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Resident Evil 4 PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE
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Resident Evil 4

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Kill saddler very fast (ada) 64%
Avoid saddler attacks and shoot him with gun bow when his big eye ball comes out shoot him again using gun bow (make sure that is on target) it will killing him for good
By: hokyws(75)
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HINT 64%
In the starting when see the dog you have to help but if you kill him you get a MACHINE GUN
By: Neil8401(37)
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When you enter the town, kill everyone. When the second wave of people
arrives, also kill all of them. You can then go into the house and they
will not come out. Additionally, during the mine cart section of Chapter
4-2, the mine car will stop and lots of enemies and two chainsaw men will
load into the stopped cars. To avoid most of this encounter, be in the
front car and immediately shoot the switch. The cars will start moving,
and you will have only have about four enemies to kill.
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Resident evil 4 ps2 63%
To save ammo at the begining of the game shot in the head or legs kick them then you can use your knife to kill them
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Resident evil 4 ps2 63%
At the last boss shoot in his eye when he opens
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Flashed up leon s. kenndy 63%
When your in a dark place there is a flash light hanging from a belt on his waist
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Just a little more money! 63%
If you want more money its Easy simply just upgrade everything from the handgun and sell it I forgot how many money the merchant gives you but he will give you alot.
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Resident Evil 4 (PS2) 63%
More ammo
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The all destroyer 63%
To set a time bomb only able to perform on a wall press x,x,x,o,triangle, then you run
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How to kill troll guy in 1 hit 62%
Before the fight with the troll go to the merchant. Buy a rocket launcher and shoot the troll guy any were. He should die in 1 hit!
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Two blade chainsaw man 62%
Two blade chainsaw man is extremely difficult to defeat I know the trick to stop him when jump down from ladder the two blade chainsaw man will apear so hurry! climb the ladder and you can that two blade chainsaw man cannot climb the ladder because he bring two chainsaw so its your chance to shoot him and he done.(note:two blade chainsaw man is hard to defeat but if near him it will your head so you need this trick so you can defeat him.)
By: hot166(183)
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Cara mendapatkan infiniti shotgun 62%
Cómo conseguir una escopeta no abis que abis después de luchar contra un cocodrilo grande sólo tiene que volver a la ruta que pasaba delante de él y tendrás que vértelas con algunos más tarde cumple con estos perros sólo tiene que encontrar un árbol bastante grande, después de lo cual corrió hasta el borde del árbol puede ser un poco durante mucho tiempo. después de ejecutar un rato se meterá en el suelo y luego volando hacia arriba y abajo de nuevo por lo que fue para el que usted puede conseguir una escopeta, no abis Abis cuando vuela sobre usted sólo tiene que disparar en cualquier dirección handcanon entonces se detendrá después de es que sólo necesita un delantero recto y buscar el arma
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Killing Sadler Easily 61%
When Your Have A PLR Fire it with it Supercharged The Let a Rift After that Sadlers dead and you wont need Ada's Special Rocket Launcher. But if you dont have A PLR When sadlers Beside the Barrel Fire the barrel and sadler will try to sit down then if you have arocket launcher equip it and fire it before sadler stands up. Then ada Will simply throw the special rocket launcher Earlier then you tauht
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To avoid getting hurt by traps such as explosives and bear traps, use your
laser sight and shoot at the explosive or the middle of the trap.
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Infinite health 61%
Infinite health
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3-3 chapter end 61%
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Extra health 61%
Extra health
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Unlimeted ammo 61%
This will let you have ulimeted ammo for any gun.
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Kill Krauser in 10 seconds! 60%
When started the battle with krauser ( after obtaining the second piece of Holy Beast)
after the cut scene quickly run up to krauser n sim your knife low ( at his knees) keep holding the X button, everytime he tries to attack you he will miss when you knifing his knees n he will fall back n run up to you agen, repeat that a few times n he will DIE in 10 seconds n give you more than 2 minutes to get items n head back to the door where exits to the next area.
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Fan blade (Red9,Stiker) not really A fan blade and not an attack 60%
Ok here is a hint for all people who are having trouble getting past those regenorators.Get the red9 and the striker from the merchant then go to the place were you first encounter a regenorator grab the stuff you will need for the story line then when the regenorator comes in make sure your Red9 and your striker is fully upgraded or it wont work wait for the regen to attack first then shoot it in the leg with the shotgun,then shoot it in the head until it blows off then shoot it in the chest until it dies it reqiures a lot of ammo and speed so try it and see if it works for you. by hi11250
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Chicago typewritter 60%
To get this mafia machine gun complete the seperate ways story and the merchant will sell the gun 300000 ptas to ada and 1000000 to Leon
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Resident evil 4 ps2 60%
How to unlock a secret character called sherpy complete all modes on the game and on mercenaries get five stars on all of them
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Saddler comment 60%
Listen closely when you kill the villagers. Some of them will say "Lord
Saddler" as they reach out just before they die. Note: This may only
happen after completion of the game.
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"Free Punisher" 60%
Destroy the 15 medalions.
By: phoenixboy(723)
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Killin the red monk 60%
When the red monk is trying to escape and be equipped in gatlin gun try to use sniper rifle to kill him
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How to kill the zombies easy and if you have no bullet 60%
If you have a 10 bullet or 5 bullet shoot them in th head or eye and go true them and if you see an "X" or kick press it... and kill them w/ a knife if they laying in the floor and run back ward ......... and if they so many zombies go to the one zombies in the front of them and then use a knife in there eyes or head and press "X" or kick it.... thats all falks..........
By: Caneloverboy(8)
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Save your ammo!! 60%
Clear a platform and let your enemies chase you up a ladder and once you hit the top, turn around until the "jump down" comes up. As the enemies are climbing the ladder, one slash from your knife once they get to the top will give them a double hit.

