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NHL 07 Cheats for PS2
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NHL 07 PS2 Cheats

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NHL 07

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Spin Deke 90%
Hold L1 and then press Triangle, then move the Analog-stick Up or Down for the direction to spin to.
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Recommended player 86%
When playing in Dynasty mode,you can start with any team. After the 1st year, when selecting free agents, choose a player named S. Whitaker. He is 16 years old and has 99 potential. He starts off with 82 overall, but by the time he is 18 years old, he will be a superstar with 99 overall.
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Great Player on team 51%
If you go to free angets and see a weird kid who has a 82 average take him because he will get a 95 or 97 averge when he is 19 or 20. NOTE you can only get him before your frist game and if you did play it he will be on another team and you can never trade for him FOR ANYONE IN THE GAME
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Fighting 45%
With fighting . hit a good player on there team then change to a line where u have a fighter on a line. if you make a team yourself and put all star players you won't fight as much cause the players arent fighters. pick up some gritty power forwards EX..Tucker
Chris Neil. Avery. the'll scrap anything.
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Get any two picks 45%
When in franchise mode trade your 5th round pick for any two picks and the opposing teams 5th round pick. ( ex 5th rnd pick for 1st 2nd 5th rnd pick) it will except it. although most of the time it DOES work sometimes it will not if it is two 1st rnd picks.
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Best Players 33%
Best Players:

RW: Danny Heatly
LW: Alexander Ovechkin
C: Sidney Crosby
D: Mark Eaton
G: Martin Brodeaur

C: Eric Staul
C: Alexi Yashin
D: Brooks Orpik
G: Marc-Andre Fleary
C: Jason Spezza
D: Sergi Gonchar
C: Alex Tanguay
By: Beef Jerky(262)
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Spin deak 33%
Pres x when you have the puck
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Never lose 27%
While playin press up down up down up down left right circle(9) times
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Win the Stanley Cup 25%
Make up at least 30 custom teams then go to season or dynasty and sub all the nhl teams for all customs then pick the best team to be the playoffs do not simulate your games.
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U can fly 23%
Ok in the game pause it and press x,x,x,circle and now you can fly
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No salary Cap 22%
To get no salary cap, instead of going to dynasty mode, simply go to season mode, and you will no longer have a salary cap
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Get double players 22%
Simply make a new team and take whatever player you want from what ever team, after when you substitue your new team for an nhl team their will be 2 of your players, one on your team, and one on the other team!
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Easie wins 22%
Put it on 2 player thean press select on 2nd remote, thean score with 1st ... or just shoot from the middel. You will be shure to win
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Change 21%
Your press x to change players
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Goalie mode 16%
At main menu press up(3) times down(7) times and sqaure(11) times after that whenever you play a game you will play as goalie
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NHL 07 594495Ok people the trick shot between the legs is advertised for nhl 07 and watching clips before games in playoffs even shows the players doing it so how do you do it on xbox it can be done and you dont need a skill stick as there isn't one but it still advertises the trick shot? Answers: 1
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