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4x4 Evo 2 Cheats for Xbox
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4x4 Evo 2 Xbox Cheats

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4x4 Evo 2 Cheats

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4x4 Evo 2

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Treasure Chest Locations 100%
Arctic Wasteland: From the start, head north until you almost reach water. Now, head east. Follow the water for a short distance until it ends, then head north. Go north until you see the American flag and a building inside a fenced in area. The treasure chest is in there.

Autumn Leaves: At the start of the level, follow the road until you get to a church. Behind it is a treasure chest.

Castle Rock: Go back about 100 feet from where you start. There should be a skeleton guarding a treasure chest.

Treasure Bay: From the start, follow the road until you see a ship on the beach. Go to the side of the ship where the sign is on the beach. The treasure chest is on that side of the ship. *** You can only get the treasure chest by driving your truck alongside the ship. Start towards the back of the ship, facing towards the front. Drive slow to get the treasure chest.

Tri Baja 250: From the start, follow the track in the same direction as if you were racing until you reach the bridge you drive on. The treasure chest is underneath that bridge.

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Money for Free 100%
This cheat takes a while but it's worth it. Once you have a truck successfully complete a mission, any mission is fine but the more money you earn on the mission the faster you will gain money. After you have completed the mission. Save the game as you regularly would, then go to garage, profiles, save game, press B, then choose no to save game. This will put you back on the end of mission screen. After this don't save and keep doing it again, it'll work over and over.

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Extra Money 100%
At the Press Start screen, press Y, X, White, Y, X, White, X, X, Y, White, X, Y.

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Twin Turbo 100%
Become a member of the Jeep racing team and buy a prototype twin turbo. This will greatly increase you horsepower and torque. You can buy it for any make of vehicle, as long as your a member of Team DeGeniro.
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A Game Inside Of A Game 100%
On the ''Autumn Leaves'' track, there should be a zippy little pizza delivery car, and it is VERY fast. But I made a game out of it. Select 2 player mode, select your truck, let your friend select his or her truck, go to Autumn Leaves. And that's where it starts. Start following the pizza car, and follow it without stopping, the person that lasts the longest following the car and not stopping or losing sight of it, wins. Happy driving !

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Level select 100%
Press X(2), White(2), Y(2), White, X, Y, Y, X, White at the "Press Start" screen or main menu.

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Get 2000+ Dollars 100%
On Farm Road 109, from the start, make a left and drive into the water, in the middle of the pond you will find a treasure chest. Drive over it and you will get over 2000 bucks for use in career mode.

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Ruputation 100%
While at the "Press Start" screen, press Y, Y, White, X, X, White, Y, Y, Y, X, X, X.

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The Winch 100%
To activate the winch, 1st buy one that can support your car then press the black button and hold it. While holding it a crosshair will appear aim with that the winch car be shot into a tree or a rock. If you want it to pull you press the A button, if you want it to release slack press the B button, and if you want it to detach press the black button again.

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Get $800 100%
In mission mode, on the 3rd challenge for the indian thing, find the Gold city and right below it is secret #3 which gives $800.

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All Missions 100%
At the Press Start screen, press X, X, White, White, Y, Y, White, X, Y, Y, X, White.

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Fun With Water 100%
This isn't really a hint, just something fun to do, go to the Quarry Lake track, and select your truck. From your begining position, turn around so your driving in the wrong direction, then just follow the track until you reach the abandoned house near the 1st to last checkpoint, then smash into the huge water tower next to the house, if you aim correctly, the tower will come smashing down on the home, although no damage will come to house or the tower, it is still real interesting.

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Monster Truck 98%
Become a member of the team with the monster truck. You will win just about every race! If your pretty good you will win all. This monster truck is the fastest car in the whole game.

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