Usually three slashes = a kill!
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How to beat the guy in the castle with claws 60%
Leave ashley upstairs and let him out then shut the bell with any gun then it if you have the mine dart gun shut him in the back with it if this doesn't work try it again
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Chainsaw guy dead with handgun and knife 60%
Shoot him in the head, when hes on the ground slash him with your knif then repeat till dead
By: Benman(94)
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At the part in the game with the name Home is where the hive is. you will see a huge nest like thing in the center of the room, if you shoot it a bunch of time it will die. and once it fall's you will be given a bunch of treasures.
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How to beat cell claw? 60%
Cell claw is the guy with the big claws and you need to shoot him with the rocket launcher in orderto deafet him.
By: leonx3(71)
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How to avoid the chainsaw guy on the first visit to the village 60%
First go into the house  with the metal paddle locked door push the small dresser in front of the door zombies will follow you shoot the door with your gun  and when they walk to the door got to the left side of the dreeser and knife every zombie you rarley have to shoot them do not go into to the house with the shot gun cause he will get you
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How to kill super dr.salvador in mercenaries easy 60%
If you want to kill super dr.salvador in the waterworld stage its easy just read leon:youcan knife him when hes about to jump a ladder and if done correctly he will fall and just knife him,or just use the riot gun and shot him in the face/headnote:if you shoot him in the body he will not stumble and he will cut off your head.ada:just use the rifle.krauser:simply transform his arm and kill the level boss.hunk:youcant do the neck breaker(only on the bella sisters.)so just keep on shooting him.and last wesker:you can use the rifle or just simply use the killer 7.
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El Gigante fast killing 60%
It is very easy to kill the giant monster in chapter 2-1.Use your grenades and it will make the battle very easy.Also in chapter 1-1 there is a dog who is stuck in a trap,if you free him then he will return back in chapter 2-1 to help you in killing that monster.The giant monster will concentrate on the dog more so it will help you.
By: David Sight(31)
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Free Broken Butterfly 59%
Instead of buying the Broken Butterfly you can find it in the castle.
There is a door down the road from the fountain with the birds that says "With help from a special person I can get to the other side" Piggyback with ashley and she will unlock the door and there will be no one in there and about 4or5 treasure chests the big one is the one with the Broken Butterfly
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Kill chainsaw guy in 1 second (must have inf. lancher) 59%
Blast 1 shot at chainsaw guy.
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Saving Ammo 59%
These tips are a must if you're on Normal or Professional Mode without any special weapons/costumes:

-Shoot the Villagers leg's, then kick them, and while they're on the floor slash them with your knife. If all goes well, you should kill a Villager with one bullet.
-If there are more than one enemies closing in on you, only use your Shotgun as a last resort. Look at your surroundings. Are there any red barrels to blow up? Are there any dynamite enemies that you can shoot?
-ONLY USE MAGNUMS ON BOSS BATTLES. I cannot stress this enough. You need the ammo!

These tips should get you started. If you need more, you can Private Message me if you sign up to the forum.
By: clarky241(996)
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Fish heaven 59%
When you defeat the big fish go to the lake shoot the water with a rocket launcher fish are everywhere
By: edgar9000000000(17)
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More Money at the Beginning 59%
In the village,there's a place where there are ganados.They will see you no matter what you do.To get more money,try to leave the village and an angry chainsaw men will come to kill you.After that enter the house beside the tower then another chainsaw men will appear then a cutscene will play.After that go to the second floor then get the shotgun to make the battle easier.The first chainsaw men will drop a ruby that can be sell for 10000 pesetas and if you killed the other one,it will drop 10000 pesetas again.You should have 20000 pesetas after that.
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How to cheat 57%
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Ashley's skirt part 2 57%
After you defeat Ramon Salazar, walk further and there will be an
intermission sequence where Ada will ask Leon if he needs a ride, and he
accepts. When Ada brings him to the island, she will hook a rope onto the
top of a cliff and say" I have some business to take care of". While she
is saying that, look at her skirt (especially when she goes to jump up).
You can also see more of Ashley than usual when you jump out the window of
the church and when you get on the jet ski.
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Resident evil4 57%
R1 x x R2 L1 L2
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Nathan12327 57%
All costumes x x x o o o
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How to defeat the prison boss 57%
Get your knife and hit the bells until the prison boss hits the bell and gets stuck then shoot him in the back with the mine thrower 1 shot kill and save sweet amo :D
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Resident Evil 4 Unlock Thompson Gun 56%
To unlock the Thompson Submachinegun, clear Leon's story mode (any difficulty) and complete Ada's story mode (Separate Ways). Purchase it from the Roma merchant when playing a new game plus.

