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Scaler Cheats for PS2
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Scaler PS2 Cheats

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Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Get past any level 23%
Press R1 R2 L2 L2 right circle square up up up left down triangle
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Scaler 698395How do you complete the ice monster im stuck on the guy who blows gases. Answers: 1
Scaler 446840How do you beat level two. Answers: 1
Scaler 475482How do you kill those red mushroom things that jump at you? Answers: 2
Scaler 650971As a swoom on scaler how do I get past/blow up the wall that is hidding the last egg? Answers: 2
Scaler 717106How do you get the last 2 Komoldo crystals Answers: 0
Scaler 715743How to get egg 15 ? please help! Answers: 0
Scaler 77161810 crystal ball Answers: 0
Scaler 855274What is the infinity life cheat? Answers: 0
Scaler 924169How Do you defeat the Duzum and get the transformation I seem to be stuck and cant attack the duzum on the platform Answers: 0
Scaler 925054Is there a cheat code for the Camaflauge suit? If not where excatly is the shop to get the suit? Answers: 1
Scaler 956536I cant get the cheat codes to work Answers: 0
Scaler 253790How do you stop the lizzard killing you at the beginning of level 3? Answers: 2
Scaler 381005How do you enter the cheat codes? Answers: 1
Scaler 401639How do you get past Dagon War Beast Answers: 1
Scaler 715273How do I get egg 12 on level 8 I cant find it Answers: 2
Scaler 154763How do I defeat the rattlecrab? Answers: 2
Scaler 450549How do you get infinity life for all levels like bosses Answers: 2
Scaler 39061How can I do fruzard transformation? Answers: 3
Scaler 477011How do you turn into krock so he is not a ball? Answers: 1
Scaler 327251Where is the audio options Answers: 1
Scaler 475477Ok so I just got scaler but I want to know how to kill those like mushroom fires that jump and explode on you in lvl 2 I try hitting them with my tounge but it doesnt work and I used my claws also bakudan how do I kill them? Answers: 1
Scaler 512598When you are crock is there a cheat to make him not a ball Answers: 1
Scaler 612551How do you enter the cheat codes Answers: 1
Scaler 690124How do I defeat bootcamp lair? Answers: 1
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