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The Sims 2 Cheats for PSP
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The Sims 2 PSP Cheats

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The Sims 2

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Money $$$ Money 89%
Increase your Creativity and paint then sell paintings. When your Creativity is all the way up you will earn 500 Simoleons for each painting. So get painting ;)
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Hints and Walkthroughs 70%
Cheat mode
Enter the "Buy Perks" screen from the Info menu then hold L + R + Square. A "Cheat" perk will appear, showing a free Woo-Hoo icon. Buy it to get a money boost, some skills, clear your needs, and fill your Sanity.

Easy money
Build up your Creativity then paint and sell paintings. Once you Creativity is all the way up you will earn 500 Simoleons for each painting.

Max out your Creativity and get an easel.
Use it, and when the canvas appears on the easel, select "Cancel". The painting will be done, earning you 500 Simoleons in two seconds.

Ghost Sim
Do not eat or drink anything, and your Sim's Sanity diamond will decrease. Once it is no longer filled, your Sim will die and turn into a ghost. You can easily call the Grim Reaper and tell him you want to live once again. You need to have a lot of Sanity points if you want to have a full Sanity diamond. However, there a lot of choices to pick which kind of Sanity diamond increase to buy. Still, you need the correct amount of Sanity points to get it. If you want to stay as a ghost, you will be able to float in mid-air. However, all you can do is just float and go in houses or places. To get more Sanity points once living again, go up to a person and scare them. You cannot go to the bathroom or make food.

Passing out
Try eating a little bit. Then, walk around a lot. Eventually, your Sim's Sanity diamond will decrease to the point where you fail in chatting, flirting, or imitating against another person. In the house you bought, go into the music room. The ghost will scare you, making your Sanity diamond decrease. Afterwards, after your diamond is all the way decreased, your Sim will fall on the floor and feel strange, which will make you start from your new house. You will get thrown over the fence of your house, but will feel better afterwards. It will take 500 Simoleons to get you back on your feet, and you will lose all your Sanity points.

A Three Way Feeling mission
When your Sim feels hungry, give it some food. Then, after it is done eating, it will have to go to the bathroom. After it is done going to the bathroom, it will lose Hygiene points. Make sure the Sim washes its hands. Afterwards, the cycle will start again after you go to the bathroom it will be hungry again.

Baker mission
To get the bakers to leave the room so you can hack in to his secret room, examine the dresser in their bedroom. Then, give the wife the note. You can now hack into his secret room.

The Night-Beast mission
Annie Howell is the night beast. She will tell you if you intimidate her.

Baby Tycho
Baby Tycho is in the secret sublevel in the laboratory. There are two ways to get in to get him. The first is to intimidate the Man In Black. The other way is to intimidate the white haired scientist (not the man who gives you the problem or the alien, Mr. Smith).

Second ghost goal
Go to the Rossum's house and complete their set of goals to get to the graveyard, which is in the meeting house at Deadtree. This can be very difficult -- Keep saving the game the farther you get.

Kine Sunrise Ritual
When you get to Kine Dairy you must buy the pamphlet from Roland. Read it, then go into Kine Dairy. Go to where you see the man blocking the door and answer his questions.
1. Always stay with the herd. The stray cow falls into the thicket.
2. Always keep you eyes on the cow in front of you attention yields obedience.
3. Always look to the future. The path behind you is strewn with manure.
4. Always be wary... the enemy tips the cow who sleeps.
If you answer correctly the doors should be open. You need to see Sara Starr. She is in a tannic/brown robe. Chat with her until you get to "Chat 3". She will teach you the gestures.
You can only do the Kine Sunrise Ritual between 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. in-game time. When starting the Kine Sunrise Ritual they tell you only two buttons. The buttons are wrong. The correct buttons are as follows:
Dr. Allen.
The Crown of Horns… press Up.
The Sacred Cud… press Left.
Lowing at the Moon… press Right.
Fertilizing the Field… press Down.

Flirting with same gender Sim
You can flirt with a Sim that is the same gender as yours once the other Sim's Flirting bar is filled up all the way.