Ada can also have the weapon available for her own side-story mission (Assignment Ada) simply simply clearing that particular mode once. Again, speak with the Roma merchant to access it.
By: RickyBoD(217)
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Increasing health 56%
To make your health increase find "Green herb" and find "Red herb" and Find"Yellow herb
then go to your inventory combine green herb with red herb and combine Green herb+ red herb combine with yellow herb then use Green herb + Red herb + yellow then your health will increase. Note: The more you use it the more health you get to stay alive.
By: sean50(263)
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Water beast pandora 56%
First put on a cheat from action replay max called dodge all attacks (you are going to need a special code.)I actually forgot the code so search for it on other websites.Anyways if the code is activated you can dodge all attacks.Now read carefully about the lake monster death sequence I posted (not yet reviewed by an admin.) Ok now,stand on the dock and shoot the water then dodge will appear.Dodge the attack and the lake monster will be on dock.It can't breath and it will die.Now take the Water beast pandora and sell it.It is worth about 1000000000000 pestes.
By: mastex(242)
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Action Replay Max video 56%
How to use Action Replay Max with Resident Evil 4 and various codes.
Resident Evil 4 cheat video Cheat Video
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Infinite health leon 56%
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Cheat 56%
Tidak mati
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Easy kill for regenerators 55%
Get a powerful weapon like a shotgun.shoot them in the leg then they
will drop to the ground.then throw a fire bomb then they will bur on
the ground. BURN BABY BURN
By: Badbone(288)
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Codes 55%
Get 3000000 PTAS.Square Up Down X Triangle R2 L2 R1 L1
Infinite PTAS.X Circle Up Down Square X R2 R2
Spawn Incendiary Grenade.Circle Up Circle Down X X Square
Spawn Flash Grenade.Circle Up Circle Down X X Triangle
Spawn Hand Grenade.Circle Up Circle Down X X Circle
Skip Chapter To 1-2.Square Up X Triangle Up Up Down Square R1 L1
Skip Chapter To 1-3.Square Up X Triangle Up Up Down Square R1 R1
Skip Chapter To 4-4.Square Up X Triangle Up Up Down Square R1 L2
Turn Off Zombie Sounds.Triangle Square Up Down L2 R1 Circle X
Turn On Zombie Sounds.Triangle Square Up Down L2 R1 Circle Triangle
Auto Killing.Square Up X Triangle R1 R2 Square Circle Down X X
Enable Leon's Powers.Circle R2 X Up Square Triangle Triangle Square Up
Enable Ashley's Powers.Circle R2 X Up Square Triangle Triangle Square X
Enable Ada's Powers.Circle R2 X Up Square Triangle Triangle Square R1
Get Chicken Egg.Square X R2 R1 Triangle Down Down X
Get Gold Ckicken Egg.Square X R2 R1 Triangle Down Down Circle
Get Brown Chicken Egg.Square X R2 R1 Triangle Down Down Square
First Aid Spray.Triangle Square X X Up R2 L1 R1 L2 Circle
Infinite Health.Circle L1 L1 Triangle Square Circle X Down
Infinite Ammo.Triangle Square Up X Circle Down Up R2 R2 Up
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Resident evil4 55%
10000$S R1xxR2R1
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Resident evil 4 Ps2 54%
Code and password
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Infiniti 54%
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Resident Evil 4 Unlockable Costumes And Modes 53%
Clear the main game (any difficulty) to unlock:
Professional Difficulty
Mercenaries Challenge
Separate Ways Mini-Campaign
Alternate costumes for Leon, Ashley, and Ada Wong
By: RickyBoD(217)
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Unlock handcannon(most powerful gun in game, if all tune ups are purchased) 53%
Achieve 5 star rankings on all of the mercenary missions
By: Ebrix(35)
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Resident evil 4 53%
Easy way to kill the monster who haves a big eye gust shoot his eye when the armor is open use the rucket launcher
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Run super fast 52%
Equip the striker before the laser comes up press start,equip handgun or any small gun thes you run 2*'s as fast
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Use a Chainsaw 52%
Go to load game and go to clear game if you pass it don't press it yet put / triangle,x,x,x,R2,R2,x,square,circle / you should hear a chainsaw noise on load game.
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Infinite life leon and ashley 52%
R1 Triangle up Circle R2 x Square
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Resident wvil 4 cheat 52%
Never reload
By: fahmi riyadi(16)
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Weewe 52%
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Resident Evil 4 Unlock PRL 412 51%
Clear Leon's Story on Professional difficulty to unlock the PRL 412 weapon. It has two settings -- stun and kill (just like Star Trek) which you may determine by holding or tapping the fire button. It has infinite ammunition.
By: RickyBoD(217)
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1 hit K.O. to krauser 51%
When you are fighting to krauser
use sniper and target his leg and
use rocket launcher
you should do it quickly
if don't target him a rocket launcher
if he attacks you
he will not cover his body and then you should shoot him with rocket launcher
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Cheat master 51%
Pree r1+r2+l1+l2 at the main menu to free ammo
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Beat Krauser EXTREMELYeasily 50%
NOTE: This requires the broken butterfly fully leveled up (with exclusive) with at least 6 rounds(if you don't have any you get 5 when you face krauser). Before getting the second holy beast you need to get the ammo then reload youre broken butterfly, then get the piece. When facing krauser shoot him in the shins with your broken butterfly, after that shoot him in the face. You will only need to repeat this twice to beat him (if you're broken butterfly has 50 firepower).
By: MasterSnipe(301)
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Codes 50%
Spawn Incendiary Grenade.L2 L2 R2 R2 XX
Spawn Rocket Launcher.X X Triangle Down Up Up
Get A Spinel.Left Left Right Up Up Triangle
Spawn Flash Grenade.Triangle Triangle Circle Circle Circle Square
Spawn Hand Grenade. R1 R2 L1 Circle Sqare Triangle
Get Red9.X X R1 L1 Square Circle Triangle Circle L2
Infinite Ammo.R1 R2 L1 L2 Square triangle Circle X X
Spawn Mixed Herbs G-R-Y.X X Square Circle Square R2 R1
Get A Brown Chicken Egg.Circle Circle X X Triangle Circle
Get First Aid Spray.X X Square Circle L2 L1 Triangle
Get Elegant Headress.X X Triangle Circle Square
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How to kill Krauser in 10 seconds! 50%
When you start the Krauser battle ( after obtaining the second piece of the Holy Beast ) shoot Krauser with the Rocket Launcher. There you killed Krauser in 10 seconds !
By: Batista45(321)
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Easy Money 50%
When in the lake you must defeat the lake monster before you can do this. You just go and kill some of the fish with the spears and sell them. They will make you some quick needed cash.
By: rotinaj22(425)
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1 kill for both of the Los Dos Gigantes 50%
To kill the 2 El Gigantes to earn 30000 PTAS total you have to shoot them both with a rocket launcher they die with one hit. Trust me I've did it before
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How to get the P.R.L. 412 lancer!!! 50%
First beat the game.Then go to New Game and select Professional mode. When you beat it you unlock the P.R.L. 412 lancer!
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Save your life and ammo 50%
Soon in the game you will come to a point were you have to defeat somone who has the key to ashly.

