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Resident Evil 4 Cheats for PS2
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Resident Evil 4 PS2 Cheats

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Resident Evil 4

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Best gun set ever 82%
Red9: fully upgraded is bettar
striker: fully upgraded is usefull
rifle with scope: upgraded is powerfull
broken butterfly: very important to upgrade
minethrower: very very usefull after upgraded
T.M.P.: not so usefull in starting but fully upgraded is awosome
By: akbarsmk(113)
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Chapter 2-2 Barricade Scene (HINT) 78%

Climb the stairs, giving the floor to the top and collect everything you can, hoping that Ganados come. Put yourself at the top of the stairs to shoot the Ganados, which are unable to reach you, if you're a player at least middle class.
Stay alert at the top floor windows, as several Ganados can climb the stairs and surprise you. Not empty down the stairs, just to shoot them and make them fall, not to lose control on the floor from below.
When Luis Sera walk up to the top, everything becomes easier, because you have a cover. Throw some grenades when you need and when you see you're losing control, (this does not happen much, but it is possible) keeps you close to the Luis Sera, stopped, but the running order for all sides to avoid surprises.
When I come to this part, I usually pass this without receiving damage.
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Resident Evil 4 Advanced Handgun Guide 77%
Resident Evil 4: Advanced Handgun Guide for PlayStation 2. Covers Handgun Progression and Upgrade Choices, Punisher, Red 9, Blacktail, Matilda. The Tables and figures expressed in this guide represent data collected while playing the PlayStation 2 version of the game.

Read the Guide --> Resident Evil 4 Advanced Handgun [Guide]
By: CheatMaster(6056)
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Extra health 77%
When in chapter 1.3 or 2.1 you will come across a this lake you will find some fish. shoot the fish with your gun until it dies. get on the boat and get the fish. its a recovery idem. the fish can be 2 different sizes. if there is a L beside the fish type it will restore all health,if not it will restore half health .NOTE bigger fish take up 12 spaces in your inventory small fish take up 3.
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Save Ammo on Traps 77%
Instead of wasting ammo shooting bear traps, pull out your knife, get close enough and strike the center piece of the trap. The line bombs most of the time have a way around them so before you shoot away look for another way around.
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Kill saddler very very fast !! 77%
You will see a eye on his leg . shoot it with a black tail with a full abgrade and exlosived power . when he go down go to hem and press ''x'' do it again a few more times
when ''ada'' comes and throw a special rucket launcher and hit him with it .
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Resident Evil 4 Monster Tip 77%
When fighting the villagers, try not to shoot at there heads. If it pops and the worm-like thing coming out of thier head takes place, throw a flash grenade. This will make it pop on contact. Save precious ammo!
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BONUS 3 76%
Successfully complete the game in Professional mode. The merchant will
give you a PRL 412 laser cannon when you start Round 2 of Professional
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Survival Tips 76%
1. Always keep ammo handy, for a gun you always use, when in need to kill enemies always reload your ammo, no matter if its empty or not.

2. know the areas well and always try to blow the enemies up with the gas barrows, to save ammo.

3. when your with Ashly, again know your surrounding's because then you can tell her to wait, for she will not be harmed.

4. always make sure you have health on you at all times.
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How to unlock everything in 5 minutes! 76%
This video shows how to unlock everything in Resident Evil 4 in 5 minutes!
Resident Evil 4 cheat video Cheat Video
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Bridge kills 76%
In the bridge where you must jump over the hole near the church,enemys will jump to you.
simply knife them when they jump for instant kill.
By: agilix(249)
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Killing fast 76%
Shoot the chainsaw men on their head or on their leg then suplex them
trust me I've beten the game 64 times
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The quickest way to complete the puzzle when playing as Ashley in Chapter
3-4 is as follows. The layout of the puzzle's squares is referred as:
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Press X on the following in this order: 4, 7, 8, 9, 6, 3, 1, 7, 9.
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Hidden Item in Resident Evil 4 76%
Here is a video showing a secret item in Resident Evil 4.
Resident Evil 4 cheat video Cheat Video
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Killing saddler super duper fast (leon) but worth 76%
Before fight saddler there is a merchant buy rocket launcher then go to the building to fight saddler use shotgun or riot gun or striker to make him dizzy then go a little far to use rocket launcher to kill saddler then ada give leon a special rocket launcher. use it to kill saddler.
By: hokyws(75)
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More Money at the Beginning 76%
In the village,there's a place where there are ganados.They will see you no matter what you do.To get more money,try to leave the village and an angry chainsaw men will come to kill you.After that enter the house beside the tower then another chainsaw men will appear then a cutscene will play.After that go to the second floor then get the shotgun to make the battle easier.The first chainsaw men will drop a ruby that can be sell for 10000 pesetas and if you killed the other one,it will drop 10000 pesetas again.You should have 20000 pesetas after that.
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Kill 2 gandos inside the house 76%
When yo start the game go into the house and kill the ganados then go upstairs then you will see two ganados outside shoot them then go out and kill the rest
By: chris redfieild(44)
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One shot kill all 75%
Make them gather in one place,then use the shotgun to kill it
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Successfully complete the Separate Ways mini-game to unlock the Chicago
Typewriter (Tommy gun with infinite ammunition) for purchase (for 1
million Pesetas).
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When you are in the area where you are just about see the intermission
sequence with Luis dying, there will be a door that lets you know that you
will need another person for it. After you get Ashley back, return to this
door. Give Ashley a piggyback and she will open the door. Inside will be a
lot of treasure, and the powerful Broken Butterfly. You do not have to buy
it from the merchant or sell it for money. Additionally, the strongest
Magnum is not the Killer 7. When you tune up and buy the exclusive option
of the Broken Butterfly its power will increase to 50.0, far stronger than
the Killer 7's 35.0. You can kill a Boss in four shots.
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Try not to get surrounded by them. Make sure they are in a group. Take out
whatever rifle you have and shoot them all in the head until the snake
thing appears. Wait until they are all like, then throw a flash grenade to
kill all of them at once. This works well on all of them, and saves
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Get the punisher 75%
To get punisher shoot 10 medalion and talk to the merchant and go to buy screen and you dont have buy with cash you will get free punisher
By: hot166(183)
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Defeat the chainsaw men very easy 75%
Shoot the chainsaw men on the head
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Saddler 1 hit kill 75%
TO DO THIS you must beat the professional first,then repeat the game and buy P.R.L 412 and when you battle saddler equip P.R.L and shoot him with the P.R.L full charge.and saddler will be dead
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Puzzle with asley code 75%
The quickest way to complete the puzzle when playing as Ashley in Chapter
3-4 is as follows. The layout of the puzzle's squares is referred as:
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Press X on the following in this order: 4, 7, 8, 9, 6, 3, 1, 7, 9
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Money in 74%
Ok, the one thng we need in resident evil 4 is money or "pesetas" as they call them in the game, i don't remember what chapter is it, but its after u kill the thng that salasar sends to kill you, when u have to get the "offerings to the lion" when u get the stone "offerings to the lion" there will be a rock door that will open for u to get out, before you get out, go to each corner of the room, in one of the corners, u won't see them, but there are about 6 chests of pesetas, it will just say "take" just press "x" and get that money!
By: RIDDLEBOX963(85)
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When around the village stage, some trees will have bird nests. Shoot them
down to get valuable jewels to sell to the merchant.
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Easy way to defeat the boss 74%
Here are some tips based on my experience playing RE4 (normal and professional level):