Winning chats, flirting, and intimidation
If your Sanity level is high, you will have a better chance in winning all social games.

Look like a zombie
In the "Create a Sim" screen, choose the green-white like skin.

Sanity diamond full
Do social games with different Sims. Try completing their Flirt and Chat stats to have a complete Sanity diamond. It should be white once filled up all the way. After you filled it up to the top, Chat and Flirt with six more Sims. Note: Do not imitate against them. After chatting and flirting with six more Sims, your Sanity diamond will still be full. Save and quit the game, then play as the person that you were playing with before. You will notice that your Sanity will be 100% great, and will not decrease.

Chatting with Mambo Loa
Try standing a few feet away from her. Then, do a social game, and do chat. If you complete the third chatting process, it will look like Mambo is hugging nothing but the air.
Nomi Edwards

Hope this will help you...:-)..Ü
By: hamiel10(249)
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Cheat Mode 65%
Go to perks and hold L+R+SQUARE!
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Question and Answers 64%
Q: Can I have babies?

A: No.

Q: Will my Sim turns old?

A: No.

Q: Can I marry to anyone?

A: And no! But you can have roomates.

Q: Is there anything that differs from the Sims 2 on other consoles?

A: Big difference! You can't build your house, have your family, have
babies in the PSP version. The PSP version is a role-playing adventure game
while on other consoles it is just like the original Sim, with better
features, of course.

Q: How long does it takes for you to beat the game?

A: I never beat the game 100%. I just finished the storyline and then I won't
bother to find out all the secret. To finish the storyline I used like 6 hours...Ü

Q: But when you finish the game don't you have your car back? (the one that
got crashed at the begining of the game) - sharminesf

A: No. Maxis is too lazy to build another new place for you to roam in.

Q: In your FAQ you said that I have to socialise with Virginya Feng, but where
is she? - sharminesf

A: A lady with red hair and always playing the piano.

Q: I want to know where I need to go and dig up nervous subjects charm. I
tried the meeting house,where you said to dig it up at. and it wouldnt let me in
the meeting house. - wildmantim90

A: This is either a glitch, or you haven't finish all the mission in Paradise
Place yet.

Q: when you have to zap the warewolf-person, how do you do that? I think
that I already know who it is, but how do I complete the goal "decide who you
think the warewolf is"? that is where I am stuck - magna.dude

A: Well, that's the trcky part for me when I first played it... But it turned
out that it was simple when you know how.
1) Made a Taser
2) Go and talk to Annie Howell
3) Now you have different option of what you say, choice the one about
4) She'll ask you to leave her alone. Do so.
5) Press Square, change your perk by pressing left and right until you found
the taser.
6) Press Square again. Go to Annie (No need to talk to her, just stand besides
her) and press O.

Q: I have a question on the Sim's 2 on the psp. my question is, I cant find
the rest of the ingredients for hazels garden? I already have roses and garlic
cloves, I just don't where to get the rest? If you could help me that would be
awesome. - pinkdolfin710

A: The gumflower seeds can be bought via Ripp Grunt after you unlocked
Divison 47. Give 5 roses, 5 garlic gloves and 5 gumflower petal to Hazel to
get seed for berries.

Q: In the subject of Tank Grunt, every night I go and search for Mr. Smith
outside but I can never find him. - sharminesf

A: Make sure you get the goal and go outside at arouhd 0:00 to the place
where there was a crashed saucer.
By: hamiel10(249)
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Ghost 63%
First buy a Hypno-Teacher and learn some mechanical Skills(if you Can't afford a Hypno-Teacher watch the mechanical channel on TV.Keep on learning mechanical until your person comes off automatically.then do more learning on TV.for a while you will turn into a ghost.then the Grim Reaper calls say you can't afford the resurrection you want or say Actually you rather stay as a ghost.don't scare anyone or you may have to come back to human
By: Coolboy24(1308)
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Secrets and where you can find it 60%
Secrets of Romance
-The shortest route to a man's heart is through the Vena Cava.
-If the woman you love is always nearby, but never seems to notice you... stop
stalking her.
-The key to instant romantic success? Lower your standards.
-The fires of passion are readily extinguished by the asbestos blanket of

Secrets of the Occult
-Most experts agree that sticking pins in a dool's rear is more effective than
in the eye.
-Bats are useful for cold remedies and curses, but mostly, they're just darn
-Voodoo dolls can be recycled into clothing, stuffing, or chew toys for dogs.
-Modern zombies are employed as game developers because they can work around
the clock.