Buy a rocket launcher and save it for when he makes a runner when he dose equiped the rocket launcher and hit him with it before he gets on gatling gun.
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Unlock prl412 50%
To mercenaries make 5star in the map in each characters then beat the professional mode
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Its the ditman cheat realy works 50%
First you want to get the striker the best shotgun e. then get ready right before the laser comes up u press the start button then you e. some other gun and press start again and you will be very fast (note:in the cutscenes happen,or do a action,or get attacked it turns off)
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Ok,when you almost beat resident evil save the game.WAY #1:you can either click on a profile slot that has'nt been used and start and you'll start off with all the stuff you ended with on the beat profile and if that dose'nt work- WAY #2:- Click on your beaten profile then a new profile and start and if that dose'nt work then-WAY #3:-click on the beaten profile and restart and it might work trust me I did it and I was so happy :) NOTE:you might want to them in order.
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Collect some eggs, equip them, and throw them at Ashley. They will not
harm her and it is funny. Aim from a distance to get used to them. They
are lighter than a grenade and fly far when thrown. Note: She will duck
when in close proximity.
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Kill saddler with out a special rocket launcher 50%
Go to the guy that sells you stuff and buy 99 bulets for the rocket launcher when ada passes the special rocket launcher aim for the eye and shoot it with your rocket laucher!
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Resident evil 4 50%
Complete all mercenaries and get 5 stars on all of them
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How to kill a zombie really fast and save ammo 50%
First,shoot the zombies legs then knife them when there on the ground
By: Batista45(321)
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How to get more enemies 50%
If you r out side the church Use any kind of gun aim your laser at the church bell then fire it the church bell rings then enemies will come to get you(at least 3-5 Enemies).
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Kill salazar in 1 minute 50%
When fighting salazar, shoot the eye of the tentacle, if salazar open his "nest", and shoot him with a rocket launcher
By: ramon salazar(3)
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Glitch seprate ways 50%
This glitch work on first level,first you need start with ar max.
first don't shoot the zombies,go to left house'you will see cutscene,and sometimes you will heare gun shoot leon and chainsaw man,and sometimes you will see leon,you must use freeze time for easy redfield
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Saddler:one-hit KO 50%
To kill saddler vaery easy without using the rocket launcher,you can use the prl 412,charge it and unleash it to kill saddler with one shot(once you kill saddler with prl 412,you wont received the special rocket launcher ada will throw to you)
By: raikugen09(399)
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Easy Dr.Salvador Kill 50%
I'm not talking about the Crazy Hard Dr.Salvador.But if you don't know who he is ,let me explain.He is a chainsaw guy that's really big.He's bigger than the other chainsaw guys.He has a chainsaw with two blades on it.If you climb a ladder he won't take the ladder.He will jump.He's really fast and scary.His chainsaw has smoke coming out of it.You will only find him in the Mercenairies Mode on stage 4.Now let me tell you the easiest way to kill a regular chainsaw guy.Just shoot him in the head
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Wii 50%
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Kill the regenerators quickly and fun 50%
Pop thier head open then use a flash gernade on its head and it will explode!LOL
By: minhaz23(40)
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Fighting tips : no ammo wasted 50%
On fight with one villager ( in the first cabin in the village,your first enemy ) walk near him and make him attack.after he attack,knife his face and kick him.knife him many times when he on ground.he dead and no ammo wasted.
By: agilix(249)
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El-gigante : cry 50%
When battle with el-gigante ( the big creature that can spawn parasite from his back ) in the village,shot him a fiew times until you can "climb" him.get near him and watch his face,
he will crying like a little baby.the tears can also seen falling to the ground.
By: agilix(249)
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Destroy at least ten of the fifteen blue medallions (there are seven in
the farm and eight in the cemetery) to get a free Punisher from the
Merchant two guns before you can buy it. This pistol hits two targets when
you get it and five when you get exclusive.
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No pop-out parasite 50%
When your in the castle or in the island,shoot the monks with the handgun on their knees then suplex them.they wont pop out any parasite if you do this.
By: raikugen09(399)
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Resadent evil 4 50%