DEL LAGO: hit Del Lago when it don't drag you near the trees.

EL GIGANTE: The most effective weapon for beating el gigante is TMP, so make sure you have sufficient amount of TMP ammo. shoot el gigante till the parasite come out of his back, then use knife, for normal level it took only 4 attemp to defeat el gigante.

RIGHT-GATE EL GIGANTE: same as above

LEFT SIDE EL PASO (chainsaw at the camp) : First, kill all the weakling while avoiding the chainsaw. I ussualy employ the hit and run tactic using shotgun (one hit and then run). after all the weakling gone, lure the el paso (two of them) to the ground, then climb the stair quickly. after that you can just let them climb the stair and knock down the stair repeatedly. Sure it took some time to kill them but it safe tou LOTS of ammo

CHIEF BITORES MENDEZ: In the Chief's first form, use Grenades to damage him. On his second, use either TMP or Flash Grenades to bring him to the floor, then blast him with a Shotgun.

GARRADOR: Lure the Garrador to attack you while you are near the wall. wait for his claw to stuck at the wall blast him with shotgun/magnum/rifle. You can also distract him with the bell, you can knife it or shot it with handgun. And make sure you walk, don't run or else he'll hear you

CAGE GARRADOR: Quickly break the lock using shotgun, then get out. Get rid of the weakling (the monks). Kill the Garrador using the same tactic as above

King Grail Knight : Make sure you have at least 3 flash granade. This is really essential, cause once the head gone you can get rid of the ganados by throwing your flash grenade

DOS GARRADORES: Get rid of the monks first. Then you deal with the garrados one at a time. Use your magnum at close range shot to maximize the kill damage

VERDUGO: Now actually it's very easy if you haven't use the rocket launcher that you get from before. Use the liquid nitrogen to freeze him then shot him with rocket launcher..done!

DOS GIGANTES: Get rid one gigantes by pulling the lever the lava pit. Careful not too close to the lava pit bacause the gigantes will drag you to the lava pit. After that deal with the second gigantes using the tactic same as I write before

Salazar statue rampage : Make sure you shot the lock on the door (using riffle) before the statue chase you. It will make you less panic when the you reach the door :P

RAMON SALAZAR: Buy rocket launcher from the mercenaries outside. Shot the eye one time with magnum until salazar leave exposed. SHot him with rocket launcher...DONE!

"IT": This is the one that I hated the most. Only use big damage weapon to deal with this thing (shotgun/granade launcher/magnum). Maximze the use of red drum (explosive material) by lure him near it.

JACK KRAUSER: Forget Magnum as the most effective weapon to defeat krauser. One word... KNIFE! I found it the most effective weapon to defeat him in close range. Make sure you knife him at the right time, timing is really essential here. The tricky part actually is when he shot you with explosive and TMP, you have to hit him first with riffle or TMP in order to lure him closer to you.

OSMOND SADDLER: The most essential thing to defeat saddler is your aiming. always aim for the eye in his feet. after the main eye come out you can balst it with your magnum. DO it several time until Aida gave you the rocket launcher.

The most essential thing in this game is actually your ammo management, especially the big gun ammo (TMP/shotgun/magnum/riffle). I strongly recommend you to maximize your handgun. Always aim for the head or the foot.
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Easy way to kill super salvedor 74%
In mercenaries if yo have unlocked hank shoot him in the head,then do a neckebreaker.if neckbreaker doesn't work if he is on the ground throw 4 handgreanades at him
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Easy way to beat the game on Pro mode 73%
If you want an easy way to win on pro mode is try not to waste alot of ammo on 1 guy especially when you need the pistol ammo for chapters that your gonna face when your starting pro mode. You might wanna buy alot of stuff to help you out in later objectives. Don't be afraid of chainsaws if a chainsaw man or woman is next to you and you have space to run, run! If you think your gonna die because there close to you just simply get any good weapon like the tmp and shoot their legs kick them then run! On the first battle with Cheif Mendez before you fight him get a launcher from the merchant if you don't have enough money sell items if your gonna lose your favorite weapons don't be mad because you can buy it again with the money Mendez will drop when he's dead. He will leave about 30000ptas along with an eyeball. Ok when you bought the rocket launcher don't shoot him with it when he gots his whole body in one piece. Just keep on shooting him with powerful guns make sure he does not get anywhere near you. When he only has half body shoot him with a rocket launcher then your done with that boss. Just keep on buying rocket launchers for big bosses like the garradors, salazar, U3 then knife it after you shot it with a rocket launcher. Make sure you don't miss because these things are expensive. You can kill yourself if you miss so you can start that level all over. Collect the bosses money as soon as possible cause it can disappear. Save shotgun ammo for chainsaw men and the minecartride and the bull dozer ride. To kill those regenators just shoot there chest and stomache area. I recommend you buy a rifle though with special scope because you don't waste alot of ammo make sure to buy tresure maps to find valueable tresures you can use to sell or use them to save money from buying rocket launchers . Hope this helped if it did'int you can look on walkthroughs/speedruns on youtube thats the easiest way I suppose . When you complete the game on pro youve just earned your PRL 412 powerful gun used for destroying parasites only.
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Yeah, i'm a pro 73%
The best way to complete the game in Professional mode is to first
complete the Separate Ways mini-game. You will unlock Ashley's knight
costume and Leon's gangster costume. Selecting Ashley's knight costume
makes Professional mode a lot easier. Ashley cannot be injured or carried
away. Use her for bait when needed. At least half the enemies will go
directly for her, giving you time to kill them and keep your distance from
a crowd. This also works well on El Gigante.
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Cocktail tower 73%
When you first enter the village and you have to kill the people DO NOT climb in the tower just passed the chainsaw guy's house. they will throw flaming cocktails at you. you can't die but you will have pretty much no health.
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Killing salazars right hand 73%
By: leon212121(43)
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Jack Krauser!! 73%
Remember Leon and Jack Swap Knives in the first encounter.( where Ada intervenes in the middle of the battle)..this is the hint to use knife with him.  At the main battle when he is attacking you use your knife to stab him and do the button combo things.
Again on the top of the building repeat the process and see how fast he dies.
By: ksitiz(49)
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Kill a man without ammo 73%
First , get near them. when they attack you , walk backwards and don't panic. then knife his / her face and kick him/her. when he/her on ground knife him/her many times.