Secrets of Intimidation
-Water torture is generally ineffective, since water doesn't really have
anything to hide.
-'Good Cop, Bad Cop' isn't as effective as 'Good Cop, Undead Cop'. They never
see it coming!
-If the subject does not yield to the comfy chair, you should advance to the
soft pillows.
-Sometimes you can learn more through love than through cruelty. Just kidding!

Secrets of the Government
-The Roswell crash was actually a weather balloom... an ALIEN weather balloon!
-There is nothing better for your cranial hygiene than a good government brain
-The ultimate democracy would allow all people to vote on all issues and ruin
them equally.
-A typical Sim City is presided over by an elected mayor, a board of advisors,
and a giant robot.

Secrets of the Undead
-Zombies don't literally want 'brains'... they just want a decent education.
-Wild yeti are acutally glaciovores, and only pose to threat to agressive
-The living dead prefer to use the more inclusive term 'respiratorally

Secrets about Monsters
-The original 'Bogeyman' had a condition that made him secrete snot from his
sweat glands.
-Vampirism isn't nearly as virulent as people think. Most people shake it off
like a bad cold.
-The legend of the Minotaur is false... he actually had the head of a giant
-Dragons once roamed all over the world, but were hunted to extinction by
sheep ranchers.

Hazel Dente's Mass Murder
-"In the Garden..." There is a pacemaker buried in Hazel's garden!
-"In the Bathroom..." There is a scratched-up wedding ring lodged in Hazel's
-"In the Kitchen..." There is a note in Hazel's fridge: 'Help, my wife is
starving me to DEATH!'.
-"In the Pool..." There is a shredded swimsuit in Hazel's pool filter.

Secrets of Biology
-Biologists have synthesized a flower that adheres perfectly to principles of
Feng Shui.
-Apparently, money DOES grow on trees, but the trees all waste it on junk food
and hats.
-If a tree falls alone in the forest, it actually makes the sound of a duck
-Scientist can finally communicate with dolphins... but it turns out dolphins
are jerks.

Secret of Engineering
-Scientist at Division 47 have developed a new energy-efficient fuel based
on hair.
-New military-grade 'stealth toothbrushes' allow oral hygiene without
walking the whole family.
-Aliens built every architectural wonder on earth, culminating in the
perfection of Burlington, Vermont.
-Moore and Murphy predict that every year, computers will double their
capacity to go wrong.

Secrets of the Aliens
-Aliens don't have huge black eyes. They just wear ultra-cool alien
-Aliens don't abduct humans for study... they just need somewhere to keep
their unused probes.
-Curiously enough, most aliens are not flammable, though they are terribly
allergic to bees.
-Flying saucers are the alien equivalent of jetskis. Responsible aliens drive

Ronald's Pamphlet says...
-Always stay with the herd. The stray cow falls into the thicket.
-Always keep your eyes on the cow infront of you. Attention yields obdience.
-Always look to the future. The path behind you is strewn with manure.
-Always be warry ... the enemy tips the cow who sleeps.

Virginya the Vamp
-"The Headstone" Virginya visits a headstone with HER name on it! From the
19th century!
-"The Photograph" You find a picture of 19th-century Virginya. She looks
exactly like modern Virginya.
-"The Black Market" You find out that Gimi Branko has been selling packets of
plasma to Virginya Feng.
-"The Infection" You are infected with vampirism. You can suck the happiness
from living humans.

The Bovinomicon
-The great cow Beelzebeef slumbers beneath the surface of the earth.
-When Beelzebeef rises again, she will awaken the Elder Herd.
-The Elder Herd will trample all those who stray from the teachings of the
-Once the earth is cleansed, there will be a new era of peace and dlicious

* 10.4.a. Service Station *
- When you exit Oscar's garage, look behind the bushes.
- When you exit Oscar's garage, turn left and there's one in the corner.
- One is behind Mambo's cashier.
- One's in the toilet.