Yes you can kill the dgenator when you frist meet it in lab when you get key when it opens the door toss a genade when on floor toss flame genade and use your shot gun it will go down fast works good to you get scope inferred nexts and go egg hunting be cool and go sell all the eggs but gold ones at farm you get one about evey 10 eggs 6 white and 2 to 3 brown ones hope and good luck
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When Leon is being choked by Chief Mendez, he will be told that he has the
same blood. Leave the room, then return. You will be choked again by Chief
Mendez, only this time Ada will come to the rescue.
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MT : Bang kick 50%
This glitch will happens more effective if theres only one enemy in the area,shot the target head with MT and wait for an oportunity to kick him / her,until the dot blink several times (around 8 times) and then kick it.when you kick it,the target will explode.
By: agilix(249)
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Big viilage fight tip 50%
In 2.3 if you go to the left gate it will be a little hard when you finish killing all the zombies you will see 2 girls with a chainsaw and toilet wrap in there faces like the mummy has and a zombie carrying ashley you need to use your flashbag and shotgun if the 2zombie are dead kill the zombie carrying ashley and thats all
By: slingshot(51)
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The main monsters to look out for are the two chainsaw ladies on stage 1.
Once you kill them, they keep coming back. On stage 2 and 3 be careful of
the guys with the chain guns. On stage 4, there is a super chainsaw man.
He is bigger than the normal one and has a twin bladed saw. He is almost
impossible to stop. He does not climb ladders. He jumps to where he needs
to be. He will run at you, swinging the saw. Do not run past him. Turn and
jump down if you can, or climb something quickly. If you really want to
get past him, try using Jack Krauser's transformation, and aim right at
him. If you miss, you are dead. Additionally, Krauser's transformation
will kill anyone in one hit as long as you are close enough. Also Flash
Bang, Kick are very good for crowds with Krauser. These two things will
make Krauser the easiest to get five stars with.
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Chapter 1-1:dual chainsaw 50%
Before going to the village,make sure you have any powerful gun with you(ex.shotgun,hand cannon).when entering the village,kill all enemies but don't go to the house with the shotgun.instead,go to the gate to the farm,there are 2 zombies and dr.salvador in the gate.kill the three and you'll receive a ruby from the chainsaw.then go the house with the shotgun.a cutscene will appear.then kill the 2nd chainsaw and you'll receive 10000 in chapter 1-1,you have 20000+ ptas in all.
By: raikugen09(399)
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By: SALIMI(87)
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Alternal death (lake monster) 50%
At the lake shoot the water a few times when you are on the docks.The lake monster will come up and eat you.
By: mastex(242)
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Leon action moves 50%
Shoot the villager head in one shot and the villager got shot in there eye and run forward on them you will see the action button it say press X and you can see leon kick the villager in round kick and there another move when you shoot the villager knee go near them press action button leon kick the enemy.
By: hot166(183)
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Mine thrower : explosive crows 50%
In the graveyard,prepare your MT and walk pass the group of crows next at the tombstones,then walk near the man,wait until he chasing you and shot one of the crow.
it will try to fly away but it will drop and explode,damaging your enemys.
By: agilix(249)
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Easy Right-Hand Subordinate killing 50%
During opening the elevator beneath the castle, the best method to escape Salazar's right-hand subordinate is push R1+L1 while running away from it. When you get to the room where the elevator is, do not let the enemy get in, instead, when the enemy tries to get in, double tap the X button on the door and repeat until the lock is released
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MT : UFO sound 50%
In the underground storage (with the underground river) walk near to the merchant.
then shot the window at the top left corner from him with your MT and when its explode,
will making sound like a UFO pass by.but it can only do once and the merchant will accidently killed.
By: agilix(249)
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An intermission sequence will start when you are escorting Ashley across a
bridge. A large crowd shows up and you will run into a farmhouse. After
the sequence ends and you are inside the house with Lou, push the
bookcases in front of the windows and go to the bottom of the staircase.
Using the shotgun is recommended, but the pistol works fine. Once they are
able to gain entrance to the house, aim high and fire until they are all
knocked down. Then, reload and repeat until Lou tells you to head up
stairs. When you do this, go over to the windows and knock down the
ladders. After that is done, go to the edge of the stairs and kill
everyone that is coming up Grenades work the best for this. After they are
taken care of, rush back to the windows and knock down the ladders once
again. Repeat this until the sequence plays when they retreat.