Advanced by me.
By: agilix(249)
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Control title screen 73%
At the title screen, press the Right Analog-stick to move the background.
Press R1 to zoom in or L1 to zoom out.
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Ashley's knight costume 73%
Successfully complete the Separate Ways mini-game to unlock Ashley's
knight costume and Leon's gangster costume. Ashley's suit of armor is
bullet and damage proof. She cannot get hurt by anything and it is so
heavy she cannot be carried away. You do not have to worry about giving
her First Aid Sprays, Herbs, or shooting Ganados trying to pick her up.
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More Ammo 73%
When you dont have any ammo left in a gun, go to the merchant and upgrade the capacity of that gun. By doing this, he will refill your gun with ammo.
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Ultimate Boss Tips 72%
Here I will give you the best tip I can for each boss. Hope it helps:

DEL LAGO: Do not try and hit Del Lago when you are near the trees. Anywhere else, throw a harpoon whenever you can.

EL GIGANTE: Shoot El Gigante with your TMP, and wait for the wolf. When the wolf appears, ignore El Gigante and start raiding the huts. Then equip your Shotgun and blast away. DO NOT shoot the parasite. Knife it using the X prompt.


CHIEF BITORES MENDEZ: In the Chief's first form, use Hand and Incendiary Grenades to damage him. On his second, use either TMP or Flash Grenades to bring him to the floor, then blast him with a Shotgun.

GARRADOR: Not really any tips here to be honest. Don't use Shotguns or the Rifle to shoot the bells, don't run or walk directly behind the Garrador, and don't use Grenades.

CAGE GARRADOR: No tip required, you don't even need to kill it. However if you insist, make sure you don't engage it INSIDE the cage.

DOS GARRADORES: Get rid of the monks first, they'll only cause trouble. Try and focus on just one Garrador at a time. Don't bother with the bells.

VERDUGO: Probably the most infuriating boss in the game. Now, you don't HAVE to kill it, but it makes your job harder if you just try and avoid it. Take advantage of the nitrogen tanks whenever you can and use your Magnum when he's frozen.

DOS GIGANTES: You probably already know by now that you can pull the lever to tip one of the Gigantes in the lava pit. AFTER the pit has closed, you can engage the second in combat, using your Shotgun and TMP.

RAMON SALAZAR: Move to the left/right side of the room and use your TMP (not your Rifle) to shoot Salazar's eye. Then use your Magnum or Rifle to shoot Salazar when he appears. Under no circumstances should you jump in the pit.

U3: This boss is a really slimy bugger. I won't give you any tips for the cage fight, as that should be fairly obvious. For the big fight though, be sure to use your Magnum, and your Minethrower works well too. Don't bother using the gates.

JACK KRAUSER: Now this is a fight. Incredibley difficult if you don't have the right weaponary. What you should have however are Hand Grenades and a Magnum ready. Don't forget your dodging manouvers.

OSMOND SADDLER: Right then, this is the biggie. The clincher. And you know what? It's not really that hard. The eyes are your target so use a simple handgun to shoot them, knife Saddler in the eye, then go and grab the Rocket Launcher that Ada chucks at you, and fire it at him. Bingo! Job done!
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Cheats for Resident Evil 4 72%
Here is some cheats for Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4 cheat video Cheat Video
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Easy Krouser Kill 72%
At this point you should have a souped up killer 7 with a 35.0 fire power rating. With this weapon equipped you get to Krouser, wait until he is in your face and moves his shield to strike you. Fire and he will drop before hitting you then you can shoot him up close and personal without having to waste ammunition on shooting his feet. You will take him down in less than a minute.
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The salazar statue hidden switch 72%
The Salazar Statue has a hidden switch in the back of it's head.
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Tap X(2) when the "Open" action appears to kick open or down some doors
instead of nudging them by hand. This will give you an advantage, as any
enemies behind the door will be sent flying back.
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Beerstein w/g,y,r catseye 72%
Get the beerstein and mix it with the green,red,and yellow catseye and I think you will get 20,000 money I think I forgot.
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How to make easy money! 72%
If you want to make easy money its easy just kill birds if theirs a group jus throw a incenedary grenade(the red ones) if not jus use a handgun or a rifle and make sure not to scare them. Note: some will give you money but some wont they will give you like a grenade or something.
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Secret enemy 72%
There is a 2 doors before you meet el gigante. The One is a way through the swamp, and the other is to a merchant. After you take royal insignia, you will meet a merchant after get on a boat. Get outta there and open the door to the swamp and look at what you'll find there...
By:PattKennedy (i had completed the game 10x)
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How to kill Salazar in 20 seconds 71%
Firstly, equip your Shotgun/Riot Gun/Striker and move to the right side of the room. Blast the tentacle and it should go in on the first shot. Then equip your Rifle/Semi-Rifle and sniper the eye twice. Salazar will reveal himself. Equip your Rocket Launcher and take a blast. Salazar will be dead.
By: clarky241(996)
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Get a four star rank in the following areas to unlock the corresponding
character in the Mercenaries mini-game:
Ada Wong: Pueblo
Albert Wesker: Waterworld
Hunk: Island Commando Base
Jack Krauser: Castle
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Wear Leon's gangster costume and have the Chicago Typewriter as a weapon.
Hold R1 and press Square. Leon will take off his hat, re-adjust it, then
put it back in place. Repeat this until he throws his hat in the air,
catches it, then strikes a pose.
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Resident evil pain for leon cheat 71%
When ashely get the night armer go up a ladder and then jump down and catch ashely and watch leons eyes go in pain
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Easy way to kill Big chainsaw Guy on mecernaries with wesker 71%
First throw a flash grenade at him. Then shoot him three times with the Killer7
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When Ashley is on a cliff or still up a ladder, you can aim your gun up at
her. She will grab her skirt and call you a pervert.
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Combination items 71%
If you have the following,combine them to sell them more expensive: catseye+beerstein gem+elegant mask eye+butterfly lamp jewels+royal insignia stone of faith+green stone of judgment+blue stone of treason +golden lynx
By: raikugen09(399)
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Gallery room , castle underground , puzzle cheats 71%
Gallery room :

