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Haunted Mansion, The Cheats for Xbox
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Haunted Mansion, The Xbox Cheats

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Haunted Mansion, The

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Switch clothes, lights on 100%
On the MAIN MENU screen hold all 4 shoulder buttons and press "X" then choose difficulty still holding the same buttons. You will hear sum1 scream if done right. then anytime in the game pause the game and hold the shoulder

buttons....unpause the game and you will see that Zeke has new clothes can do this as often as you like but there are only 3 different wardrobes. During the game pause the game then highlight "options" hold the L1 and R1

button and hit "X" a faint scream will happen...unpause the game the pause it again..go to options and you will see there is a choice for lights on or off....choose on and you will never have to find those pesky switches ever again.
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Ballroom gusts 100%
In the ballroom(220 souls needed) when you win the ghosts go to the front of the room and a gust of wind will come you need to the front of the room again so you need to let the spiders get you in their web and wait till 2 spiders have you the kill one and then let another one get you when you get to the top you will fight a giant spider go as far back as possible then shoot.

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Stronger Weapons 100%
During gameplay hold Right then press X, X, Y, Y, B, B, B, A.

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Select Level 100%
During gameplay hold Right then press B, B, X, Y, Y, X, B, A.

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Secret Area 100%
In the great hall/first level go to the fire place and go to the left. You will see a bat statue go to it and press "B".Once you have done that go back to the fire place and walk down into it.

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Ballroom hint 100%
At the Ballroom, you will be pushed by wind. Now, what you have to do is try to get pulled by the spiders web, and when you get pulled to the spider you shoot it,and then another spider might pull you right after that. Keep recently doing this

until you get to the mother spider. Hold in L1,and keep on using the powerful attacks. Eventually, you will win the spider and you will have to face Atticus Thorn.One of the ways you can beat him is, to hide behind a wall, charge up your attack,and keep on shooting him. Remember, after every shot,go behind the wall and charge your attack again.

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Secret of the Graveyard 100%
At the Graveyard, you have to find the Head's brothers. There will be alot of fake heads that are wanna bees. Now,from the begging you will have a choice to go straight or go left. Go left and press square on the one on the left. Ok,now keep on going that way, and then you will find 2 more heads. Choose the one on the left. Finally, you will find 3 heads on the hill. Stand in front of the heads so that you see a backwards triangle. Choose the head in the upper left. If you do this

correctly, lights will come on, and a huge Castle will come out of the ground.

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Health Restoration 100%
Save and quit your game. Then load your saved game, and you will begin at the save point with full health.

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Gorrila Glitch 100%
In the Pantry level when the gorrila pops up stand in front of the hole and he will fall in and spin in circles pounding the floor.
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Get 2 lives 100%
In the graveyard after you wake the 3 heads wake all the wanna bees and you will see two small castle like things.go to each one of them and there will be 4 fortune cards in front of them and 6 inside them.but be careful each one is guarded buy 3 of those skeleton dudes with shields.
By: JGP04(77)
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Easy win 100%
At the last level wen you fite the bos keep shooting him in the mouth.wen he moovs his arms from the cristal shoot the cristal.this way it wil b hardr 4 him 2 atak u.
By: JGP04(77)
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Invicibility 98%
During gameplay hold Right then press X, B, B, B, X, B, Y, A.

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Skreleton Zeke 53%
At the screen with the copyright etc., press A, X, B, and Y at the same time. Then in the game Zeke will be a skeleton.
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