Once in the farmhouse, collect all the items while pushing the shelves
against the windows. Stand in the corner by the stairs with Luis and fire
until he tells you to go upstairs. Once up, stand in northwest corner
(when facing down the stairs), and concentrate on firing in the direction
of the stairs and pushing down the two ladders in that corner so that you
do not become surrounded.

Because the raid continues until you kill a certain number, block two
windows and shoot out the third until the enemies break in. Then, block
the third window and deal with the other two. This allows you to get
several kills in before it starts getting hectic.
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After you kill the hatchet guy as soon as you start the game, go upstairs
to the window. Do not jump out. Instead, take out your pistol and shoot
the glass out. Then, carefully aim for the villagers' heads that are
awaiting outside. There are three of them. If you kill all three, you can
jump out and avoid any damage.
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You need a rocket launcher,four light granide,two red granide,a tmt with100 bullets ,a shortgun with20bullets,two health and three green granide there are three cells in the first cell you need to hit that monster in the head when it is neer you you need to use the shortgun and it will jump up and you need to go and hit the switch in the secound level you need to use the rocket launcher at the end before the time goes of the 2th cell you need to hit it the monster with the rocket launcher before the time goes of you need to go to the third level and continue the same process for the third level but dont use the rocket launcher
By: deepak199(2)
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There are many locks on doors. Instead of shooting the locks and wasting
ammunition, pull out your knife and cut it off. The same can be done for
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If you see a snake after smashing boxes, kill it. You will get a chicken
egg for health. Note: If you do not kill the snake it will bite you and
take health away.
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Completion bonuses 50%
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Separate Ways and Mercenaries
mini-games the Professional difficulty setting Leon's Raccoon City
Police Department costume, Ashley's pop star costume, and Ada's black
costume the Mathilda handgun and Infinite Rocket Launcher for purchase
(for 1 million Pesetas), and the Tactical Vest (for 60,000 Pesetas) and
an alternate title screen. After completing the game the first time, start
a new game, then press Start and select "Load Game". Choose the file that
is marked "Clear". Once you choose that file, you will be taken to a menu
where you can buy the Matilda Handgun or the Infinite Rocket Launcher.
Once you start the game, all of your items from your previous game will be
in your item box.
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Villge goes quiker 50%
In the beginning in the village attak runbehind the stupid cow and fight. this will make it quiker!
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When you meet a man with the chainsaw, shoot him with the shotgun and
incendiary grenades. You can also use your handgun, but you will probably
get killed. Note: The shotgun is found in the building that is diagonal
from the tower.
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Del lago 50%
When you shoot the lake by the docks it will jump out and eat you alive.also when the croc knocks you out of the boat dont swim that fast just get in reach of the boat and he will come and eat you alive from under
By: rats22(3)
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Easy way to get through first town 50%
Run through the town to the chapel/bell tower thing and hide in the corner. They throw molatov cocktails but usually miss
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Ashley pake shoutgun 50%
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Usfull Tip 50%
You can shoot the dynamite that zombies may throw at you to stop the harm from it.
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How to save ammo when getting ammo 50%
When you find a box open it with your knife instead of using your gun
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Combo 50%
Try Shooting An Enemy In They're Head then Go In Front Of Them Press "X" Then After The Enemy Are Down Into The Ground Use You're Knife On Them. WARNING: Don't Try Using It When There Are To Many Enemy Because It Takes So Much Time To Do.
By: Grim Reaper(442)
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Most valuable treasure (salazar family crown) 50%
If you really wanna get the salazar family crown you must get the crown first and to get the crown you must be at the place where theirs alot of spikes when salazar tells you "dont you know when its time to throw the towel" so get the crown and to get the other jewel you must kill the fast roach guy ok so get it. awwwwhhhhhh! I forgot were to get the other partbut its a red jewel and combine all of them and you will get the salazar family crown which is worth 48,000 money.note:i think the other piece looks like the one you got from the fast roach guy but its red.
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How to get chicago typiwriter 50%
If you want to get yhe chicago typewriter you must finishing the separate ways the separate ways can unlocked if you finish the game first if you want to find it's in the extras!
By: reinaldi(2)
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How to kill mega dr.salvador in the mercenaries w/leon 50%
Simply just shoot him in the face/head and he will die or just get him close to a bomb and shot the bombs when he is close. if you are going to use the bombs make sure you use 2 of them if did correctly he will die.note:use a shotgun cause its better and will stumble him better
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Easy way to defeat the boss 50%
Here are some tips based on my experience playing RE4 (normal and professional level):

DEL LAGO: hit Del Lago when it don't drag you near the trees.

EL GIGANTE: The most effective weapon for beating el gigante is TMP, so make sure you have sufficient amount of TMP ammo. shoot el gigante till the parasite come out of his back, then use knife, for normal level it took only 4 attemp to defeat el gigante.

