team Fumbles 100%
How to: Enter GreasedPig in the cheat menu in NFL Street 2 and the other team will fumble constantly.
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Team Xzibit 100%
How to unlock: put in TeamXzibit at the cheat/code menu.
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No First Downs 100%
For no 1st downs enter: NoChains
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No Fumbles Mode 100%
Enter GlueHands in the cheat menu.
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Team Xzibit Mode 100%
How to unlock: Beat the 5 tutorials.
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Max. Catch,speed,tackle 100%
By: worm1400(11)
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Teams 98%
Description: Enter these codes at the cheat menu to unlock the specified team. These entries are case sensitive!
NFC North All-StarsNNAS66784
Reebok TeamReebok
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Gridiron Park 96%
How to: Enter GRIDIRONPRK in the cheat menu to unlock Gridiron Park.
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EA Field 96%
How to: Enter EAField in the cheat menu.
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Get the EAField,Get Unlimited Turbo,And get All Fumble Mode 57%
Go to the cheat menu and type in EAField to get the EAField,do the same thing exept type NozBoost to get Unlimited Turbo and do the same thing but type in GreasedPig to get all fumble mode.
By: owen67890(43)
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Unlock team exibit 55%
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EA Park Glitch 50%
When your in the EA park (must put in cheat at cheat menu for the park) you will notice that the gates at the end of the field is open.You can go back there and nothing will happen.
(The cheat is EAField at the cheat menu/E,A and F have to capitals the rest dont)
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