* 10.4.b. Paradise Place *
- In your own home, there is one in the frontyard near the gate.
- There is one behind the bushes in front of the door of Newlow's home.
- There is another on the right to the way out to Deadtree.
- You can found one behind the bathtub in the Dente's.
- Another is in the Dente's backyard. Try walking along the right wall of the
- One is between the bed and the wardrobe in the Beaker's.
- One is next to the bed in Gimi's chamber located in the Beaker's.
- One is in the storing chamber in the Rossum's.
- A secret is behind the plasma TV in the Rossum's.
- Another is located in Doctor Newlow's chamber, behind his desk.
- Yet another is behind Doctor Newlow's piano.

* 10.4.c. Deadtree *
- There's one next to the cashier of the Kine Diary.
- Another is in the graveyard of the meetinghouse, next to Dennis's grave.
- There's another next to the bed in the meetinghouse.
- One's in the old library.
- Between the Kine Diary and the Saloon there's a alley, walk inside and
look left, you should see a dead tree, it is behind the tree.
- To the left of the workbench, there's another tree. Walk towards the tree
and you can see one in the corner of the walls.
- Walk into the ladies in the Saloon and turn left. You'll see one.
- Walk near Hoot Howell, the old guy in the saloon, one is in front of a shelf
holding wines.
By: hamiel10(249)
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Get the cheat perk 56%
Hold R + L + Square
By: drummer99(209)
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Night Beast, easy money and a cool cheat perk. 51%
The night Beast at the dead Tree is Annie working at the NightHowl Saloon. How to tell? The nightbeast has pony tails and is wearing a pair of denim shorts - JUST LIKE ANNIE! So go build the taser and zap her. But you need to pay her 700 simeleons afterwards... so be prepared, people!

The easiest way to get money is to max your creativity. Then buy the easel thingy... then paint a picture. Once the white board appears, or once the cancel button appears, press 'Cancel' and the picture will be completed instantly. And... viola! Easy $500! :)

Now, this perk is really cool. This will only work if you have bought ALL your perks. Press select, and go to "Buy Perks". Then hit the two buttons on the top of your PSP and the square button non-stop. Keep hitting them at the same time (not hold it down, hit them several times, you cow! Ok, kidding. Hah!). When you've done so long enough, a new perk with a Woo-Hoo icon will appear. Oh, and the best thing is... it's free! Whoopie! Gee, but it doesn't work like Woo-Hoo, though. It allows you to gain more cash, to reset your urgencies, to max your sanity and to gain skill points. Ooh-la-la! But here's what Maxis did to make sure you can't buy the perk... they made it DIFFERENT from other perks. You can't just press the left botton and press "X" to buy it. You must once again keep press the 2 buttons on top and square non-stop, then the perk will be high-lighted. Then, you can buy it. Have Fun! Wheee.......

*P.S. Before you teleport to the monument, SAVE THE GAME FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR PSP!
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The Perk 45%
Open your buy perks window by pressing the select button and go to the Buy perks menu.When you have opened it press L,L,R,square,square,UP.Hold it and then you will see the WooHoo icon, Hold L and R then go buy the perk.When you got that perk press circle then select activate cheats.Move your cursor to the cheat you want to activate like:
fill sanity,have 1,000 money,reset urgensies,advance creativity and more.
By: computer6610689(35)
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The sims 2 41%
The night beast is anne you need a taser
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How to get full skills easily!! and money (without working!) 37%
Get the cheat perk

use it just activate what ever you want!

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Get more money (10000) 33%
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Ok I see this game has barly any cheats! ok here is how you get more money. PRESS L1,X,SQUARE,CIRCLE and dere you hav it!
By: billybobjoe(187)
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Clear 24%
Clears everything in the cheat window
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The Big Cheat for the sims 2 22%
Go into buy perks and hold down L R AND X FOR 5 SECONDS then buy for 0 silimons
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