RIGHT-GATE EL GIGANTE: same as above

LEFT SIDE EL PASO (chainsaw at the camp) : First, kill all the weakling while avoiding the chainsaw. I ussualy employ the hit and run tactic using shotgun (one hit and then run). after all the weakling gone, lure the el paso (two of them) to the ground, then climb the stair quickly. after that you can just let them climb the stair and knock down the stair repeatedly. Sure it took some time to kill them but it safe tou LOTS of ammo

CHIEF BITORES MENDEZ: In the Chief's first form, use Grenades to damage him. On his second, use either TMP or Flash Grenades to bring him to the floor, then blast him with a Shotgun.

GARRADOR: Lure the Garrador to attack you while you are near the wall. wait for his claw to stuck at the wall blast him with shotgun/magnum/rifle. You can also distract him with the bell, you can knife it or shot it with handgun. And make sure you walk, don't run or else he'll hear you

CAGE GARRADOR: Quickly break the lock using shotgun, then get out. Get rid of the weakling (the monks). Kill the Garrador using the same tactic as above

King Grail Knight : Make sure you have at least 3 flash granade. This is really essential, cause once the head gone you can get rid of the ganados by throwing your flash grenade

DOS GARRADORES: Get rid of the monks first. Then you deal with the garrados one at a time. Use your magnum at close range shot to maximize the kill damage

VERDUGO: Now actually it's very easy if you haven't use the rocket launcher that you get from before. Use the liquid nitrogen to freeze him then shot him with rocket launcher..done!

DOS GIGANTES: Get rid one gigantes by pulling the lever the lava pit. Careful not too close to the lava pit bacause the gigantes will drag you to the lava pit. After that deal with the second gigantes using the tactic same as I write before

Salazar statue rampage : Make sure you shot the lock on the door (using riffle) before the statue chase you. It will make you less panic when the you reach the door :P

RAMON SALAZAR: Buy rocket launcher from the mercenaries outside. Shot the eye one time with magnum until salazar leave exposed. SHot him with rocket launcher...DONE!

"IT": This is the one that I hated the most. Only use big damage weapon to deal with this thing (shotgun/granade launcher/magnum). Maximze the use of red drum (explosive material) by lure him near it.

JACK KRAUSER: Forget Magnum as the most effective weapon to defeat krauser. One word... KNIFE! I found it the most effective weapon to defeat him in close range. Make sure you knife him at the right time, timing is really essential here. The tricky part actually is when he shot you with explosive and TMP, you have to hit him first with riffle or TMP in order to lure him closer to you.

OSMOND SADDLER: The most essential thing to defeat saddler is your aiming. always aim for the eye in his feet. after the main eye come out you can balst it with your magnum. DO it several time until Aida gave you the rocket launcher.

The most essential thing in this game is actually your ammo management, especially the big gun ammo (TMP/shotgun/magnum/riffle). I strongly recommend you to maximize your handgun. Always aim for the head or the foot.
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Kill salazar in half a mint [pro mode] 50%
In pro mode if you finished seperate ways buy chicago typpritter equip it and shoot salazar's eye than take an infinate rocket launcher and shoot him with it 2 time and he's dead.
By: chris redfieild(44)
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Kill salazar !! 50%
Mace sure you have a shotgun ,a mine thrower & a rocket launcher.first shoot the 2 tentickles with the shotgun.when they've gone shoot its big eye .salazar should come out. shoot him with the rocket launcher.voila!
By: Kyle Bell(30)
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Dynamite ganadoes 50%
To kill them let them light the dynamite then walk up to them they will try to strangle you get away from them and the dynamite will explode. :-)
By: Kyle Bell(30)
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KILL EL GIGONTE !!!!!!! 50%
First get a rocket launcher (NO other gun) then skip the movie run away from him and shoot him with your rocket launcher he will die and gives you about 15000 bucks. enjoy!
By: Kyle Bell(30)
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Using ditman's cheat 50%
Wanna go faster? here's the tip.. buy striker(shotgun) and buy any weapon then equip the striker(before you see the red dot laser from the striker press the menu button(start from ps2 then change to any kind of gun and you will move faster than ever... faster climbing... faster from falling... faster when slicing from knife and also faster from realoading
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Defeat El Gigante with two shots! 49%
To defeat an Gigante with only 2 rounds you need to have your broken butterfly with firepower 50. Shoot it any where with the first shot, then on the parasite with the second. It will die on the second shot. Try it, it saves time and ammo for your other guns.
By: MasterSnipe(301)
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Unlocking Characters on Mercanaries Mode 49%
Ada Wong.....Achive 4 star ranking on the Pueblo Village location
Jack Krauser.....Achive 4 star ranking on the Castle Location
Hunk.....Achive 4 star ranking on the Mountainside Location
Albert Wesker.....Achive 4 star ranking on the Water Island Location
By: REmaster1(81)
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Saving Ammo 48%
Shoot the villagers in the head or the legs then kick them and when there on the ground slice them.If you do this you can save ammo.
By: killer7(58)
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El Higante 48%
Use a rocket launcher. it will be a 1 hit kill!
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All weapons 48%
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Kill Saddler 30 seconds or less. 48%
Throw to him your hand granade then if his center eye is opened use your rocket luncher then shot him.
By: phoenixboy(723)
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All guns 48%
All guns
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20000 pesetas in the staring of the game (only for advanced players) 46%
Don't go in the house with the shotgun first go to the path to the left of the door with the Los Illuminados insignia there is a chainsaw guy there kill him and he will give you 10000 pesetas in gold bars or in ruby form, then go into the house with the shotgun this will trigger the chainsaw cutscene grab the shotgun and kill him and he will give you a ruby or 10000 pesetas in gold bars =)
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How to defeat saddler with 1 hit 46%
First you must have a PRL(Special weapon That you can obtain if you beat the game at pro diffliculty)Shot PRL With One charge,Then BOOM.....!The Final Boss Iz Dead!
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Kill the red guy who haves a big machene gun ! { if you have inf. launcher } 46%
When you go to him and a door opens and he goes up kill the zombies and dont go up after him, youll see him looking at you shoot him with the inf. launcher with 2 or 3 hits and he will die !
By: atat96(640)
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Electric gun 45%
To get the electric gun beat leons story on hard mode
By: lilmouse(452)
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Best Weapon Set 45%
The best set of weapons is the Infinite rocket launcher, the chicago typwriter and the matilda
By: MasterSnipe(301)
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Floating Glitch/Secret Shotgun 45%
Get to the barn (the place with the medallion paper) at night with Ashley. Defeat all of the enemies, (you don't have to, but it helps) and go to the first barn. When you go into the back, there should be a mound in the upper right-hand corner. Head over there and hop the fence. Now, position yourself a little bit left from the center of the mound. Move so that you're touching the fence and back up the slightest bit. If you keep backing up, you should be able to jump over. But instead of going next to the mound, you jump in it. Walk through the fence, go forward a bit then go back in the boundaries. You should be floating:)
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To get ashley 45%
In the start of the game press square,square,triangle,circle,x,x,circle,triangle
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Infinite health 45%
Up down left left up down
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Conserving Time 44%
When fighting lots of villagers, try shooting down doors that block your path. By doing this, you will save time not having to open them.
By: killer7(58)
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Secret Shotgun 44%
Do the floating glitch, but don't go inbounds. Instead, head toward the save point hut. Look around, and you should find some items (red herb, mine darts, rifle ammo, etc.) One of them is a shotgun.