turn all numbers once , start from 1 till 4

castle underground (When playing ashley) :

move the emblem above the empty space to the empty space, then move the emblem from the left of the new empty space to the empty space. All through until you completed the puzzle.

More puzzle hints and cheats here , contact me
By: agilix(249)
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Good bey chief mendez 71%
The best way to beat chief mendez in less than one minute is to shot hem at least with 35

shots with the t m p then throw incindary grenade then he will turn to that some thing

ok now go as far as possable from hem shot hem with 30 bolts at least then throw 2

incidary grenade saves ammo now go up collecet herps and other things then head to

that hole in the wall

hope I helped.
By: shawish(6)
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Resident evil 4 70%
Complete professional mode to unlock a space gun
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Quick money or health 70%
If you mix a Green, Red, and Yellow Herb, you can sell it for a lot of
money, or use it to restore health and increase the maximum health. Use it
when you are low on health so that you do not waste the health recovery
from it.
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The knight's puzzle 70%
When you get the stone tablet(as ashley),head to the puzzle,this puzzle is very tricky but I found out the easiest way:there is a space on the middle of the puzzle..put the stone tablet(not the one you found)on the left side of the space to the the middle-left has a space.then rotate the rest of the stone tablets clockwise until you leave a space on the south-east portion of the puzzle.then put the stone tablet you found on the space and the stone tablet is complete,then the door will open then proceed to the next room
By: raikugen09(399)
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Unlockable gun's + item's 70%
Infinate launcer: beat the game matinda: beat the game P.R.L.412: beat the game on pro mode handcanon: get 5STAR rank all the stage with all the charactar's in mencharis mode chicargo tyerptear: beat serpyate ways chicargo tyerptear in serpyate ways mode: beat aggesment ada
By: akbarsmk(113)
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Ashley can 69%
This is how you unlock the special suit for ashley that she can't die by a rocket launcher or the chicago typewriter.First beat the Main game once and then beat seperate ways once.By doing this you unlocked the pimp suit with Leon, chicago typewriter can now be purchased, and the armor suit for ashey is unlocked.To wear this special suit go to laod or new game it should say "Special1 Special2 Normal" click on special 2 and now you have the invincible suit with ashley
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MERECENARIES -all about them tips. 69%
Go to the top of the barn (located next to the house where you found the
shotgun in the main game). There is also a timer under the ladder, and a
chest above, and up the ladder. Go up there and wait for the Los
Illuminados to come to you. When they are mostly packed in, shoot the
barrel inside and jump down quickly. Get what they dropped. Get back up
the ladder and repeat. Note: Do not throw a grenade while there is a flame
barrel down there it will not do twice the damage. Also, be careful of
the Chainsaw Hags that appear. They will cut off your head if you get too
close. It is best if you are Hunk or Krauser to use the neck break and
the transformation of Krauser's arm, which kills them in one hit. With Ada
or Wesker, use their sniper rifles until they are both gone, then jump
down, With Leon try grenades, but it is very difficult.
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Infinite launcher : spiked roofstop 69%
When you at the castle,right before the room when the roof are falling with spikes.put out your infinte launcher and shot the roof ( don't go inside or else you miss the change).
when you enter the room,and after the cutscene over,the cailing will never go down.
By: agilix(249)
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Resident evil 4 69%
Complete seperate ways to unlock the infinite chicago typewriter
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Throw a flash grenade in the middle of a group of birds. All of them will
die instantly, leaving lots of gold. This also works with the Granadas
when their heads are transformed.
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Upgrade your first pistol all the way so it gets more headshots, then when you see a zombie, shoot it's leg, then when it gets on it's knee's shoot it in the head. enjoy
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Kill Salazar's "right hand" that you need to use the liquid nitrogen tanks
on to receive the "Crown Jewels". which fit into the "Crown" treasure
item. This is difficult try using the Chicago Typewriter.
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Easy to kill zalazar for 30000 pesetas 69%
First buy a rocket launcher then go fight zalazar go to the left/right of the room and shoot zalazar eye with tmp and shoot zalazar with rocket launcher

by:axel keane finanta
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How to unlock the handcannon 68%
Defeat reident evil 4 on any mode and you will unlock the mercenaries . once you have got 4 or more stars on each level you will unlock diffrent charecters . these include leon,ada,krauser,hunk and wesker. then get a 5 star rating on each level with each charecter and there you go. from roberto.
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Perfect Weapon 68%
Whenever you are fighting bosses,you should use any guns with Magnum ammo.
By: zombiekid(1184)
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Normally, if you jump down a ladder and try to look up Ashley's skirt, she
will grab it and call you a pervert. However, there is a location where
she does not do this. In Chapter 2-3, go to the lifts, after going down
one of the paths. Climb onto one and go all the way down to the other
side, shooting the Gonadas coming up on other lifts and the ones on the
platforms. Once you get all the way down, go down the stairs nearby. Go to
the cave that is here that has window-like holes. Be careful, as there are
two dynamite wielding Gonadas at the entrance. Kill them then jump over
the wall and go up the ladder. Kill the Gonada. Jump down, but leave
Ashely up there. Try looking up her skirt with a sniper. She will not grab
her skirt and call you a pervert because she is too high up. Note: There
are more ladders where you can do this. Find one with a large drop and it
should work. For example, if you have already gotten past Chapter 2-3, you
can do this trick on the ladder you go down just after defeat Saddler in
the final chapter.
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Extra handgun ammo 68%
You can knife bear traps shut to save ammo,trust me I beat the game.
By: Batista45(321)
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Note: Save your game before each encounter when trying to see the
following death scenes:

Betrayal: When you are in the cabin surrounded by Ganados, shoot Luis Sera
about five to eight times. An intermission sequence will begin.

