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Torino 2006 Cheats for Xbox
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Torino 2006 Xbox Cheats

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Torino 2006

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Extreme mode 100%
If you want to unlock the Extreme difficulty setting,get the 1st place record in all fifteen events .
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Downhill Ski 100%
Stay between 2 gray lines if you do not want to get gate faults.
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Speed Skating 100%
At the start of any Speed Skating event where you need to tap A and B rapidly,instead of your fingers,use an object, such as an AA battery, . You should be able to tap them faster than you would be able to normally.
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Ski Jumping 100%
On the Ski Jumping event on either the normal or large hill, use the Left Analog-stick to move it to the opposite side of the center to counter-balance yourself if the circle on the arch strays to either the left or the right of the center. This will take effect when you take off. If done correctly, you will stay level and achieve a far distance.
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