WARNING: Do NOT go into your inventory after you get the shotgun. The game will freeze.
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Kill an regenarator in 2 seconds! 44%
Beat the game once.Buy the inf. lancher and shoot at a regenarator.It should expolode and die.
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Knife Combat Tactics and Tricks 44%
The knife may seem like a useless weapon at first, when there are still too many enemies to content with and your handgun just does\'nt fire fast enough! But with enough practise, it can be a deadly and useful ally.

First thing is to determine when to use the knife and when NOT to. Mostly it\'s common sense. Few things:

DO NOT attempt to knife a chainsaw wielding foe (Dr. Salvador, The Bella Sisters) when they are upright. They will take the strike and remove your head in a spray of blood.

DO NOT knife anyone in the gut. Go for the head and the legs. The former does most damage, while the latter drops Ganados well, sometimes faster than a salvo of precious bullets.

DO NOT attempt to knife the creatures that grow out of decapitated Ganados. The bladed type will simply slash you to hell, and the worm type with suck your head off if you get close enough to use the knife. Stick with bullets here.

As for places to use the blade, think logically. Bascially

1) If the enemy cannot hurt you

2) If the enemy cannot move

HIT IT WITH THE KNIFE! There\'s no point wasting the sparse ammo you find on downed Ganados. I know it\'s an immediate reaction when first aproaching the game to want every Ganado dead asap, but think ammo concious.

Now, onto knife moves. There is strictly only one knife move the horizontal slash. But it can be used very effectively. A slash to the legs, followed by another to the head can drop a Ganado surprisingly well, either leaving him/her open for a nice kick or you free to tackle his/her compadriots.

Finally, your immediate reaction when knifing an enemy is to tap the X button as fast as you can. This, in fact reduces the speed at which you slash. Instead, HOLD the X button for the fastest and most continuous slash. The rest is up to you!
By: Stajson(29)
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How not 2 skip the fight withe the chainsaw guy in the village 44%
Don't go and get the shot gin until you kill the second wave of people then the chainsaw guy wont come and try and kill you P.S don't let him get close to you if you did not listem to what I am telling you
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Resident evil4 44%
R1 R2 x x R2 L1
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Inviniti health-leon 43%
43mp-tpwn-p82xn tdyk-wvbg-g7vvc
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Easy way to kill a Garrador 43%
When a Garrador is in front of you do not panic because he won't hurt you if your not moving or touching him. Get a pistol or any weapon you feel like then shoot anywhere else do not shoot at the Garrador. When his claws start to make noise you better get behind him and shoot that parasite with a powerful weapons like a fully upgraded sniper rifle he will die with 1 shot if the gun is fully upgraded and you got a good shot on the Garrador. This don't work try don't a grenade or a flame grenade on the ground the Garrador is gonna be hurt but not gonna kill him when his parasite starts to jiggle you'll need to shoot that parasite with a powerful weapon as I said in the past.
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Beat Right-Hand of Salazar 43%
In case you don't know, you must turn on the power then go to the closed door and try to open it. On ly after you try to open it will the timer start counting down.
By: MasterSnipe(301)
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