Chief Mendez: In the barn fight, do not evade his grab in the intermission

Del Lago (before fighting him): Stand on the dock by the lake where you
fight the giant alligator (Del Lago). Fire your shotgun into the water
several times. Eventually, Del Lago will come out and eat you.

Del Lago (when fighting him): After getting knocked out of the boat, swim
back until you are just in reach of the boat. Del Lago will appear from
underneath. Additionally, after killing Del Lago, do not cut the rope.

Giant insects: Let them vomit on you.

"It": "It" has three ways of killing Leon. The first is when he is on the
roof. He will grab Leon and snap his neck. Another is when he has the
scissors tail. He will grab Leon by the legs and cut him in half. The
finwl way happens after the three cages fall and the final fight on the
cliff side begins. Shoot him until he goes underground. Allow him to kill
you when he pops from under you.

Knife fight: At the end, let him press the knife through the cavity.

Molotov cocktails: In the beginning of the game, go up the ladder into the
tower and wait for the villagers to burn you alive.

Prison Boss: Have low life and let him kill you with the first hit of his
charge. He should impale you twice.

Regenerators: Both normal and spiked varieties have their own style of
killing Leon.

Two Los Gigantes: In the magma floor/pool, activate the switch and stand
next to the pool.

Trap door floor: Let Leon fall through the trap door that Salazar actives.

Wolves: When they jump on you, they will ravage your face. Once Leon is
killed, look at their teeth.
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How to kill with knife safely 68%
Climb on some roof with leaders and take your knife, but be shore that's the only way up so noone will come other way around and harm you, go near leaders by the edge of roof. Then you can cut enemies before they touch you while ther're climbing towards you. sorry for my english =)
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Once you gain access to the tunnel with the merchant beyond Pueblo, return
to the farm area and wait for the chickens there to lay eggs. Exit and
re-enter to begin the same process over again. After you fill your
inventory, you can return to the nearby merchant to sell your eggs. White
chicken eggs sell for 300 Pesetas, brown eggs for 600 Pesetas, and golden
eggs for 3,000 Pesetas.
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Killing the iron maiden by a knife 68%
When your in the lab in 5.2 or 5.3 you will see the spiked regenerator knife his leg he will fall down and knife his chest while hes down and wait for him to die
By: slingshot(51)
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Run1.3 times faster then normal 68%
Equip the striker gun and right before the laser sight turns on quickly press the start button and equip another gun .this cheat will stop working when you open a door and when you equip the striker again.
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You can kill the merchant at any time in the game. On the normal
difficulty setting, he just dies then comes back at the next place, or
sometimes when you leave the room and come back in. However, on the
professional difficulty setting, once he dies, he remains dead.
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List of treasures/items that's worth thousands!!! 68%
SALAZAR FAMILY CROWN (Crown, Crown's Jewel, Royal Insignia)...
GOLDEN LYNX (Blue stone of Treason, Green stone of Judgement, Red stone of Hope)...
BUTTERFLY LAMP (Green Eye, Blue Eye, Red Eye)...
BEERSTEIN (Red Catseye, Blue Catseye, Yellow Catseye)...
ELEGANT MASK (Purple Gem, Green Gem, Orange Gem)...
PEARL PENDANT (must be clean!)...
KING'S STICK (I don't recall d actual name for this treasure but it's worth 18000 ptas that u'll find inside a deadman's tomb be4 d mine cart)
By: muzibecool(189)
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Use the D-pad and Analog-stick together to aim faster than normal.
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Free shotgun 68%
While in your first trap in the village,inside the place where all the zombies and the chainsaw guy comes in the cabin that your in, you'll find a wall upstairs. Go upstairs and you will find a shotgun on the wall.The cabin is located right next to the guy that got burned. Turn left and you will see a cabin with a fence.Get the shotgun before the chainsaw guy busts in the cabin.After that get everything to get ready for battle.Fire away the chainsaw guy and he will die.
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Successfully complete the Separate Ways mini-game to unlock Ashley's
knight costume and Leon's gangster costume. Ashley's suit of armor is
bullet and damage proof. She cannot get hurt by anything and it is so
heavy she cannot be carried away. You do not have to worry about giving
her First Aid Sprays, Herbs, or shooting Ganados trying to pick her up.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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PRL 412 cannon 68%
Successfully complete the game in Professional mode. The merchant will
give you a PRL 412 laser cannon when you start Round 2 of Professional
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When you first get to the church, defeat everyone in the area. Then,
return to the church and shoot the bell above. Villagers will arrive in a
groups of three to six Gonados. You can continue this process as much as
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Medallions 68%
If you shoot 15/15 medallions instead of 10/15 medallions you will get the free Punisher with firepower 2.0, whereas it would have been 0.9 if you shot ten.
By: clarky241(996)
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Beating U3/IT on a PS2 68%
If you have a ps2 like I do, then beating U3/ IT isn't really easy/ Once you get out of the maze and onto safe ground, you dive through the door. Run around the rock and blow the barrel up in his face. Run to the lever and open it, on the other side close it, locking him behind it. This gives you, about 6 seconds, run around past the next barrel. It will burst through and blow that up in his face. Run through the next gate, close it. Agian you have about 6 seconds. When he bust through you want to hit the worm that is above his head, not him, kill the worm you kill him. You should have a rocket launcher, if not, get one. Back up and hit him he should fall. Run because he'll get back up, Next hit him with your striker as many times as you can, make sure it's the worm not him! That should kill for good.
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Easy money in castle 68%
Look behind every painting of Saddler to find 5,000 Pesetas.
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Shoot out the legs of everyone, then unload on their heads while they are
lying on their faces.
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Aris 68%
Enter the cheat or hints here!(M) 6ZQJ-BJJ9-Z4U51 FMKV-1HQC-8PYN1
Infinite Health-Leon 43MP-TPWN-P82XN TDYK-WVBG-G7VVC
Max Health-Leon 5V2T-DAC4-6NQG3 0VNW-V76Z-GQ8EP
Never Reload EE5C-2HA5-7CYAA NJEN-36BE-7K3V8
Always 1st Save 60DE-NHPV-NEVPW 5CRM-5TUW-C0J70
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Chainsaw at the beginning 68%
At the beginning after that save point when you go in the door there is a chainsaw when you pick up the shotgun the chainsaw.The chainsaw triggers the chainsaw do not pick up the shotgun.

