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Pac-Man World 3 Cheats for PS2
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Pac-Man World 3 PS2 Cheats

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Pac-Man World 3

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

All levels and mazes 88%
From MAIN MENU, quickly press Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, Up to unlock levels and mazes.
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Pac Man Help 61%
On Each level there's a secret path way with a maze. On Gogekka Central there's a path way next to the first level savegame somwhere in the wall, try to find it. Behind that it's secret elevator. With elevator you can enter the Ervin's Fortress level skipping the all other levels.
on each spectral level there's a path way too skip to the next spectral level and bonus Maze.
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Pacman world 3 cheats 40%
Super punch: X,L1,O,O,R2
unlock all levels and mazes:left, right,circle,up
By: victoriafaye(167)
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Pac-Man World 3 484250How do I find alll the fruits on all the levels? Answers: 1
Pac-Man World 3 546484On the level Cragstone Bridge, I have destroyed the syphon, moved on to the monsters, killed the Mighty Lummox, and when I revroll on the thing to make the gate go down, I see a melon on a revroll plate behind a closed gate and an enclosed wall behind it. How in the world do I get to it? Answers: 2
Pac-Man World 3 692812How do you get millons of lifes? Answers: 1
Pac-Man World 3 773118How do I get the melon that is behind a wall and a rev-roll plate Answers: 1
Pac-Man World 3 880835I am at the "BOSS LEVEL". How do I defeat Erwin? Answers: 1
Pac-Man World 3 387005How do you get to the next level in the ancient catacombs? I defeated the robot things, had the ghost solidify everything, and walked up top. Answers: 2
Pac-Man World 3 426055I am stuck at the top where you have to jump across the pistons before the bomb explodes. I either run out of time and the bomb explodes, or I fall off. Packman appears to be tired. How do I get past this stage? Any trick? I have been at this point for 3 days. Answers: 1
Pac-Man World 3 505138How can I beat level 23? I'm stuck at the part where you have to jump to the other side. Answers: 0
Pac-Man World 3 529806I am on level five and I cant figure out how to get past where there are the dissapearing purple blocks? Answers: 1
Pac-Man World 3 531314How do I open the secret elevator on g.c Answers: 0
Pac-Man World 3 531367How do I get the blue and green crystals Answers: 0
Pac-Man World 3 717605How to kill first boss? Answers: 1
Pac-Man World 3 724290I am stuck in catacomb how to get out from here? Answers: 1
Pac-Man World 3 752883Ancient catacombs. How do you get the green and blue crystals? Answers: 1
Pac-Man World 3 802923I'm stuck in the spectral relmes (sorry for my bad spelling) i've raised all the towers with the mirriors on them now how do I use the ramp to get to the other side. I know you use the rev roll but I always end up hitting the trampoline thing and get bounced back. PLEASE HELP! Answers: 1
Pac-Man World 3 829364What do I have to do to beat erwin on the last level. I'm not sure what to bounce on once the force field is down? Answers: 1
Pac-Man World 3 832660Where are the silver pac statues located in the spectral realm level Answers: 0
Pac-Man World 3 840869How do you jump up the wall in the first part of pac man Answers: 1
Pac-Man World 3 847218Where is the secret maze at cragstone bridge? I have gone through the entire level 10 times and still cant find it! Answers: 0
Pac-Man World 3 853690In the level Gogekka Central, getting past the second group of Spectrals and then making the path to the Syphon, when I re-enter the room with the smokers and the lock doors, the way back to the small room where the spectrals were won't open no matter what I do. Help? Answers: 1
Pac-Man World 3 863628In level cragstone brige how do I swing from the first pole to the second pole? Answers: 0
Pac-Man World 3 875287In the ancient caverns how do I get the blue diomond? Answers: 0
Pac-Man World 3 902238Answer this question for me I keep on rev rolling on the ramp where the strawberry is and I hold the [] button and I even jump while im in the rev roll every time and you know where the hole in the ice is my character pac man keeps on missing the hole and he loses wedge lives every time can you plz help me so I can get the level over with Answers: 0
Pac-Man World 3 920613How do you get to the door way up top on the right? Answers: 0
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