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Thing, The Cheats for Xbox
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Thing, The Xbox Cheats

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Thing, The

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Skip First Boss Battle 100%
When you encounter the 1st Thing Boss, hold Up/Left and you should run under it before it can hit you. This will also aim you directly at the junction box. Immediately start fixing it. As soon as it is almost fixed, hold Right to run through the door. Since he will still keep fixing it as long as you release the button, with luck it will be fixed before the Boss attacks for the 3rd time. At the intermission sequence you tend to take off in a random direction, so this may take a few attempts, save immediately before trying this. If successfully completed, you will only lose only about half a bar of health and no ammunition, making the next area much easier.
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The Second Big Thing 100%
Go into to his garage. Fix the electrical panel that operates the hoist. Step back towards the middle of the big door. There is an opening between 2 of the crates. Using your grenade launcher in 1st person targeting, send in a grenade. If the Thing turns its head toward you, then you have him targeted. Continue sending in grenades until he begins to burn. You can send in a few more if desired for extra fun. Run into the Thing's room and on the far wall from the big door is a switch. Throw the switch and watch as the Thing dies. You will probably take one hit from him.

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Persuade A Person 100%
When sum1's trust is in the orange and they will not do anything for you, enter 1st person mode and aim the gun at their head for 3 seconds. They will now do things for you without good trust.

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Hidden Trailer 100%
Wait about one minute at the MAIN MENU to view a longer, uncut television trailer for the game.

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Shutting Doors 100%
Always shut the door of the room you walk into, if you have the chance. For example, on the level where you have to kill all the walkers, a walker will enter from the front door if you do not shut it.

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Get A Doctor To Follow You Into A Fight With The Thing 100%
Use the following trick to get a doctor in the same room with you during your battle with the 2nd giant Thing. Walk to the large garage door. Get the doctor close to the door as well. Now, tell him to not follow you anymore. Push him as close to the door as possible; and close enough to you that when you flip the switch to open the door he will not move. Before you flip the switch, tell him to follow you again. Flip the switch and when you are shown in the locked room with the 2nd giant Thing, he should be beside you. Use him to heal you during the fight with the Thing.

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Get Whitley To Follow You 100%
The following trick requires Stun Grenades (found in the back of the room with Boss 3), Blood Test Kit (found in the same room), and the Grenade Launcher (in the save room down the hall from Boss 3). Starting after 3rd Boss fight (hanging tentacle monster), backtrack your way out of the weapons lab, back up the air vent, and to the "mine" elevator. As soon as you reach the surface, strafe left, and equip both the Grenade Launcher and Stun Grenades. If you step forward at all, it triggers an intermission sequence you have to die and start the level over. Enter 1st person mode and aim up the corridor, parallel with the bottom of the last metal wall panel. Launch a grenade and quickly walk forward. The intermission sequence will trigger, but Whitley will stand still instead of running off. Now, quickly run ahead of him (preferably block his path to slow him down) and use the Blood Test Kit. He now trusts you enough to follow orders. Order him to follow you (otherwise he walks around the corner triggering guards to attack) and give him a weapon. You have now backup. He only lasts a brief amount of time, and will disappear roughly halfway up the snow corridor, which appears scripted. However, every bit of backup firepower helps in that spot.

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Blowing Up C4 On The Planes 100%
Get to the top of the control tower to destroy the C4 you attached to the planes. Once you are at the top of the stairs you might have to destroy some spiders and a walker. Once they are destroyed go to the door to the left of the stairs door and immediately save your game. Then pull out your sniper rifle and go to the center window and shoot the C4 on 2 of the planes. Once you shoot the 1st one the hanger doors start to close so you have hurry and shoot the 2nd one, then run out of the room and go left until you come to another door on the left. Go in that room and go to the center window and shoot the last 2 C4 planes before the hanger doors close. I have found that its much faster to shoot from the center windows because all you have to do is turn left and then right to shoot the planes. Hope this helps sum1.

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