By: elijah25(70)
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R2 R2 L1 L2 |^| 68%
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When you go to the well (in the ps2 wersion) see to the right at the well , there will be a legeg shoot it . then shott inthe pearl pendent .sell it to the stranger and get 10,000
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How to get through the mine cart tracks easier! 67%
On chapter 4-3 before you hop in the cart pull out your sniper rifle and look above the tunnel, find the small opening between the wood go all the way to the left. You will see the legs of the villagers, shoot them (They won't do anything if you miss one). Once they are all dead, head through the tunnel in the cart shoot the villagers before they jump into your cart (Stay in the back cart to make it easier). Finally, there will be planks of wood in your path, instead of having to dodge them when your too close, shoot them.

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Kill regenerator monster fast 67%
Throw a hand granade/fire granade at it ,then shoot it with a fully upgraded shotgun.
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Main game,ada assigment,and seprate ways you can play as HUNK 67%
Action replay add new code and type:
play asAgent HUNK:JZTD-ORAW-264E1

(NOTE:to use HUNK you must play in main game on clear data load it now enjoy it.on assigment ada just play it.seprate ways you must load on clear data like on main must use machine gun don't use weare weapon is not machine gun or your game will crash)
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Handcannon 67%
To get this 50 caliber magnum you have to clear the mercenaries with all 5 characters and get 5 stars in every stage with every characters
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Hints........... 67%
These are some hints for the game.How to accquire dinamite.THe part where you get dinamite for a rocky wall,u can not have to use and keep it.Just use a strong gun on that wall like a mine thrower,rocket launcher,chicago typewriter.etc.And it will still work.#The part where you r about to lose ashley,there is a huge pile of some thing hanging on the cieling.when you step in you lose her.after you get the king&queens crown.before you r about to lose her,shoot that stuff on top with the weapons as said up here.then they will sjhow a little movie,and there will be a lot of goods.Mostley shoot enemies legs & head.
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Easy way to kill Salazar! 67%
Right when scene is over go all the way to the right and shoot the tenicle with your shotgun or tmp then just use your sniper to shoot the big eye on the tenicle in the middle, repeat the process a couple times and then when it shows Salazar use your rocket launcher if you bought one from merchant outside if you didn't just use your magnum and repeat...............but remember the tenicle on the right comes back so shoot it!
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How to get 2 broken butterflies 67%
When you get ashley after being her go 2 the sellguy then buy the broken buterfly(if you have enough money)then go to the place that has the locked door then press x on door it say it locked then go to window press x again then shley will piggyback on leon unlock door go to big chest open then take and have 2 broken butterflies
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Leon's x-ray vision 67%
After you unlock Leon's special costume, complete Chapter 1-3. In the
intermission sequence after the game prompts you to save, Leon will have a
strange dream that the egg hatched and is taking over his body. One part
shows it taking over his arm, but the secondary costume prevents Leon from
looking at his skin. Leon still acts as though he can see it, and the
intermission sequence plays through normally after that.
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Ditchman ( flying leon ) 67%
In the secret cave ( from the lake) use the "faster leon" glitch (equip S and aim,before the laser shows change to another weapons) and push the box at the left,climb up the ladder and quickly jump down again.leon will fly in the air.
By: agilix(249)
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Saving ammo for other weapons 67%
Any ammo that you get for guns you dont have if there is any room in your invitory save it if you no your going to buy that gun one day
By: leon212121(43)
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Get a five star rank with all mercenaries in the Mercenaries mini-game to
unlock the HandCannon weapon. To get unlimited ammunition for it, fully
upgrade all of the HandCannon's options. Alternately, successfully
complete the game two times. The HandCannon will be available as soon as
you start the game again for 0 Pesetas. It is a very powerful magnum, and
will have unlimited ammunition. When you go to upgrade it in the merchant
window, in the "HandCannon" update screen there is an option labeled
"Exclusive". When chosen, the gun is upgraded with power identical to the
Chicago Typewriter.
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Close to the start of the game there is a pendant with a value that will
decrease by 9,000 Pesetas, if dropped in water. To keep it as the Pearl
Pendant instead of the Brass Pocketwatch, shoot the block that is holding
the well open, then shoot the pendant down to pick it up off the top of
the well cover. It will sell for 10,000 Pesetas.
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You can kill the fish and use them as recovery items in the sewer area
shortly after the beginning of Chapter 1-2. It is a little after the place
where you face the two enemies who throw dynamite at you.
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In Chapter 1-3 in the church, turn right. Go to the small path at the back
of the church. You will see a blinking object. Get near it, then press X
to check. After that, first rotate seven times using option 3, another
five times using option 4, then one more time with option 3. You will hear
a sound and can now get the Green Catseye.
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Quick salazar death 67%
Before you go to the room where the boss salazar is located there is a merchant close to the door if you have lot's of money buy a rocket launcher got to the room and shoot the eye when the shell opens get your rocket launcher and shoot it directly at salazar and he dies
By: slingshot(51)
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Dirty Treasures 67%
In The Game You Will Encounter Some High Price Decoration Or Jewelry That Is Above Some Stinky Well. Of Course If You Shoot It, It Will Fall Into The The Stinky Well And The Price Will Be Lower If It's Become Dirty. Here's The Trick Find A Place, The Nearest Place That You Think You Can Grab The Item, Then Shoot It And Quickly Press X, If You Do It Right You Will Get The Item Clean Before It Falls In The Well And The Man In The Shop Will Buy It In A High Price!
By: Grim Reaper(442)
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El Gigante 1 Shot Kill 67%
When the fight begains have ta Flash Grenade equiped, and throw the grenade first thing. Next equip the rocket launcher and fire, as long as you hit him, he goes down with one shot.
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Resident Evil 4 67%
Cheat ammo tampa batas
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Kill salazar in 4 easy steps 67%
1 buy a broken butterfly and rocket launcher
2 hit his eye so that it falls and a white figure appears
3 equipt a rocket launcher and aim at the white thing
4 shoot him and he is dead
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Killing the Los Ganados with a Knife to save ammunition 67%
For beginners, it's kinda hard. To kill the Los Ganados with the knife, get close to them (just walk). When he is about to attack, walk backwards and then forward (if he finishes attacking) and knife his head then use Kick. When he is down, knife him until he is dead. Be wary of the parasite that will come out. These tip is very useful especially in chapter 1 to conserve handgun and shotgun ammo. Do not attempt to use this when the parasites come out or if you're fighting Dr. Salvador and the Bella sisters.
By: raikugen09(399)
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MENDEZ did it 67%
First upgrade your shoot gun to firepower 20.00 and upgrade your rifle to 06.00 firepower
thenwhen the barn fight with mendez shoot him with shotgun 15-20 times and when he change into the unhead monster shoot him with rifle 10-15 times

