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The Hobbit Cheats for PC
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The Hobbit PC Cheats

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The Hobbit

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

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The Hobbit 653206Where is the third platform in the graveyard building 2? Answers: 0
The Hobbit 655985How do I get to troll cave entrance? Answers: 0
The Hobbit 676530How do you find the troll cave! Answers: 0
The Hobbit 705470Help me I cant get in to the water room . ! I have walked on the right rune marks on the floor . the rune marks there spell's erebor, and in the rigth sequence HELP fast as you can please.! Answers: 0
The Hobbit 735152What is combination of wine bottles in lake town Answers: 1
The Hobbit 825889On riddles in the dark , how to open the chest to get the wart stone and not get killed Answers: 1
The Hobbit 843214What is the sequence for getting through erobor, in the pc game the hobit Answers: 0
The Hobbit 945210How do I turn the blocks for the door puzzle in the gathering for the clouds? I pressed every button on PC, but the don't turn! Answers: 1
The Hobbit 945215How do I open the big door in the water room with all of the runes in front of it? Answers: 0
The Hobbit 277224I'm at the destroyed camp/outside spider part, where do I find the oil pot? Answers: 1
The Hobbit 338067How you lower the second half of the bridge in riddles in the dark? Answers: 1
The Hobbit 410589Once I have Bilbo on the wall how do I make him move. He is just hanging there Answers: 1
The Hobbit 41284Hi how do you get past those evil demons after the raft Answers: 2
The Hobbit 199792In gathering of the clouds how do I flip over the blocks? I have pressed every button on pc Answers: 1
The Hobbit 208952Hi I can see the key to the troll cave - but I can't work out how to get to it. Driving me nuts - any suggestions appreciated! Answers: 1
The Hobbit 210212How do I exit the Caves in Riddles in the dark? Answers: 1
The Hobbit 133148Ware is the troll cave Answers: 1
The Hobbit 197563I can't find the troll cave! I got the key but I don't know where to go from there! HELP! Answers: 0
The Hobbit 407440I'm in lake town how do you get past the part where you change the rafts diffrent directions? Answers: 1
The Hobbit 383106Im in riddles of the dark and I dont know how to get onto the second level of that room that you have to set that guy free, I can't seem to jump on that ladder? Answers: 1
The Hobbit 491758I am stuck in the water room, how do you solve the puzze? Answers: 0
The Hobbit 966263How do I jump with the walking stick in the pc version of the Hobbit Answers: 1
The Hobbit 28472Ok I am stuck on the level with the trolls I can hide for so long but I always get caught HELP please Answers: 1
The Hobbit 99244I am on the troll cave level have just got the key but do not know where to go next? Answers: 1
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