by:Ael Keane Finanta
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Make it fit in 67%
To save more room put your pistole(s) and tmp sideways and have your sniper1 row from the bottum and have your shotgun ontop of the sniper P.S put your ammo beneath the sniper
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.kill saddler in 3 mins 67%
When fighting saddler go to merchant to by magnum ammunition and 2 r.launchers. the first attack to saddler should be with a broken butterfly,on saddlers eyes on the leg.But shoot 1 eye.then shoot a r.launcher and shoot the plaga eye with broken butterfly and repeat this 2 times.then shoot with special r.launcher.
By: Leon redfeild(3)
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Destroy Salazar in 2 hits. 66%
Shoot his avatar in the eye with the broken butterfly and blast Salazar with the Rocket Launcher and last and not least say farewell amigo!
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Resident evil 4 66%
Kill a el gigante intstantly!

go near the double doors and then two mad el gigante,s will run out of the doors. climb up the ladder then run to the other side of the floor. then swing down the rope and then press x two time,s !
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More Health to gain 66%
You can get health out of the list below by killing.
1. a chicken = egg "note don't kill the chickens just chase them 4 the egg.
2. a snack = egg
3. a fish = fish,
4. a crow = cash, treasures, health, ammo.

Note Do Not try to kill the bat's they don't die & if they do they do not
give you anything, Also the cows are useless to kill as well.
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This is actually an easter egg 66%
Jump down a ledge when you have found ashley and go to fire your gun but don't actually fire, point it up ashleys skirt and wait.
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Before the end of the chapter, there is a puzzle in the church. The puzzle
is a simple mix of colors. Three different designs surround the main
design. The colors are red, green, and blue. When you enter the church,
turn to the left and go down the little hall. Climb the ladder. When you
are up there, you will see that the way to the door is barred. You must
get to the other side of the church by jumping on and off of the
chandelier. On the other side, there is a set of switches. When you
activate it, the puzzle starts. The goal is to turn the designs so when
combined, they are the same as the middle design. Turn red twice, green
three times, and blue once. When combined, it should create the design.
Then, go in and grab Ashley.
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How To save a special launcher 66%
When your in the final boss(Saddler)Shoot the eye quickly because it closes quick.
Then his paralyzed knife his main eye(once only)when Ada give you a special launcher save it.
Keep it at the final boss when you start a new game...Keep shooting in his eye in his legs
the knife his main eye until he dies...

I do it all the time......
I never get hit..
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Treasures 66%
Combining Treasure Will Make It Sell In High Price. For Example You Can Combine Red, Yellow And Red Cat,s Eye In The Beer Stain Or Combining Purple Jewel In To The Elegant Mask.
By: Grim Reaper(442)
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All guns 66%
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Killing the chain saw people faster 66%
If you are having trouble defeating the chain saw people on resident evil 4 take out a rifle {or shotgun doesn't matter] lay some head shots/or shoot them on the ground and shoot them in the head or just shoot them with the mine thrower hope this helps!
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How To Kill Saddler On Pro 66%
If you really want to kill saddler on pro its easy just get/or buy the P.R.L 412 and just shot him with it this will also help you on killing krauser,j.j,dr.salvador,salazar,cheif mendez,El Gigante,garrador,and the bella sisters.
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Chicago Typewriter 66%
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Resident Evil 4 Hint: Exclusive Weapon Powers 65%
Each weapon has a special "exclusive power" when all of its stats are custom tuned to the maximum:

HANDGUN- 5 times more of a chance of critacal head shot
PUNISHER- Each bullet can penetrate up to five bodies.
RED 9- Increases firepower to 6.5
BLACKTRAIL- Increases firepower to 3.4
MATILDA- Increases magazine capacity to 100.
SHOTGUN- Increases the effective damage range of the gun.
RIOTGUN- Increases firepower to 10.0 and 8.0 at long range
STRIKER- Increases magazine capacity to 100.
RIFLE- Increases firepower to 30.0
SEMIAUTO RIFLE- Decreases firing speed to 0.42 seconds.
BROKEN BUTTERFLY- Increases damage to 50.0
KILLER7- No exclusive power!
TMP- Increases firepower to 1.8
Minethrower - Adds homing ability to mines
By: RickyBoD(217)
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The ditman glitch 65%
Note:To do this glitch,make sure to have a striker and any other weapon besides a knife.

Equip your striker out.Then aim it.Pause the game before the red laser on the striker pops
up.Then select any weapon.You will now shoot,run,walk,turn around,use knife,walk back
ward,climb ladders,and everything else in 3x more faster than usuall.

Hope it works for you!Works for any platform.Enjoy!
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Pills to change zombie 65%
U can get 3 pills to combine and use the 'zombie' power...

1=play professional level
2=don't die
3=go to the labatory to fine the 3 pills

hope you all can found it...
By: TerRy69(53)
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To kill the enemies with blowtorches easily just shoot them when they are inhaling or in other words when they are about to breathe fire at you. But this trick only works if they are close to you so be careful, also some will try to hit you with it meaning they will use the torch as a bat! so be careful and don't get swung!
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New moves! 65%
You can do a supplex when an zombie falls on his front side then quickly run to him/her then press the X button.
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Killing Chainsaw Men Easy!Mercianaries! 65%
1.In the level were you are surrounded by water,try to start the level where you are high.(there should be a ladder that is short,in front of you that takes you to the highest location)(there should be a guy with a crossbow and red eyes in front of you)one more thing,you should already hear the man with the chainsaw when you start.)2.Climb that ladder and there will be time there.3.Keep facing that way.4.Wait till you here him make a sound,that indicates he is going to jump up to you.5.Quickly point your gun that direction.6.Right when he jumps up,quickly shoot while he is still in the air.7.He will fall all the way back down,and die.(Even just doing it once!)
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At the beginning of the game, if you leave a hen alone in Pueblo they
should lay at least one golden egg (which fully restores health when
used). Go to the weapon/health screen and select the egg. It should allow
you to equip the egg. At the screen, Leon will throw the egg up and down,
looking smug. Additionally, the golden egg is the best healing item, as it
fully heals you and only takes one space in your case.
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Easy Win in Village 65%
When you fight in the village at the beginning of the game, go into the house you find the shotgun in and go upstairs. Grab the shells off the bed and the shotgun. Jump out the window closest to where you found the shotgun, and head right, around the house. Turn around and wait for your enemies. It's easy because they can't sneak up behind you.
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Kill the chainsaw guy in 1 minute 65%
Take out your shotgun and shoot him 2x in the head.
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Defeat a bella sister (chainsaw women) 65%
When you jump down they will appear so go toward at front ladder shoot villager on your right and knockdown ladder and Bella sister raise up ladder at front so don't jump down use rocket launcher  aim them when they raise up the ladder and now fire and they die.
By: hot166(183)
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Hints from the new guy 65%
When you at the castle and you are at the dooor with the chests in it and it says you cant get in. when you get ashly go all the way back and she well climb in and open the door but be carefull there is a guy in there with a scythe.:)
By: resident 4(30)
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Successfully complete the game to unlock the Separate Ways and Mercenaries
mini-games the Professional difficulty setting Leon's Raccoon City
Police Department costume, Ashley's pop star costume, and Ada's black
costume the Mathilda handgun and Infinite Rocket Launcher for purchase
(for 1 million Pesetas), and the Tactical Vest (for 60,000 Pesetas) and
an alternate title screen. After completing the game the first time, start
a new game, then press Start and select "Load Game". Choose the file that
is marked "Clear". Once you choose that file, you will be taken to a menu
where you can buy the Matilda Handgun or the Infinite Rocket Launcher.
Once you start the game, all of your items from your previous game will be
in your item box.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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2 ROUTES 65%
Soon after the farmhouse, look around to collect some ammunition and buy
more items. After that, go to an opening where you see a lever. Go up to
it and switch it to the right to fight El Gigante (recommended) or switch
it to the left to face more chainsaw wielding villagers (extremely
difficult). If you select to fight El Gigante, aim at the rock at the top
ledge until he is underneath it and fire. Use the same tactic on the one
you dealt with earlier.
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Dont have to fight el gigante again 65%
After the raid go on the left gate not on the right gate now watch out as you enter the gandoes are there so you better keep an eye on that part now go down a ladder you better have the shotgun equiped because the bella sisters are here (the bella sisters are those chainsaw girls that was thought to be on sepreate ways and the mercenearies on stage one olny but turnsout they are on the main game also)one of them holds a specicalkey
that lets you unlock the door on your right so beat them after you do that gandoes will come out of the 2 bulding's beat them all now you will see a red door unlock it if you'r doing round 2 it's the gate that was locked from the other side.
By: leonx3(71)
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Killing U-3/"it" very fast 65%
(the cage)always ready the buttons to dodge its attacks.use any firepower to shoot all the green lights you come across(handgun or TMP is recommended).when the U-3 comes down,use any shotgun to shoot it until he retreats.when his pincer comes out,shoot him many times before it grabs you.(final battle)use the magnum to shoot it.also,take advantage of the oil drums and the cage so you can shoot it or unload your weapons.10-12 magnum ammo can kill its first half-life and 3-5 magnum ammo to kill it instantly.if you have infinite rocket launcher,shoot it once,when it is knocked down,simply knife-slash to kill it.
By: raikugen09(399)
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Mercinearies beat pro mode 65%
Beat the game once to get the infinite launcher and the matilda. beat seperate ways to get ashelys knight armored suit and the chicago type go to the mercinearies and beat that too.get 5 stars on all locations with all charcters and you get a hand cannon that you not olny can use in normal mode but you can use it in pro mode. do that in order to beat the game and remember you can find ammo for this thing easily and when you fully upgrade it to the max you get infinity bullets
By: leonx3(71)
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Easy Mutated Zombie Heades Kills 65%
Okay sooner or later when playing resident evil 4 You will come across them zombies that have a mutating head that will poop out. For a instant death of it, throw a blue flash grenade and it will die.
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Get 20 thousand pers in village 64%
You know the village fight at the start of the game when you run into the house and dr salvator appears and when you kill him he drops 10 thousand pers well when you first go in to the village go to the gate leading to the farm and dr salvator will be waiting. kill him and go back to the house kill the otherone and there you go.
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Legs n heads 64%
Sometimes shooting the legs is better cuz enemies can fall n you will be able to
shoot an enemies head n pop it.
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Easy renegator kill 64%
First blow renegator head off then throw flash granade and renegator will die! trust me I am played game 7 times
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Items, items more items 64%
When running around different areas of the village, you will see crows.
Pick them off from a distance as to not scare the others away. They
usually drop Pesetas. Note: If you scare some away, just re-enter the area
to reset their position.
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Deth by el gigante... IN LAVA!!!! 64%
At the lava place wen you fight the 2 El Gigante. trap 1 in the lava pit and go near it befor it closes an he will pop up and pull you in the lava! its really cool
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Your a pervert 64%
You can play as ashely on any plattform olny once in the castel when you get to crawl under tables press x relly fast and she crawls and you see her under panits you need to do this at the right table and she dose get up but keep presing x and she crawls under a space bingo you see under wear
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Ammo 64%
Cheat ammo for resident evil 4
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